• NOTE* This does NOT involve elements of the Hunger Games series, even though it may seem so

This story involves Latin roots! You will be deemed the ultimate smart one if you find them!!!


Hurricanestorm watched the flames absorb the world, in shock. "The Clans.....are gone.." He gasped. A small group of followers stood behind him.

"Sargonflash did this!" One voice yelled. "I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!"

Hurricanestorm turned to the follower. "Darkspirit, I trust StarClan enough that they will find a way to rebuild this mess. We must watch for those signs."

The small group of cats began to run away from the flames. As the fire lapped at them, they could here Sargonflash's and the voices of his followers call out retorts at them.

"Long live MalumiaClan!!!!" They cried. Hurricanestorm ran into the secret tunnel.

"Hurricanestorm, has the world really come to this?" Bramble-ears said to his brother.

"Yes. We must retreat to the alcove." Hurricanestorm panted.


"Sargonflash. We have received word that Hurricanestorm and the rest have disappeared. It is assumed that they were killed in the fire, but we are not sure." A black tom said to him.

"Good, Sliceclaw. Find the rest that have survived the fire. Their will no more Thunder, River, Wind, and ShadowClans. For now on, MalumiaClan will rule over them all."

Chapter 1 (50 Moons Later)Edit

Enkiheart sighed. Her paws ached from the day of catching fish with no breaks. She wanted a story from the elders of the old clans, before MalumiaClan came and destroyed everything. Her Clan, AquainClan, was the equivelent of what the elders told her about RiverClan.

"The RiverClan cats were brave, resourceful, and skilled in battle." Blackpelt always told her. "For now, we must wait for the prophecized five to come."

"The Prophecized Five are five cats, one from AquainClan, one from IgnitaClan (ThunderClan), FoveaClan (ShadowClan) AeroaClan (WindClan), and even one from MalumiaClan. They would end the time of MalumiaClan, and they could split into the four clans again. Once the first leader of MalumiaClan, Sargonflash, heard this, he made a new rule. Each Clan must catch a certain amount of prey for MalumiaClan each moon. If they do not meet this number, two senior warriors and the leader will die." Blackpelt explained to some kits as Enkiheart walked by.

"I wonder if I'm a prophecized cat!" Creamykit mewed. "That would be so cool!"

"No! I'm the prophecized cat!" Her brother, Songkit squealed, pouncing on Creamykit.

Enkiheart continued walking, she had caught five fish that day, and the Clan was only four short of their goal for the moon, which would be collected a moon-high.

~To be Continued when Wild has time~

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