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Project:SpellCheck is an advanced project committed to improving story's grammar, spelling, and overall language.

To become a spellchecker, go to here. To become an author, go to here.


Leader: Graceglow
Deputy: Shadewing
Authors: Scarletsky, Littlewillow
Spellcheckers: Leopardclaw, Birdpaw, Shadewing, Stoneclaw
Elders: None


  • An author cannot also be a spellchecker, and vice versa.
  • Authors must have varying spellcheckers.
  • Authors may have spellcheckers for as many of their stories (not one) as desired.
  • Spellcheckers can have a maximum of 3 stories to spellcheck at one time.
  • Authors can request to have two (2) official spellcheckers per story to improve the fanfiction's grammar, spelling, and with the permission of the author, words and detail.

News and Announcements

  • July 20, 2012 - The project has been reborn under the new leadership of Graceglow!
  • July 12, 2011 - The project has been created!


Listed below are the authors, their stories and the spellcheckers that are working on them.

Author: Stories: Spellcheckers:
Scarletsky None Yet None Yet
Littlewillow None Yet None Yet
Jaymoon Blinded Loves Shadewing