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Project:Imagine is dedicated to making character art (charart) based on your fanfiction stories and FanClan Allegiances. Members will give constructive criticism under your image and its description for improvement. Highlights, shading and burning are only optional, making this a fun and easy project for experts and beginners alike.

To join, please place a join request here.


<span style="font-family:segoe ui;color:#AF7817>Leader:Silver
Deputy: Millie
Honorary Members: Skye, Nightfern, Riverpelt and Feathermoon
Senior Warriors: Leopardclaw, Littlewillow and Splashcloud
Warriors: Ducksplash,  Moonshine, Mistypaw, Graceglow, Silverstar, Hazeleye, ShadewingFernflight , Vixenblaze, DistantWInd, Pikachushinx, and .Amber

Elders: Rownfall

Note: if you would like to become a Sr.Warrior or want to know how, look here for the requirements

Project Navigation


Want to make a tutorial? Contact Silver or Millie.

Project News

  • Feather has resigned as from her position as leader, and Silversong will take her place. Millie will serve as deputy from now on.
  • A new blank has been added and users are free to use it: Stoneteller.

Quick Tips for Getting an Image Approved!

  • Make sure your colors are inside the lineart.
  • Listen to the critism and comments other users give you (and fix whatever they may have to say).
  • You can take breaks on your charart, but not for too long, or else you take the risk of getting your work declined; try not to leave your charart for more than four days
  • Do not use backgrounds, text or blanks from other sites; disobeying the rules can and likely will get your work declined.
  • If you're unsure whether to change your charart based on the comments, you can ask another user for thoughs.