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Project:Create is dedicated to creating beautiful, descriptive fanfiction to the best of the user's ability. Users collaborate and work together to make each other's work as good as possible. Commenting, critique, and reviews are part of this project.

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Leader: Leopardclaw
Deputy: Shadewing
Honorary Members: Forestpaw13 and Nightfern
Senior Warriors: Birdpaw and Rowanfall
Warriors: Feathertail Millie, Littlewillow, Splashcloud, Violetofen, Ducksplash, Avalanchestrike, Gänseblumnase, Lilly, Dewfire Raindroprose, and DistantWInd
Elders: Stormboot, Vixenblaze, Silverstar and Pinkgreenandblueclaws

Note: Warriors must have been on this wiki for a least 3 months, have 500 edits or more, and be able to give accurate and effective critiques to become a Senior Warrior.


Current Projects

Add the story (or stories, depending on how many you choose to work on) you are working on currently if you are a member. Remember, always add a link to your username and your story. Keep this updated regularly, please.

Author: Stories:
Leopardclaw Loner Road, RainClan-Remorseful Revelations, others
Shadewing N/A
Rowanfall N/A
Splashcloud Tails Entwined in Love, Bravery and Sacrifice: Book 2 Series 1, Finding Life, The Epidemic, and DeadClans: Series 1 Book 2
Millie N/A
Littlewillow The Last Hope (Littlewillow's Edition), Paw Prints Series, Dark Hearts Series, RockClan Series
Birdpaw Flaring Sky, Corruption Within, Truth From The Lie, Berries Of Red
Jaymoon Blinded Loves
Avalanchestrike New Moon
Ducksplash Fraud, When the Sky Explodes, Moon's Delicate Flower
Stormboot Hidden Flower
Violetofen N/A
Pinkgreenandblueclaws N/A
DistantWInd  Super Editions , LeafClan Series
Silverstar N/A
Raindroprose N/A