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Warriors Share Wiki
--Founded on October 10th, 2010--
Hello, and welcome to Warriors Share Wiki. We're glad to have you here. This is a fanfiction wiki based upon the Warriors series, written by Erin Hunter. Founded in 2010 by Midnitesky, this fanfiction wiki contains over 1,000 pages of hand-written fanfiction, created by our very own members.

We have four content projects, each of which is maintained by a responsible user of the wiki. Our active projects include our mentoring program, Create, Imagine, and SpellCheck, and each of them is active, and always looking for new members to help out! If you'd like to join on, please leave a message on their respective talk pages.

Staff Members
Cloudskye - head admin; 'crat; founding member
Leopardclaw - second in command; 'crat
Silversong - rollback and chat moderator
Graceglow - chat moderator

Staff Alumni
Midnitesky - former admin and 'crat; founder
Nightfern - formerly the head admin; possess chat moderator rights due to being active in the chat room
Forestpaw - former chat moderator and rollback.
Riverpelt - former admin.
Feathermoon - former rollback and chat moderator.
Looking to become a member of this wiki's staff? Please contact the administrators for more information~!
  • 5/31/2012 - 1,000 pages! Congratulations, WSW, this is a fantastic achivement!
  • 9/30/2012 - Nightfern sadly retires as head admin, passing her duties along to Cloudskye.
  • 9/30/2012 - Multiple users have changed their spots within projects. Leopardclaw has become leader of PC, with Shadewing as her deputy. New senior warriors include Rowanfall and Birdpaw. Cloudskye has taken over as leader of AaU, following Night's departure.
  • 10/2/2012 - We now have almost 1,150 pages! Keep up the excellent work, everyone!