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Project:Adopt a User is committed to helping new users and applying them with an available mentor. Mentors teach new users the way of the wiki wisely, in order to create a new generation of helpful and active users.


Leader: Cloudskye
Mentors: Birdpaw, Feathertail Millie, Leopardclaw, Silversong, Graceglow, Shadewing
Apprentices: Dewfire


  • If you would like to acquire a mentor, make a new post on the talk page in the Apprentice Requests section, with your username with a link and a ~. Be sure to sign the post with the Heading 3 topic.
  • Mentors are paired with apprentices based on availability and accuracy. Mentors reply to posts on the talk page claiming responsibility for apprentices who need mentors. Mentors who already have apprentices should wait 24 hours before claiming another apprentice to give other mentors a chance. For the time being, Mentors can only have a maximum of two apprentices at one time. If an apprentice requests a certain mentor, that mentor must accept it.
  • Following contributor consensus, mentors must fill the following requirements:
    • Must have been a member of the site for at least 3 months.
    • Must have at least 500 total edits and at least 50% of their added up edit percentages must be in contributive namespaces. Note: Contributive namespaces are: Main, Talk, Warriors Share Wiki, and Warriors Wiki Share talk. One can check their edits in Special:Editcount for their percentages.
    • Must know how the wiki functions in general (enough to answer pretty much any questions an apprentice would have) and be competent in wiki rules.
    • Must be mature, possess common sense, and be patient enough to handle an apprentice.
  • All mentor and apprentice requests must be approved by Nightfern, or another senior mentor, in case of the leader's absence.


  • Want a mentor? Apply to become an apprentice here!
  • Feel you've learned enough about the wiki and want to teach others? Well, here's the place you can apply for mentorship.
  • So, you feel your apprentice has learned enough? Let them know and tell everyone about their graduation ceremony!
  • Have an inactive apprentice? Post it here!

Mentors and Apprentices

Mentor: Apprentice 1 Apprentice 2
Cloudskye None None
Millie None None
Leopardclaw Dewfire None
Silversong None None
Graceglow None None
Shadewing None None
Birdpaw None None