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Cloudmoon's Choice by DistantWInd
Cloudmoon, daughter of the mysterious tom Darkpelt, is gaining use in her clan. After the death of her sister, Featherheart, she realizes she is the last true family member left. Dubbed a medicine cat after her late sister, she becomes the most powerful cat the clans have ever seen.

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Featured Songfiction

A Thousand Miles by Shimmercloud
After losing a loved one, Thornfeather tries to concentrate on her daily life as a warrior in ThunderClan, but the more she tries to hide her grief, the more she wishes that he was still there with her.

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Anyone can contribute to Warriors Share Wiki! Start out by creating a new page for your desired roleplay cat, fanfiction, or songfic to start helping out!

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  • 12/14/13 - After a short lull in activity, WSW is back and better than ever. Why not come and check it out?
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