The four main ClansEdit


Leader: Icewing-de facto leader in the beginning. He is a ghostly white tom with dark blue eyes. Later called Icestar.
Deputy: Snowlark-Icewing(star)'s daughter. Snowlark closely resembles Icestar. However, she is grey with a black tail and green eyes. She is the Clan's deputy. She took the place of her deceased mother, Owlflight.
Medicine Cat: Cedarfur-is a dappled grey tom with ghastly grey eyes. He is the Clan's medicine cat.
Apprentice, Juniperpaw-is a well-muscled, strong black cat with white paws. He has blue eyes.
Warriors: Tundraheart-is a small, lean white cat with green eyes.
Apprentice, Pinepaw

Mapleclaw-is a tortoishell she-cat with dark brown eyes.

Buntingflight-is a pale ginger she-cat with brown eyes. She is missing a leg because of a polar bear. No one is sure how she survived.
Apprentice, Kiendclaw

Apprentices: Pinepaw-is a long-haired black tom with a white belly.

Kiendclaw-Kiend is German for pine. A thick-furred black tom with a white face.
Queens: Snowstorm-A ghostly white albino she-cat. She has pink eyes. Mate to Salmontail.

Icekit-a snow-white tom that resembles his mother, Snowstorm (except lacking the pink eyes).
Hawkit-a dark tabby she-cat with orange eyes.
Blackkit-a dark black she-cat with white paws and green eyes.
Eaglekit-a brown tom kit with white paws and green eyes.
Elders: Whitepelt-a bright white tom cat with brown eyes.

Sprucefoot-a dark ginger she-cat with a white belly.

Salmontail-a white tom with reddish-orange tail. Mate to Snowstorm.


Leader: Mustangstar-a dark tabby with green eyes and a white tail.
Deputy: Forestheart-black she-cat with blue eyes.
Medicine Cat:  ???
Warriors:  ???
Apprentices: Apprenticenames
Queens:  ???
Elders:  ???



Tribe of Polar CapsEdit

  • Tribe healer
    • Teller Of Ancient Wisdom (Wisdomteller)-black and white tom with icy blue eyes.
  • Prey-hunters
    • Roar Of Polar Bear (Bear)-dark grey tom with green eyes.
    • Fish On Tundra (Fish)-black she-cat with orange eyes.
  • Cave-guards
    • Flight Of Owl (Flight)-white she-cat with pale blue eyes.
    • Aurora Over The Sky (Aurora)-a tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws and brown eyes.
    • Frost On Rocks (Frost)-brown tabby with large shoulders and grey eyes.
  • Kit-mothers
    • Spray On Beach (Beach)-a beautiful ginger she-cat.

Other animalsEdit

Snowy Owls, Bubo scandiacaEdit

Snowy owls are large, white owls that live the Arctic regions. (Their scientific name is pronounced BEW-boh skan-dih-AY-kah). Females are noticeably larger than males and have more spots. Juveniles have the most spots.

  • Matriarch (the female leader)
    • Blanketspots-a large, many-spotted hen.
  • Patriarch (the male leader)
    • Icybeak-a small, white tiercel (**).
  • Hunters (birds who hunt for the parliament)
    • Greybeak-a small tiercel with large, yellow eyes.
    • Indigoaurora-a hen with pink toes and talons.
  • Protectors (birds that fight others when need be)
    • Longtalon-a tiercel with long talons
    • Duskwing-a hen with unusual black wings and face.
    • Grassfeather-a hen with unusually soft wings.
    • Dragonheart-a tiercel who is said to have the heart of a dragon.
  • Owlets (young birds who cannot hunt or fight yet)
    • Frostlet-a young hen with unusual blue eyes.
    • Screechlet-a young tiercel with white eyes.
  • Ancients (older owls that cannot sustain themselves and need help)
    • Brokentalon-an old tiercel whose talons broke many moons ago.
    • Moonshine-a hen whose wing was broken off by a rogue gyrfalcon.

(**) = I couldn't find a word for a male owl, so I decided to use the word for male falcons and hawks.


Gyrfalcons are known for their aerial hunting techniques and their strange roughness when fighting. They can be very dangerous.


  • Lemmings: the most common type of prey. Easiest to catch.
  • Little auks (dovekies): they are the hardest prey to catch and whenever possible, many cats die.
  • Various sandpipers (ruddy turnstone, pectoral sandpiper, whimbrel): chicks are sometimes found on beaches.
  • Arctic hare: one the most common types of prey.
  • Arctic ground squirrel: apparently one of the hardest animals to catch, since they hide in burrows.
  • Ravens: they are known to outsmart the cats, so only the youngest or sickest are eaten.
  • Various gulls (ivory, kittiwakes): known to be hard to catch, unless pounced upon or if a cat finds its chicks.
  • Tundra swan: can only be eaten if its stuck in the ice or if another predator kills it.
  • Ptarmigans: one of the easiest birds to catch.
  • Small birds (e.g. snow buntings): can only be caught if snuck up on.

Other predatorsEdit

  • Skuas: occasionally hunt kits and other small birds.
  • Polar bears: will kill and eat cats whenever possible.
  • Arctic foxes: will kill kits whenever possible.
  • Wolverine: the strongest predator in the arctic. Is known to take down bears and caribou.
  • Wolves: sometimes wolves help the cats whenever possible, but they are known to be friendly, unless they're banished wolves.
  • Orcas: have been known to knock wandering cats off of ice floes.


  • Walrus: not known to be dangerous, unless approached.
  • Caribou: large deer that are known to be prey for the larger animals.
  • Musk oxen: are known to surround their calves when they feel threatened. If a cat doesn't get out of the way of them stampeding, they are known to be crushed.
  • Blue whales, humpback whales: not known to be dangerous. Many cats like to watch their spray when they come up to breathe.
  • Narwhals: not known to be dangerous. MossClan seems to have developed a bond with them.

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