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This page contains the allegiances for the Blazeheart's Secrets Series series.
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Quickstar- Light brown she-cat


Wolftalon- Long-furred grey tom

Roleplayed by: Leopard

Medicine CatEdit

Dapplestream- Ginger(with white flecks) she-cat

Apprentice, Mudpaw


Drippingfur- Dark grey tom with black drizzly stripes

Heronstep- Blue-grey she-cat

Quailflight- Light brown and white mottled she-cat

Darktail- Black tom with amber eyes

Creekshine- Silver tabby she-cat with green eyes

Frostlight- Long-legged white she-cat

Foxpelt- Ginger she-cat with black ear tips

Shiningfeather- Long-furred grey and white she-cat

Owlclaw- Brown tabby tom

Blazeheart- Flame coloured she-cat with dark green eyes

Apprentice, Aspenpaw

Frogfoot- Light brown (with darker brown flecks) tom

Apprentice, Currentpaw

Lightwhisker- White and light brown she-cat

Bearstep- Long-furred dark brown tom

Apprentice, Rustlepaw

Stillfire- Cream coloured tom

Flowerthorn- Tortoiseshell she-cat

Lionstrike- Handsome golden tom with river blue eyes

Apprentice, Moonpaw

Nightbreeze- Black she-cat with amber eyes

Dawnshadow- Light ginger she-cat


Rustlepaw- Mottled brown she-cat

Mudpaw- Brown and white tom

Moonpaw- Beautiful silver she-cat with ice blue eyes

Aspenpaw- Long-furred dark grey she-cat with grey-green eyes

Currentpaw- Dark ginger tom


Sweetwind- Cream-coloured she-cat

Lightwhisker- White and light brown she-cat

Expecting Owlclaw's kits



Mountainstar- Light grey tabby tom



Salmonstar- Large dark cream tom

Medicine catEdit

Littlemoon- White she-cat

Roleplayed by: Leopard



Emberstar(Ember)- Black tom with fiery amber eyes


Talonslash (Talon)- Brown tabby she-cat with a white belly, blue eyes and long front claws

Medicine CatEdit

Shadeheart(Nightshade)- Black she-cat with strange, deep purple eyes

Warriors (Ember's Protecters)Edit

Thickfur (Thick)- Pretty, sleek silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Darkice (Dark)- Smoky grey tom

Warriors (Bone's Inner Guard)Edit

Warriors (Initiation Generals)Edit

Thinlegs(Scrawny)- Tiny, skinny light brown tom

Slickfur (Slick)- Small dark grey tom

Warriors (Initiation Practitioners)Edit

Antlerclaw (Antler)- Dusty brown tom

Warriors (Regular)Edit

Sliceheart (Slice)- Grey tabby tom

Clawslice (Claw)- Light brown tabby tom with a missing eye

Stormcloud (Storm)- Dark grey she-cat

Waspsting (Sting)- Golden tom

Shaggyfur (Mane) - Long-furred golden tom with blue eyes

Roleplayed by: Millie



Toadstar- Black tom


Blackstep- White tom with one black paw

Medicine CatEdit

Goldenface- Brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Mallowfern


Bluecloud- Blue-grey she-cat

Apprentice, Thinpaw

Shadownight- Black she-cat

Brackenberry- Mottled brown she-cat

Apprentice, Lichenpaw

Oakshadow- Brown tabby tom

Lionclaw- Long-furred golden tabby tom

Apprentice, Dapplepaw

Duckfeather- Mottled brown and white tom


Mallowfern- Cream-coloured she-cat

Thinpaw- Skinny light grey tom

Lichenpaw- Light blue-grey tom with a silver speckled muzzle

Dapplepaw- Dappled golden she-cat


Rockshadow- Dark grey she-cat

Mother of Jaykit (Light grey tabby tom with a white belly), Featherkit (Silver she-kit) and Scratchkit (Small light golden tom)

Orangeleaf- Ginger she-cat

Mother of Etchkit (Golden-brown tom) andYellowkit (Black she-kit)


Yellowtooth- Black she-cat with a broken canine

Cats Outside ClansEdit

Dotty- Black and white she-cat

Mother of Meadow (Light ginger she-kit), Mouse (Light grey she-kit) and Brook (Dark grey she-kit).

Tiger- Dark flame-coloured ginger tom with amber eyes

Ferret- Light brown and dark brown seal point she-cat

Pastel- Pale cream she-cat

Sandy- Pale ginger she-cat Mother of Butterfly (pale ginger she-kit with blue eyes), Rose (white she-kit with pink eyes) and Storm ( dark grey and white tom with amber eyes)

James- White tom with grey tabby patches

Sun- Beautiful golden she-cat

Chase- Golden-brown tom Eagle- Dark flame-coloured tabby tom with one missing eye and one deep emerald green eye

Other AnimalsEdit

Leaf- Fox who lives in the hills behind MoorClan

Star- White stag who lives in the forest behind the lake territories

Danny- Peaceful brown German Sheperd who lives at the police station on the Thunderpath, near Day's old house

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