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"We have to find a way of defeating him!" Cinnamonpelt exclaimed.

"Your right, there has to be a way! The plot would not allow such a thing to happen!" Brownstripe meowed, breaking the fourth wall.

"What the Dark forest is a plot?" Cinnamonpelt hissed in a confused manner.

"I dont know, i think i heard about it from an elder that will never show up in the story again."

"I have no idea what the fox-dung you are talking about, but lets get back to the issue at paw."

Chapter OneEdit

Hmm, Thought Warmheart. How are we suppost to defeat him? I cant think... Maybe i should go hunting to clear my mind.

She nodded to herself and made her way to the Leaders den, hoping that Darkshadow had not shaken Hawkstar so much that he did not want to make even a simple pun. As she entered the den, Hawkstar bumped in to her.

"Ah! Sorry Hawkstar." Warmheart mewed apologeticly.

"Dont worry about it. What did you want to see me about?" He asked, looking at her questioningly.

"Could i go hunting? I would like to take my mind off of Darkshadow, for a while at least."

"Sure, i might come with you after i make an announcement." He nodded, sprinting towards the burnt tree stump moments later.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the burnt stump for a clan meeting!" Hawkstar yowled.

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