Today after I got home after shopping for cloth with a

Yup, that's Flashy three months before her death and my house.

tailor for a dress she's going to make me for a wedding I'm attending, I was told that Flashy, a sweet, precious, beautiful boxer who I've known since she was born, the four year old dog of a friend since kindergarten, was dead of a heart attack when her owners left her alone in the backyard for a day and a half while on vacation.

I had a special bond with Flashy, since her owners kept her in a crate or a backyard all her life, and I visited Tony's house often, the friend since childhood. She only responds to me.

I've been taking care of her at least for a week every two months.

When she stays at my house she gets constant attention and sleeps with me and is loved non-stop.

I will always remember everytime her stubby tail wagged like a machine gun when she went to my house, or when she curled up next to me on the carpet, or licked my face clean.

I loved her to death and now she's gone.

Rest in peace, sweetheart. I love you.

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