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'Ello! Oh sorry, did I frighten you? I'm Silversong, but please, call me Silver. I don't bite... often... I am also the wiki's only residential metal element. x3 See? I'm harmless.

I am part of many fandoms such as 5SOS family, Janoskianator, Belieber, Directioner, and yeah. If you want to fangirl about any of these, please do let me know because we are officially best friends.

Don't like me? I don't give two flying pickles so get out of my face.

Thoughts on other Users

Cloudskye- The angel of the wiki. Cloudskye has been here before ancient times xD But seriously, she's a really good friend. She's madly in love with Cloud. She has a sharp tounge and will kill you if you touch her work. She might as well place a BEWARE OF CLOUDSKYE sign on her stories xD But she's awsome in the end.

Nightfern - Two words: snappy and crazy. Night was my former mentor and was great! She's overly obsessed with LoK and TLA. She's not very active anymore, though.

Forestpaw - I miss her. She was a great friend and writer. I was a fan. She also made amazing chararts. She left too...

Leopardclaw - Ahhh! Possibly the greatest person ever! I love Leppy to death <3 She can be harsh sometimes but you'll grow to love her. Great writer and chararter at best.

Millie- a really long name but a great friend. Millie is my deputy in P:I

Feathermoon - Oh where, oh where has my dear Feather gone? Oh where, oh where can she beee~? I miss you, Feathers.

Graceglow - Ah, my eternal apprentice is eternal. I will never forgive myself for being such an ass mentor to her. WSW is lucky to have her. <33 In my group of best friends. I love Sunny!

Shadewing - A friend who requested me. She's been a great one.

Rainwillow - Another user who requested me. x3 I don't regret accepting her friendship request. A great person who also left... I think...

Twilight - She might be one of the nicest users here. She's always participating in wiki activity.

Songcloud - My second apprentice. She's semi-active, but I really hope she'll start participating in things. I've tried to do my best with her as her mentor, but I haven't gotten much better. :(

Avalanchestrike - This time, I requested the friendship. She's fun and kind.

Vixenblaze - My new apprentice! I think I'm doing good with this one... Vixy is a sweet, nice, new user.

Kittylove - A great friend to boot. I was her temporary mentor for like, four days.

Ivy - She requested. Ivy is spectacular and all around great! She's great to chat with on chat!

Stoneclaw - Another request. She's great, happy, and all around spectacular. ^^ Another great chat buddy!

Jaymoon - My new apprentice! She's really kind and sweet, and I see her enthusiasm sparking like fireworks!

Ravenflight - Raven isn't on here because I thought she left. x3 She was here, then left, and now she's back! I don't really remember how we became friends, but she's super cool and loves Wolf's Rain, just like me~!