aka Daisey

  • I live in Deadmonton
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Digimon Tamer
  • I am Fem
Shimmer's Den :3
Hi there! Shim here. This is my userpage! :) If you have anything to ask, just leave a message. I also do signature requests, but nothing fancy or I will fail on you greatly XD Anyway, whatever you want to know, ask away! I don't reject questions. Unless they are intentionally stupid :) For signature requests, just indicate text and colour, and any details you would like. I'll tell you what I can or can't do :) And if you play Maplestory, you should tell me that because I'd be very happy. Also, one more thing. If you have time on your hands, or if you have no life, please check out my other wiki at If you actually check it out, I will be very very happy :D PS: Hate to sound pushy, but I want to try making chararts. Request something. Anything!

Thanks for reading my random spam, and happy wiki-ing!

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About ME ><Edit

Hi there! Shim here. I'm kinda "new" to WSW, but I hope to get involved in more stuff soon :)

This is Terriermon. He's my baby. Don't touch him :3 --------------------------------->

I LOVE Digimon. It's the best anime I've ever watched. Don't flame my opinion >:D But I like it better than Pokemon. It's more emotional, the episode actually relate to each other, and it has a better moral message in general. I love Pokemon, but there are just too many seasons, and it's getting repetetive. Digimon is great. Every season is different, and they even take place in different worlds.

Warriors is great too. I love all the books, despite their differences. My favourite character is Hollyleaf, and my least favourite is Hawkfrost. I am a Dovewing's-eyes-are-gold believer, and you're probably not going to change my mind.

I also LOVE supervillains. But I hate bad villains. Like Darkstripe and Breezepelt. They suck. At being villains. The kind of villains I like are really intense people/cats/whatever who can use smooth talk and are NEVER fazed. They always have a backup plan and never use that "Uh oh" face. I also love it when the villain and another character fall in love XD I like to see the soft side of stoney epic villains. Yup XD

I adore writing and doodling and sketching. I also make cosplays, write songs, play the piano, all that cliche crap. I'm learning to play guitar X3 I know two chords. Sort of. I own a tablet (finally). It's a Wacom Bamboo Connect. I got it on sale at Future Shop X3 Because you know. Anyway. Lame userpage is lame. Come again.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Happy wiki-ing.

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