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About Me!
I'm Riverpelt, former Deputy/Leader of StormClan XD. I love to roleplay cats, and I just love the Warriors Series!!! I am also the formerdeputy of Project:Imagine, a former warrior of Project:Create, and a former warrior/mentor of Project: Adopt A User! So if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

My Apprentices
Windbreeze - Very nice user who is my first apprentice, I hope to learn more about her. =)


  • Riverstar
  • Forestkit
  • Amberheart
  • Silverpaw
  • Berrycloud.png Berrycloud
  • Wolfclaw (warrior)
  • Riverpelt and Flowerpaw
  • Featherflight
  • Darkshadow
  • Tigerlily (W)
  • Tiger
  • Honey
  • Stoneheart and Bluegaze <3
  • Mapleheart
  • Lightningstrike.png Lightningstrike
  • Silverpaw (Kit)
  • Rockpaw (Kit)
  • Stonepaw (Kit)
  • Ripplestripe
These include my chararts I made before P:I and the ones I got approved after P:I!
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