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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is being a user on here
  • I am What do you think?

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Hello there! I am Rainwillow, but you can call me Rainey, Rainy, or anything you want! I am a HUGE fan of Warriors, and I constantly edit on wikis that have to do with the subject, you guessed it, WARRIORS. I just can't get enough of them. Back to my introduction.....

So yeah, I <3 Warriors, and they rule. (Yeah, that's right. They rule. If you have a problem with Warriors, you're gonna be sorry you did) And.....that's all! Want more about me? Read the next box! Don't be lazy! xD

About the one and only....ME!Edit

I am the oldest child in my family, having two younger siblings. I am a user on WSW and WW, a rollback on WTW, and an admin on COTC3 and WFG. I am friends with many people on this wiki (okay, a few). There are to many for me to count, so I'll list them below. And.....I'll add more about me later!

Thoughts On Other Users

Cloudskye ~ What can I say about this user? She's a huge fan of her favorite character Lawliet. She's a great charart maker like Nighty, and super nice and funny. She's one of my besties on here and on WWiki.

Nightfern ~ Ah...The Fern of Night. She is a great writer and a awesome charart maker. She's so awesome, she could be the most awesome person in the world! She's another bestie on here.

Feathermoon ~ FEATHERY! What should I say? She's smart, funny, and ALWAYS (by always, I do mean ALWAYS) makes me laugh. She's another great writer on here. Keep writing!

Silversong ~ She is a beyond awesome person. She's kind and always enthusiasm to comment on other people's stories. She's my homie. xD

Millie ~ This user is what? Cool? Awesome? Crazy? Nope. She's ALL! She's another great writer and I always enjoy her stories.

Leopardclaw ~ Leopard is super nice and funny. I enjoy reading her stories, which are awesome, and I hope she keeps writing them for a long time.

Grace ~ Okay, even though she's new, I'm making her my number 1 fan. Before she joined WSW, she commented on One Year Later almost EVERYDAY. She was the one that made me write more of One Year Later. If it weren't for her, I'm sure One Year Later would have been just a short and funny story.

Cats I RP on Other Users' Stories.











Approved Chararts

  • Brightcloud - Warrior Image
  • Ivybreeze - Warrior Image
  • Flowerheart - Loner Image
  • Flowerheart - Medicine Cat Apprentice/ Medicine Cat
  • Meadowpool - Loner Image
  • Stonefoot - Loner Image
  • Cinderheart - (Q+Kits)
  • Rainwillow (Child)
  • Cloudfrost - Warrior Image

What Other Users Think of Me in Cat Form


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