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  • I live in Why do you want to know?
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Probably breathing
  • I am female

About Little

Hi, I'm Littlewillow! I'm really nice and would love to help anyone who needs helping. In my spare time I like to read other's fanfiction and help with the projects. Some more stuff about me:
I live in: Canada
My Birthday is: August 12th
My Favourite Non-Warriors Books are: Hunger Games, Seekers, Pathfinder, Guardians of Ga'Hoole and lots of other stuff
Favourite Warriors Characters are: Mistystar, Greystripe, Yellowfang, Crookedstar, Bluestar, Brightheart, Mousefur
Favourite Warriors Pairings are: HollyxFallen,SquirrelXBramble, BumbleXDove, BrackenXSorrel,CloudXBright
Favourite Warriors Books are: Forest of Secrets, Darkest Hour Crookedstar's Promise, Bluestar's Prophecy, Sunset, Sunrise, Night Whispers, Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope
>Least Favourite Warriors Characters are: Daisy, Onestar, Millie being over-protective, Mudclaw
Least Favourite Warriors Pairings are: I really don't care much for pairings. Maybe LionXHeather

My Series

RockClan Series

The Dangerous Series

Dark Hearts Series

Destiny Series

Clan of Powers Series

Littlewillow's Short Stories

Thoughts on Users

Leopard- The best former mentor! The bestest of friends! She's amazing at Chararts and Fanfiction! I wuve you! <3(Friend Love)

Gloweh -Made my first siggi, helped me with my first fanfiction template. I have grown to know you as a great friend! YAY Glow!

Hazel - We were Newbie's together <3 Without knowing it, I named my hamster after you!

Bird- I never really knew Bird much, but now I do! She is amazing at fanfictions and is really really friendly.

Loudeh - The first one I considered a friend. She helped me out with my fanfiction and I am writing my first collab with her! :D

Millie- I have experienced a few vandals on chat and I always had Millie to PM to :D I befriend her in many ways.

Night- One of the great admins of this wiki. I love reading her blogs and I defiantly respect her in many ways.

Silver- Very kind, helping and the leader of Project:Imagine.

Cloudskye- Another great admin! :)

Past Signatures

LittlewillowSmall and fast!

LittlewillowMay StarClan light your path

Littlewillow!"Five millon cybermen, easy. One Doctor? Now you're scared!"

Little Go Canada!

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