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  • I live in England
  • My occupation is thinking about space
  • I am the aeroplane queen

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One is certainly a time lord

Let it be known that I hate

One Direction and Hollyleaf

with a passion. Also I am

WSW's Official DW Nerd and Fandom Addict

And enjoy quoting in your face. Now go away quickly, unless you're some stalker, or whatever

Le Slideshow of Randomness Made for Me by Others
  • Made by a bestie, Gloweh. I love it! It's me in her way.
  • Made by Bestie Splasheh <3
  • Made by Ferret. <3 :D
  • Made for me by my great friend Feather. Thanks!
  • Made by Skye, the epical ruler of the wiki. I love this too! So sweet!
  • Made by the epic Silver! I'm lovin' it!
  • Made by Shadewhisker. So cute! <3

Hello, Stalker

Want to know stuff about me? Go on then.
Name: Leopardclaw
Country: England  I am addicted to many fandoms and likely won't stop talking about them ever
--Bands/Singers/Groups: Evanescence, Within Temptation, Shinedown, Adele, Chameleon Circuit, We Are The Fallen
--Colour: Purpley bluey colours
--Books: Warriors, Darren Shan, The House of Night, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Last Dragon Chronicles, Infernal Devices; I read a lot, I like lots of fantasyish books x3
--Films: AVENGERS, THOR, Iron Man, Brave, Rise of the Guardians, James Bond and so on
--Programmes: DOCTOR WHO, Miranda, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Doctor Who
-- Favourite Cats: Mistystar, Firestar, Greystripe, Webfoot, Jayfeather, Cinderpelt, Tallstar, Barkface, Bluestar
--OTPs: SandxFire, CinderxLion, SquirrelxBramble, CrookedxWillow, GreyXSilver, CloudXBright, JayXHalf, JayxMoth <3
--Books: Forest of Secrets, Crookedstar's Promise, Bluestar's Prophecy, Sign of the Moon, Long Shadows, Into the Wild, The Last Hope *sob*
--Least Favourite Cats: Hawkfrost, Leopardstar, Onestar, Berrynose, Hollyleaf
--NoTPs: TigerxDove, SpottedxFire, LeafXCrow, HollyXFallen, HollyxLife

If you need help, feel free to ask! I don't bite very often... May bite if provoked, however

Leopardclaw & Friends

She's a leopard print cat with amber eyes. She can be grumpy. She's often sarcastic. She likes winding her friends up. Generally a cat version of myself x3

In The Rise Series, she is the main character, and, from the fourth story shares a POV with Cloudpaw. In The Next Generation Series, she is no longer main character, but is still pretty important. Of course. And she appears in several short(ish) stories.

Really, You Want to Read my Fanfic?

Have I Written About You...?

Night: Night was so dedicated to the wiki before her departure. She wass really friendly too! She made great chararts and fan-fics, and really had a great influence on the wiki. Miss you loads!
Skye: Skye is awesome. Though she'll never admit it she has the best fanfic, and pretty damn good charart. Everyone loves her, and if you're not on her bad side, it's easy to see why <3 <3
Glow: Gloweh is an excellent writer and she's awesome at charart! Gloweh is really nice, and sweet, and another of my wiki besties. I am was her 'official siggymaker'. Hetalia Junkie Homestuck Junkie <3
Hazel: Hazel is a lovely user, great at fanfic and awesome at charart. She's a great friend, and I <3 doing collab fanfics with her. Harry Potter nerd <3
Silver: Silver is Awesome! She endlessly makes new nicknames for me, which and she writes epic fan-fics. Did I forget that she is amazing at chararts?
Millie: Millie is awesome! She makes some of the best chararts I've ever seen, and writes great fan-fics. And she and I weep over Doctor Who together >8D
Little: The best apprentice anyone could ever have wished for. She's great at writing, and fab at charart! She is a great user and one of my bestest wiki friends. Luv ya Little <3

Bird: Bird is epic, I love Bird. We constantly spat over who writes the best fanfic, which of course is her. Love the fanfic, love the charart, love her <3
Sky: She is very epicful, and even though she changed her name, she is always Skyflight to me <3 Fellow Whovian, and a generally awesome user.
Shadeh: Shadeh is lovely <3 She's far too modest about her fanfic, which is awesome, and her songfics are gorgeous. I don't know what I'd do on P:C without her.
Misty: Misty is quickly becoming one of my favourite newbs; she's friendly and funny and becoming excellent at charart already.
Splasheh: My first apprentice, and one of my favourite users <3 Though somewhat inactive, her fanfics are still good, and her charart is top notch.
Rainey: One of my first friends, and one of my best ones, she used to write awesome fanfic and make fantastic charart. Miss you Rainey <3
Feather: The one who allowed me to discover WSW, Feather is the best <3 Though now infatuated with the scum that is 1D, she will always be one of my wiki besties. Miss you Feather!
Otter: My first mentor. She was really kind and helped me loads. Then she left. She has returned from the dead! And left again.

Forest: My second mentor, and I like to think that she was a good friend. She was a fantastic writer, and she did a lot of good for the wiki. Miss you Forest <3

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Friends list!
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Poems of Nerdyness
Skye's Page!
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Attempts at Drawing

  • Cross-scar and Leopardclaw sitting on a frozen pondmabob. <3 Drawn in my notebook
  • Leopardclaw. Drawn in my notebook too.
  • For Gloweh
  • Randompaw's first catch. Guess where I drew it?
  • Webstar's Nine Lives. I'll let you guess :D
  • Leopardclaw's ghosts. From the Left: Tallstar, Crossed Scars, Eagletalon, Barkface and Lavenderwish

Approved Charart

  • Webstar, Leader of WindClan
  • Bravesoul, MC of WindClan
  • Leopardclaw, MCA
  • Cross-Scar of ThunderClan, Leopardclaw's mate
  • Leopardclaw, apprentice of Pearlwhisker
  • Leopardclaw, Medicine Cat of WindClan
  • Lavenderwish, Warrior of StarClan, formerly WindClan
  • Leopardkit
  • Leopardkit and her mother, Spottedfeather
  • Cloud, the kittypet
  • Featherflame of WindClan
  • Thunderstrike of WindClan
  • Cloudpaw, Leopardclaw's first apprentice
  • Leopardclaw and Cross-scar <3
  • Davy, one of Cloudpaw's kittypet friends
  • Sophie, one of Cloudpaw's kittypet friends
  • Willowdawn of TreeClan
  • Lou, loner, who should be with MoonClan but is residing in StarClan for the moment
  • Jaybriar.W.LC.png Jaybriar of TreeClan
  • Louise, a loner in Strangers in the Shadows
  • Redleaf of LeafClan
  • Blueleaf, of LeafClan
  • Willowdawn and (Left to right) Wildkit, Squirrelkit and Dawnkit
  • Grassleap, who should be in MoonClan, but is currently in StarClan
  • Lilypaw, Cloudtail's apprentice
  • Randompaw, Leopardclaw's apprentice
  • Amypond, Warrior of LondonClan
  • Crossed Scars <3
  • Leopardclaw, a loner in Strangers in the Shadows
  • The Doctor!
  • Leopardclaw, deputy of WindClan!
  • Empoleonclaw from Battle of the Warriors Pokémon
  • Silverclaw, deputy of DawnClan
  • Tallstar is epic. Nuff said.
  • Airclaw, twin of Watereyes
  • Barkyface the Epical!
  • Watereyes, twin of Airclaw
  • Heartpaw, as an apprentice
  • Heartflower, Webstar's sister
  • Pine, one of Dusk's minions
  • Goldenheart, MC of DawnClan
  • Webfoot <33333
  • Emily, loner
  • Burn, Rogue
  • Iron, Rogue
  • Julia, loner
  • Pebblemist, Bravestar's daughter
  • Ebony, loner
  • Ivory, brother of Ebony
  • Dawnstar, and (Left to right) Aurorakit, Sparkkit and Willowkit
  • Snow Clouds, Cloudtail's ancient reicarnation
  • Wildsmoke <3<3<3
  • Dusk, rogue
  • Lithium, rogue. <33
  • Zinc, rogue, Lithium's sister
  • Bravestar, Leader
  • Emberdawn, Deputy
  • Deerkit <3
  • Helium, a madcat XD
  • Hydrogen, an element
  • Jumpfallow <333
  • Ospreyfang, warrior of MountainClan
  • Hawk, Lithium's kit
  • Thunder, Lithium's Kit
  • Flash, Lithium's Kit
  • Lightning, a rogue of the Dusk Cats
  • Jordan, based upon a real friend <3
  • Silentstar, evil tyrant
  • Leopardclaw, Warrior
  • Chestnutbreeze, MC
  • Shinestorm, Warrior in Lifeblood
  • Nightfrost, W
  • Ospreyfang, deputy
  • Raven, of the Dusk rogues
  • Smokeflight, le ghost
  • Deathstar, leader of GingerClan
  • Shadowswirl, Deputy
  • Morningpaw, apprentice
  • Snakeheart, deputy
  • Firesky, mate of Dawnstar
  • Morningbriar, MC
  • Detective Leopard, a detective
  • A Young Rock
  • Dawnstar
  • Dawnstar alt.
  • Willowkit, Dawnstar's kit
  • Aurorakit, Dawnstar's kit
  • Sparkkit, Dawnstar's kit
  • Skykit, the victim in A Whisper in the Wind
  • Jumpstar, leader in A Whisper in the Wind
  • Cloudtali's sister, Leaf
  • Ice, some obscure rogue in TWII
  • Lightningpaw, from TWII
  • Mossystar, leader of RainClan
  • Echosong, Medicine cat

Chararts for Approval


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