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About Me

Hello! I'm Forestpaw13! :D Welcome to my page! How'd you get here?

Did you...

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Well, whatever reason you came, I'm glad you did! A little info about me:

Name: Annie
Country: USA (East Coast)
Personality: Well, I think I'm nice and pretty cool. I mean, I pulled an entire wiki from ashes with no rights at all. *shrug* But I've been described as having a sharp tongue, which I can (xD), and I tend to get angry really fast.
Age: I'm 15.
Birthday February 8th, 1996.

Can you handle that? LOL.

Anyway, I can't remember how I found this wiki, actually. I think Nightfern (a good buddy!) left a message on my page over at WFW, but I can't be sure...

Anyway, if you have any questions, I'd be GLAD to help. So... yeah! ☺

Opinions on Users

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Riverpelt: A totally AWESOME artist and FANTASTICO (notice the Spanish) person! I'm glad she's here to help out.

TheNightfern: A great admin, writer, and all-around person. I'm very proud to call her my daughter. xD




Online Diary

Well, I have an online diary that I write over on the WFW, so I decided I'd post them here, since my life is interesting. It's also a way to watch the time go by...

A little backstory about me:
I was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism on February 16, 1996. I was eight days old, and I had just come home from the hospital when we were called back.
I take a pill every morning to make myself "normal" and be able to do the things I do today- I am one of the many successful people living with hypothyroidism as a result.
14 years go by: I'm in 8th grade. I've had the time of my life, and it's one of our three-day breaks. I am scheduled to go in for a doctor's appointment, which is a regular checkup by an endocrinologist to make sure I'm growing correctly and stuff. The doctor measures my thyroid and says it's getting bigger, and that I need an ultrasound (you should have SEEN my face, LOL). I went to NYC that weekend and totally forgot, then came back.
The day of the ultrasound (which was a Monday) was the day I began to freak out. The one thing that occurred to me was cancer.
The ultrasound results said I had unusual nodules (cancerous lumps) and cysts (holes) in my thyroid gland, and they needed to be examined by biopsies (using a needle to get tiny samples of cells to be looked at through a microscope).
All types of cancer were eliminated except for one: Follicular Cancer. I didn't have it, it was a possibility, but the doctors decided I would have my thyroid out.
That was all in one month, peoples. April.
Imagine me. I was totally going NUTS with fear, and I had my end-of-year tests to take (which I did extremely well on).
It was determined on June 2, 2010 that I would have my thyroid removed on July 22, 2010. During the summer.
Middle school ended, I freaked out.
My surgery was a success. I was deemed cancer-free and I learned that my thyroid had actually SWOLLEN to five times the size of an average thyroid.
My scar problem wasn't fixed. When I went back for my 3 month checkup (I forgot that date, but you'll see it in the diaries somewhere), it was deemed that my scar had swollen and I needed Laser Scar Therapy (referred to as LST sometimes).
There's a recurring mention of the stuff going on in my life after this surgery, and it still isn't over. I'll let you guys read up.


Goldenheart is my bestest buddy since 5th grade. We do a TON of stuff together. She is not in any of my classes, but she's a girl scout with me. Last semester she was in my lunch.

Silvertail is my more recent good friend. Last semester, she was at my lunch, this semester, she isn't. However, this semester, she's in two of my classes, which makes them a ton of fun.

Preston is my bestest male buddy. He's in my computer apps class this semester and at my lunch.

Vinetail (oh, God) is ANNOYING. Last semester she was in my health/gym class and this semester she's in my Journalism class and in my World History class. KILL ME

Lol, so, thanks for reading. I know I bored you but I have to so you guys understand the diaries.


He's a gray tom with forest-green eyes (where he got his name). He resides in ThunderClan.

Er... he's nice. Slightly selfish. Strong, smart. Y'know, the whole package.

Stories I Wrote/Will Write


AgentP- He's a pretty cool dude- I affectionately refer to him as Wakkopaw. Since he's already immersed himself in wikia functions, he already seems to be pretty smart. Hahah :)


Approved Charart

  • Harestar- the Leader of WindClan in Evolution.
  • Moss-star, the leader of RiverClan in Evolution.
  • Trailstar, the leader of ShadowClan in Evolution.
  • Lionstar, the leader of ThunderClan in Evolution.
  • Quakepaw, an apprentice of EarthClan in Set in Stone.

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