Feathertail Millie

aka Jamilla, Millie, Mil, Milleh, ジャミラ

  • I live in your soul~ okay, okay. Australia, if you must know. e.e
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is watching you while you sleep and watching anime at the same time ✿
  • I am a rabid fangirl... watch out, I bite.

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Out da window
Luka ^^

Awkward ostrich


Ahem: let me just state my crazy fangirl claims for all you who don't know:

Tomoe, Fang, Jirou, Nezumi, Ikuto, Magnus, Leo (no, not the user XD), Kyo, China, Japan, Greece and last but not least, Haku.

Are we clear? Good.

About me

Ohai! My name is Millie. I'm the deputy of the P:I here. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Oh, I forgot to mention... CHINA IS MINE. You no touchy. >:3


Me as a cat

Goldenspiritis a golden she-cat with greenish grey eyes. She has blue pearl bracelet that she treasures.



Leopard- Leopard is an awesome person who is always helping me out with P:I stuff. Fight those tin men, Leopard, or there will be nothing left for us! D:

Glow- Gloweh is a super-nice user and a mad Hetalia fan. ILU Glow <3

Little- Little is really friendly and I love taking part in her contests. :3

Dazzle- Dazzy is a fun and happy friend and always says hi~

Raven- Raven was my apprentice once and even now she's a great friend and an awesome user. :D

Raven- Raven is my former apprentice and a fun person too. :D

Night- Ahh, where would this wiki be without Night? Actually, I wouldn't be anywhere without Night's help. She's a great friend and I hope she comes back soon ;A;

Skye- Another great admin to whom I owe my WSW existence. We disagree on a few things but she's great to chat with and she's been there to help me a lot. :3

Rainey- I love Rainey.... but she's run away from the wiki. DXCome back, Rainey! You were one of my first friends here and you're so nice!

Feather- She's run away too, but I still love her. <3Feather was one of my first friends here too and she's in my circle of besties here at WSW. :3

Silver- Silver is my awesome superior on the P:I and she's one of my besties here too. She writes awesome fanfics too (I usually spellcheck them XD)- be sure to check them out if you haven't seen them! :D


The Curse of Sight
The Timekeepers
Blazeheart's Secrets Series

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