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Ahem: let me just state my crazy fangirl claims for all you who don't know:

Tomoe, Fang, Jirou, Nezumi, Ikuto, Magnus, Leo (no, not the user XD), Kyo, China, Japan, Greece and last but not least, Haku.

Are we clear? Good.

Ohai! My name is Millie. I'm the deputy of the P:I here. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Oh, I forgot to mention... CHINA IS MINE. You no touchy. >:3


Me as a cat

Goldenspiritis a golden she-cat with greenish grey eyes. She has blue pearl bracelet that she treasures.



Leopard- Leopard is an awesome person who is always helping me out with P:I stuff. Fight those tin men, Leopard, or there will be nothing left for us! D:

Glow- Gloweh is a super-nice user and a mad Hetalia fan. ILU Glow <3

Little- Little is really friendly and I love taking part in her contests. :3

Dazzle- Dazzy is a fun and happy friend and always says hi~

Raven- Raven was my apprentice once and even now she's a great friend and an awesome user. :D

Raven- Raven is my former apprentice and a fun person too. :D

Night- Ahh, where would this wiki be without Night? Actually, I wouldn't be anywhere without Night's help. She's a great friend and I hope she comes back soon ;A;

Skye- Another great admin to whom I owe my WSW existence. We disagree on a few things but she's great to chat with and she's been there to help me a lot. :3

Rainey- I love Rainey.... but she's run away from the wiki. DXCome back, Rainey! You were one of my first friends here and you're so nice!

Feather- She's run away too, but I still love her. <3Feather was one of my first friends here too and she's in my circle of besties here at WSW. :3

Silver- Silver is my awesome superior on the P:I and she's one of my besties here too. She writes awesome fanfics too (I usually spellcheck them XD)- be sure to check them out if you haven't seen them! :D


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The Timekeepers
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