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A message for all my Little Paws[]

Hello People and welcome to my page!

If you are a person featured in my Little Paws section below, congradulations! You are now part of WindyClan!

Welcome to my den! Here on Warriors Share, I am one of the most active kitties here, so if you need any help I would be glad to assist you.

Little Paws[]

Leader: Heatherstar~ sleek, black-dappled she-cat. Calling the Wind (talk)

Deputy (closest Friend): Vixy I love me them Sandshoes... Vixy <3 10!

(more info coming soon)

A Litttle Bit About Myself[]

Favorite Food Pizza :) No dip!

Favorite TV Shows iCarly, Victorious, (other teen reality tv) and Teen Titans Go!.

Favorite Bands/Artists Ariana Grande, Rixton, and Imagine Dragons

Favorite Dessert CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE!!!!!!!

Favorite Books Warriors, The Hunger Games, Wicked

Favorite Movies The Hunger Games, Up, and other movies

Favorite Subject SCIENCE ROCKS!!!!!