About MeEdit

Hello warrior fans! My name is Brownstorm a.k.a Riverheart and I`m new here in Warriors Share Wiki. If you have any tips to help me, you can leave a message on my talk page. Bye.

Riverheart Edit

Riverheart is a silver-blue tabby with icy-blue eyes, white paws, a white chest, and white stripes. Her feature is white circling around her right eye. She is a young, adventures warrior. She encrouges her friends when they fail. She is a proud warrior in ThunderClan. Her father,leader of ThunderClan,Stormstar, is a loyal leader, and her mother from RiverClan, Silverpelt, is a brave warrior. Riverheart`s sisters, Whitefur, Breezestorm, and Heatherstripe are wise and Riverheart`s brothers, Slashclaw, Scarface, and Raintail are bold.


Cloudskye- My first friend and my mentor! She is really cool! Cloudskye is also leader of Project:Imagine.

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