Him and his mate, claws as sharp as dog's teeth. His claws were red from the blood of his enemies, his pelt was always covered with blood, never his own. Bloodshed was his pleasure, always being spilled time and time again until it had seeped so much into him, his scent contained its reek. Every moon it seems his eyes get redder, more possessed with the demon around him. The demon was unimaginable, unbearable for me to even think of. Her name was Deathheart...

She was his mate, ten times worse than him and the rest of BloodClan. Her once-white pelt was blood-red and her eyes always glimmered with hatred and a thirst for battle. When someone didn't agree with her, she killed them instantly, without looking back. Her scent reeked so strongly of blood and death, they weren't sure if it was her or one of her defiers. To believe she used to be a sweet, innocent softie.

She was born as Angelkit, a perfect little she-kit. She never got into trouble and was always kind and caring to her clan. She had two other sisters, Dovekit and Shadowkit. Shadowkit was never the most behaved kit in the forest. She was grouchy, aggressive, disobedient and ambitious- a bad combination.

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