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The Way it is Series

Author: Leopard
Number of Books: 4
Books: Newleaf of DawnClan, DuskClan's Greenleaf, Leaf-fall in GingerClan, The War of Leafbare
Series Status: Finished!
Story Spellcheckers: None
General Clan life at it's height. Newleaf brings new kits and new scars, Greenleaf brings burning new rivalry, Leaf-fall brings starvation and promises, Leafbare brings war and bloodshed.

DawnClan and DuskClan have always been rivals, but a family who call themselves GingerClan could be their downfall.

GingerClan is dedicted to one of my very best friends, who happens to be ginger herself.

Newleaf of DawnClan - Newleaf has come, promising new kits, but as DuskClan's rivalry gets stronger, one cat comes up with a plan that could save or break the Clan...

DuskClan's Greenleaf - The plan has made tremendous effect on DuskClan, and as battles become evermore frequent, another Clan come and shift the balance of the Clans forever.

Leaf-fall in GingerClan - GingerClan is a family of ginger cats, and as the other rival Clans fight, the weather turns and Deathstar makes an offer that cannot be resisted...

The War of Leafbare - DuskClan, DawnClan and GingerClan fight for their lives, ancient rivalries may become a formidable alliance. Although one cat may be left in the cold...

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