Great power belongs to three she-cats with stars on their faces....

That was Moonshine, Starsplotch, and Foxsky. Hazeleye recieved the prophecy before the three were born. There mother was Hazeleye's best friend, Silverheart, and their father was her very good friend, Firepelt. From the moment the Three were born they had odd powers.

Moonshine was drawn to StarClan and was practically a mind reader. A moonbeam came down when she needed it. She could control tides and let it shine bright.

Starsplotch could control the stars. Send a shooting star to send a message or make one brighter in honor of the cat that star was.

Foxsky was the Sun, a big responsibilty. She had to try to make it slightly warmer in leafbare when a kit was almost dying from cold.

They weren't as powerful as they seemed, they were mortal and had feelings like everyone else. They made mistakes and fell in love with cats they shouldn't have. In fact, most of their power came when they were dead. When they were alive, Moonshine could only see what others felt and jump into their dreams. Starsplotch was hard to catch, running faster than the wind. Foxsky was indestructable and had strong senses.

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