The Sun and The Moon

Author: Graceglow
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Cloudkit and Willowkit are sisters and best friends, yet they are different as day and night. Kind, shy Cloudkit prefers to stand back and let bold, ambitious Willowkit do the talking. But the kits are going to need to learn to survive without the Clan they have lived with all their life, for themselves and the fate of all they love...


Faint rain spattered on the ground, as a Greenleaf sunset cast shadows across the camp. Deepheart scanned the sky, looking for signs. Suddenly, out of place in the darkening skies, two comets blazed across the sky, leaving sparkling trails behind them as they died out. Tiny mewls sounded from the nursery, as Skyflower purred.

"Dreamcloud, you have two healthy she kits! They're so cute!"

Deepheart swallowed a purr. Skyflower had a weak spot when it came to kits. He padded into the nursery and took a look at the kits.

"Dreamcloud...any names?" he mewed, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Oh yes, of course!" she flicked her tail to her leopard-spotted kits. "The silver one is Cloudkit."

Darkstorm, the kit's tabby father, interrupted.

"If you don't mind, Dreamcloud, may I name our golden daughter?"

"Of course!" purred Dreamcloud.

"She's Willowkit."

Willowkit gave a happy squeak, and the cats laughed...except Deepheart. He was in deep thought.

These kits have the light of the comets in their hearts. They will be very powerful, and their legacy will be preserved long after they have gone...

Chapter One-WillowkitEdit

"Moonstream!" squealed a voice that was all too familiar to the cats of StoneClan. "I wanna go out to pla-ay! It's boring in here!"

Moonstream gazed at the kit for a few seconds, sadness barely recognisable in her eyes.

"Okay. Be safe though."

Willowkit and Cloudkit had not known their mother. She had died of a sickness that Deepheart could not cure a half moon after their birth. Moonstream, Dreamcloud's sister, had taken care of them. Willowkit grabbed Cloudkit and they scampered outside.

"Let's hunt!"

"We're kits."

"Let's explore the territory!"

"Willowkit. KITS."

"Let's patrol!"

Cloudkit let out an irritated sigh. "We. Are. Kits."

"We can't do anything fun, then!"

"We'll be apprentices in a moon. We can do stuff then." Cloudkit made a good point. Willowkit wondered if she should listen.

"A moon is too long!" Willowkit wasn't the patient sort.

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