Allegiances[edit | edit source]

The Stones Series/Allegiances

Genre: A bit of everything

Author: Birdpaw

Eclipse Stones[edit | edit source]

Certain Cats can carry something special, the life-blood of the clan, these cats are chosen by Eclipse claws, wolfs, every time a eclipse carrier either dies, or does something horrible that is against the warrior code, the Eclipse tracker, the wolf that is the gaurdian of the stones, will give the stone to the new carrier

When a clan has done horible wrong, the stone will be taken away, and so will the carrier, then when the clan does right, the stone will be returned but the carrier will not, no one knows what happens to the carrier.

Set 1[edit | edit source]

Chosen- Lilykit is becoming an apprentice of Thunderclan, but things are darker as they seem, there are tension, the carrier has gone different, and Lilykit realises that everything is not all that meets the eye.

Taken- Lilypaw and her friends can't wait for their first gathering. But tensions are high between Thunderclan and Shadowclan. And Lilypaw doesn't know what to do 

Betrayed By Thorns

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