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The Rise Series

Author: Leopardclaw
Number of Books: Six
Books: Amber Eyes in the Dark, The Steps of a Warrior, The Tail of a Friend, Strangers in the Shadows, Allegiance of the Ancients, The Night of the Golden Moon
Series Status: Finished!!
Story Spellcheckers: None
Clouds and Claws shall come, and the Ancient laws will sleep at peace again...

The series is set in the time of the current clans, and the prophecy is just before POT. Some new characters are added to the current Clans, and some timelines/storylines have been slightly altered. For example, the three are Squirrelflight's and Crowfeather was never with Leafpool.

1. Amber Eyes in the Dark. Leopardkit is to become a Medicine Cat, but is this really her destiny?

2. The Steps of a Warrior. Leopardclaw is training in the ways of a warrior, but hardships lie ahead for WindClan.

3. The Tail of a Friend. Leopardclaw, now named warrior, is well respected in the clan. What difference can a single outsider make to her?

4. Strangers in the Shadows. When Leopardclaw and Cloudpaw get captured, one question is on every cat's mind - Can they escape before it's too late?

5. Allegiance of the Ancients. Leopardclaw looks to the stars to help her Clan through leafbare, although the answers she asks for lie within the prophecy of her Apprenticeship.

6. Night of the Golden Moon. The prophecy is complete, but there is still one task that StarClan have laid ahead for Leopardclaw.