The Random Mind of Weasel

Author: Hazeleye
Status: In the Making
Series: No Series
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He's weird, wacky and he's just Weasel


Weasel was always a little bit crazy. No matter if he was just hanging around with the other loners or presenting himself in front of the clans' leaders, Weasel was just weird...

There were a few cats who could stand his mind and sanity. One of them was his sister, Ferret, who even though shy, would stand up for him when he was in trouble.The others were Annabelle, Wednesday and Blaze, three loners like him. And of course Smilestar. He was in love with the she-cat and she had a secret crush on him (well I guess the secret's out now). Even Weasel's mother, Mongoose had hated him and his ways. From the day he was born his mother knew there was a mouse's brain in there and she never even attempted to keep her horrid feelings toward her son hidden. Instead she always openly insulted him and got the other cats to judge him. Even the mice and the rabbits had a glimmer of teasing in their eyes sometimes.

Weasel couldn't help it he was just... Strange.

Chapter 1Edit

Weasel opened his eyes and closed them again. He had forgotten he fell asleep on the flat hunting grounds and was almost blinded by the light of the greenleaf sun. Waiting a few seconds to get used to the light, he headed back to his den. He saw his sister Ferret, a worried look in her eyes.

"Weasel!" She sighed in relief. "There you are, I thought you were hurt!"

"Sorry, fell asleep hunting" He meowed in embarassment.

"Only you, Weasel" She purred "Only you..."

"Foxdung!" He remembered, "I forgot to get my prey! Be right back!"

"Don't fall asleep this time, you mouse-brain!" She yelled to him, jokingly.

"I'll try not too" He smiled at his sister as she batted his ear playfully.

On his way to the field where his rabbits were he ran into Smilestar. The white she-cat seemed to be looking for something, or someone.

"Hey Smilestar, what are you doing here?" Weasel said, trying to ignore the feelings rising inside.

"Just coming to visit!" The young leader purred, her white, speckled coat shining. "Or am I not allowed to anymore?"

"N-no! You can visit anytime you like! I was just looking for something and didn't expect to see you here!" He laughed nervously, staring down at his paws.

"Were you looking for these?" Smilestar started to run through the grasslands, before picking up two rabbits in her mouth.

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