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The Next Generation Series

Author: Leopardclaw
Number of Books: Three
Books: Loner Road, Names of Blood, Choice of Lives
Series Status: Being Written
Story Spellcheckers: None
In this new series, Leopardclaw and Cloudtail are overseeing the Next Generation of warriors in their Clan. The series takes place pretty much straight after The Rise, with 6ish moons in between.

Randompaw, who is Leopardclaw's apprentice, is about to meet a kindly loner with her best friend. The loner makes her see life from a different perspective; one she likes. Then a rogue comes, and throws everything they know into turmoil.

Lilypaw, Cloudtail's apprentice, is hard-working and loves her Clan. The loner she and her best friend meet calls the Clans awful; but yet what she has yet to realise is that the loner colud be closer than she thought. Then the rogue comes, and brings everything much closer to home.

Loner Road - Leopardclaw and Cloudtail's apprentices are hard working and loyal. But when Randompaw and Lilypaw sneak off, a discovery may set them thinking about whether Clan life is all it seems.

Names of Blood - Randompaw and Lilypaw have a secret which no other cat knows. Choices have to made when a rogue comes, and Lilypaw finds that blood runs a lot deeper than the skin.

Choice of Lives - Randombird stands by her friend's shocking discovery, both now new warriors. The discovery may be a shock to Lilyflower, but it will tip Randombird over the edge, for a choice must be made.

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