The Leader of StarClan

Author: Hazeleye
Status: In the making
Series: None
Allegiances: N/A
Preceding: Nothing
Succeeding: Nothing
Spellcheckers: I don't think there are any
Star, the leader of StarClan, has to save the clan of deceased warriors before the Dark Forest takes over.


Thunder, River, Wind, Shadow and Sky... The names of the 5 original leaders of the 5 clans. But what about StarClan? I am Star, leader of StarClan. This is my story.

Chapter 1Edit

As you all know before the time of the clans every forest cat fought each other to the death over prey and dens. There was no order, no code. On night on a full moon, full chaos occured a bloody and viscious battle which killed a large amount of cats. I was one of them. I came from the night sky with stars in my fur. Well I had always had star-like markings in my fur but this time they shimmered. I had to tell them that they had to form the 5 clans and

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