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The Hunted Series

Author: Leopardclaw and Graceglow
Number of Books: 3, I've been told
Books: How am I meant to know? XD
Series Status: Being thought of
Allegiances: None Yet
Story Spellcheckers: None
Many moons have passed after the great Battle of the Stars. The Dark Forest now rules the remains of the Clans. They have been split into twelve Clans, each separated from each other, under the ruling command of the Dark Forest. Every year, on the seventh full moon, a tom and a she-cat between the ages of six and twelve moons is selected to fight to the death.

Mockingpaw is nearly a warrior. She is 10 moons old. She and Brightpaw will be chosen to represent TwelfthClan, and will be forced to fight. To hunt, or be hunted.

Yes this is loosely based of the Hunger Games, before anyone asks. And it is after the OOTS in Warriors. Like after the big battle.

Trials of the Hunted ~ Mockingpaw leads an ordinary life in TwelfthClan, hunting and caring for her Mother and sister, Petalpaw, until the day of the selection. Now she must face the trials, and fight to survive. She must hunt, or be hunted. Let the 29th Trials begin...

Flames and Fire ~ Mockingpaw survived the trials. Can she survive again? 30 years have passed since the very first Trial took place, and every ten years is a special trial. This year, all the old survivors have to return to the Trials. This time, Mockingpaw will have to fight harder than ever before....

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