Allegiances[edit | edit source]

ThunderClan[edit | edit source]

Leader: Lionstar- Long-furred ginger tom
Deputy: Bluepelt- Short-furred blue-gray she-cat.
Medicine Cat: Yewtail- Gray she-cat with green eyes.
Apprentice, Voletail
Warriors: Graytail- Gray tabby tom.
Apprentice, Longpaw

Reedfoot- Light brown tabby tom.

Treetail- brown tabby tom with an unusually long tail.

Briarclaw- ginger tom.

Friskfoot- a spiky-furred brown she-cat.
Apprentice, Barkpaw

Apprentices: Voletail- Light brown tabby tom.

Longpaw- Light gray she-cat with long whiskers.

Barkpaw- Brown tom.
Queens: Sandtail- tan she-cat. Expecting.
Elders: Falconflight- Dark gray tom with a tuft of fur on his head.

Boulderclaw- Dark gray tom.

ShadowClan[edit | edit source]

Leader: Trailstar- Brown tom with a long brown stripe down his back.
Deputy: Berryclaw- Reddish tom.
Medicine Cat: Dawnheart- Ginger tabby she-cat.
Warriors: Mudface- Brown tom with matted fur.

Frogfoot- Gray tabby tom.

Weedfur- Gray tom with matted fur and a scar on his side.
Apprentice, Littlepaw

Briarclaw- ginger tom.

Friskfoot- a spiky-furred brown she-cat.
Apprentice, Nightpaw

Apprentices: Nightpaw- Black tom.

Littlepaw- Brown tabby she-cat with small feet.
Queens: None. (There are, however, kits, Toothkit (long-furred white tom) and Rustlekit (golden-brown she-kit))
Elders: Stoneheart- Dark gray tom with a scar on his back.

RiverClan[edit | edit source]

Leader: Moss-star- Light gray tom.
Deputy: Waterfur- Dark blue-gray she-cat.
Medicine Cat: Blossomtail- Tortoiseshell she-cat.
Apprentice, Blizzardpaw
Warriors: Eeltail- Dark blue-gray tom with oily fur.

Strikeclaw- Black tom with darker gray streaks on his fur.

Duckfeather- White tom with gray streaks.

Rainheart- Smokey gray tom.

Gingertail- Ginger she-cat.
Apprentice, Ripplepaw

Apprentices: Blizzardpaw- Fluffy white tom.

Ripplepaw- White tabby tom with gray stripes.
Queens: Shellnose- Tan she-cat.
Kits, Rock-kit (gray tom) and Flowerkit (tan tabby she-cat)
Elders: Grayheart- Light gray she-cat.

WindClan[edit | edit source]

Leader: Harestar- Light tan tom with a grayed muzzle.
Deputy: Grassfoot- White she-cat.
Medicine Cat: Tornfur- Black tom with a long scar down his side.
Warriors: Gustheart- Light brown tom.

Frost-tail- Freckled white she-cat.

Driftnose- Black tom.

Cloudface- Short-furred white tom with a tuft of fur on his head.

Addertail- Light brown tabby she-cat.
Apprentice, Breezepaw

Apprentices: Breezepaw- Dark gray tom.
Queens: None.
Elders: None.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Clans are shrinking. Border fights are becoming more violent, and cats are dying every day.

When a prophecy comes, it is up to the four Clan leaders to decide their Clan's destiny- to let their Clans fall, or to help their Clans flourish.

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