The Day the Earth Went Cold

Author: Silversong
Status: Finished
Series: Power Series
Preceding: None
Spellcheckers: Nightfern and Feathertail Millie
What would you do if the Earth went cold? Follow the experience through Silverfrost's eyes as she battles the sub zero temperatures. Cats are dying, and the Clans are facing extinction. Through the chaos, Silverfrost learns she can control the temperature. But will it be too late for the Clans?



Three cats and an apprentice walked beside me. We were on border patrol. A mud colored tom led the patrol to a stream. As we arrived, The mud colored tom flinched back. "The water, it's frozen!" he screeched. I thought he was just exaggerating, but when I took a look at the stream, it was frozen ice. I even saw a fish frozen.

The icy winds of leaf-bare hit me. It was even colder than this morning. Another tom, black with white chest and paws, poked the ice. "It's solid as a rock, we can't get to the water." he said shaking his head. I spoke out. "What are we going to do? PebbleClan will die of thirst!" the mud tom looked back at me with flaring amber eyes. "Silverfrost, don't be so stupid! We already have enough water! Every cat in our clan has an icicle dangeling from their lashes! Even you have some!" he growled.

He wasn't wrong. Since leaf-bare started, the winds were icier, the water froze, icicles hung at the roof of our dens. "The Earth is getting colder by the minute." grumbled the gray and white apprentice beside me. "Don't worry, Brightpaw, soon, new leaf will come, then greenleaf." Brightpaw still mumbled some words I couldn't understand. I looked over at the black tom. "Sabertooth, what are we going to do? Pretty soon cats will start dying because of the weather." Sabertooth's green eyes warmed up. "We don't control the weather, Silverfrost, but we can keep our hopes up and pray to StarClan. They won't allow the Earth to get any colder then it already is."

Chapter 1Edit

I made my way out of the warriors den. The sound of snoring cats filled my ears. I jumped over Sabertooth, our Clan deputy. His sturdy muscles showed he was fit and strong. I quietly made it outside. I shivered. It was freezing cold outside.

My silver tabby pelt and my eyelashes started to grow layers of small, prickly icicles. I shivered on my way back to the den. Even in there, in a den full of fluffy-haired warriors cuddled up together, it was freezing. Every cat shivered. I layed down in my spot next to Beartooth, my brother.

His soft, fluffy, warm streaked brown pelt was a little comforting. My brother lifted his head up. "Hey, Silverfrost, why are you so cold?" he asked me. I rolled my eyes and snorted. "It's sub zero outside, mouse-brain! Don't you remember that?" I rolled my eyes again and layed my head on my paws. "No need to be so rude about it," I heard him mumble.

A few minutes after I went back to sleep, a freezing cold paw poked me in the side. "Come on!" I heard my best friend, Berryheart, a cream she-cat with beautiful lavender eyes. She has an infection in her eye that causes them to be lavender.

"Come on, Silverfrost! We have border patrol, and there's been MoorClan scent near our camp." I nodded and got up. The cold breeze chilled me to my bones. I followed Berryheart out of the almost frozen den. I looked up at the ceiling. Icicles dangling from above.

Fear swept over me. I imagined myself sleeping when suddenly, an icicle falls from above. I shook the thought off.

Berryheart led me to the clearing. Sabertooth was orginizing patrols. He shivered as he spoke. "S-silv-verfrost, y-you g-go out on-n border patrol." Berryheart then told me we had to go with Mudfang. "Ugh, not that arrogant feline," I mewed. Mudfang walked up to me. Brightpaw was right next to him.

"Are we going to leave? I might as well go back to my den, and rest instead of just standing here with my apprentice and two mouse-brains!" he growled. I felt like cutting his throat open. "No need to be so grumpy, fox-dung." whispered Berryheart. I purred.

Chapter 2Edit

The patrol, led by Berryheart, headed towards MoorClan territory. Halfway out of camp, I heard a loud thump behind me. I looked behind me. Mudfang was laying on the ground. "It's too cold out here! We should have stayed in camp *shiver*, I'm going to die out here!" he growled.

I called for Berryheart to stop. The cream she-cat ran over to me. "We have to carry him back to camp!"

"More like drag him, he's to big to carry." protested Berryheart. I knew she was right. I took the senior warrior by the scruff, and Berryheart took his tail. She was careful, though.

"Is he going to die?" asked Brightpaw, Mudfang's apprentice. "Not if we get him back to camp, warm him up, and get some food into him." I said, reassuring the apprentice through fur.

Disbelief lurked around Brightpaw's eyes.

As I tried to pull my companion to camp, I felt my strength decreasing rapidly. At one point, I fell to the ground, unable to get up for about 20 minutes. "Silverfrost, we have to get to camp, I don't think Brightpaw can take much more of this." cried Berryheart when I started to get up.

"I agree." I looked over at Brightpaw with blue eyes.

The gray and white apprentice was practicly forcing himself to walk on.

By the time we reached camp, Brightpaw began to cough uncontrolably. "Brightpaw, we have to take you to Shellfire." I mewed, guiding Brightpaw to the medicine cat's den, a small crevice in a huge rock.

Inside, I could hear the slow drip, drop of the pool in the den. I saw it. The beautiful pool glowed delightfuly. At the bottom of the pool, there was a special rock that glowed. Fish swam in it too. A small dark gray tom with a white blaze-like birth mark on his flank appeared.

"Shellfire, Brightpaw has been coughing uncontrolably, and I think he has a cold." I told the medicine cat.

Shellfire came over to us and examined the still coughing Brightpaw. "He has a cold, you are right, Silverfost. Are anymore cats coughing.?" he asked worridly. "Uh... yes. Mudfang fell in the snow while on patrol and he couldn't get up, then he started to cough."

Shellfire's green, almond shaped eyes grew wide with fear. "What's wrong?" I asked him. Shellfire has never been so scared. The smell of fear was coming from him. Then I heard a moan. I looked behind the medicine cat and saw about half of the warriors. With the sick cats was Whitestar. The old white leader was laying motionless on a moss bed.

"He had a terrible cough, and sneezing." Shellfire said as he looked at his patient. The smell of sickness was overwhelming. "I better leave before I catch the cold." I said while leaving the den. I left my brother in the paws of the medicine cat. Yes, Brightpaw was my brother. From a younger litter, though.

I then saw Berryheart carring Mudfang to the medicine cat den. How many more cats will fall to the cold?

Chapter 3Edit

I padded to the warriors' den to get a well earned rest. I knew the freezing temperatures wouldn't let me sleep as well, though. I noticed my younger sister, Creekpaw, starting to leave camp with her mentor, Sandyshore.

What is he doing?! Didn't he just see Mudfang and Brightpaw coming in with a cold?! I angrily padded towards my sister and her mentor. "Sandyshore! What do you think you are doing?! You can't go out right now, the winds are strong and I think hail is about to fall!"

The sandy colored tom looked over at me. "Please, my apprentice and I are more than capable of handling this weather. We are PebbleClan cats, are we not?" he mewed stubbornly. I noticed my beautiful sister turn her gray head around.

"M-maybe Silverfrost is right, Sandyshore," she started, "Maybe the weather is too extreme. I mean, even now I don't think I can take being in this cold for another minute!" Creekpaw began her way back to the apprentice's den.

"You are just a weak mouse-brained fool." hissed Sandyshore. I hissed back. "That's enough, Sandyshore! You stay in camp!" I furiously guided Creekpaw to the apprentices' den. "Thanks, Silverfrost." I heard Creekpaw whisper.

"No problem, Creekpaw. After all, I don't want you catching a cold too."

"What? Who caught the cold?" asked my curious sister.

"Brightpaw- he was coughing uncontrollably. Shellfire said he had a cold."

Creekpaw's blue eyes windened. Her streaked gray pelt bristled in fear. "I hope he's all right, I wouldn't want Brightpaw to die." I nodded my approval. After Creekpaw entered the cave known as the apprentices' den, I headed to my own den, the warriors' den. The climate slightly changed. The air was colder. I sighed. If the weather gets any worse, cats will start to die, I thought. I didn't want any cat to die, let alone Brightpaw.

The warriors' den was as well cold. I shivered so much I wondered if I was begining to become an earthquake. I layed down on my moss bed in the far back of the den. It was slightly warmer there. A white she-cat with grey paws, Grayfoot, and a bracken colored she-cat, Mossypelt, entered the den. They both lay down next to each other on my right. I wish Beartooth and Berryheart were here to keep me warm, I thought. I noticed Sabertooth entering the den. The handsome deputy searched the den with green eyes. He spotted me and walked over.

"Hey, need some warmth?" he asked me. I purred and nodded. I felt shaky around the deputy. Bees seemed to fly around in my stomach. "Yes." Sabertooth lay down in Beartooth's moss, the closest moss to me. We both cuddled up together and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I noticed I was in a starry field."Where am I?! Is anybody here?!" I yowled. I then noticed a starry, cream and brown she-cat running towards me. She scooted to a halt. "Hello, young one." she greeted me. I noticed she was young and beautiful. "My name is Pebble, founder of PebbleClan." I gasped in shook. Before me, was the once wise leader, Pebblestar. Three other cats came running toward me- a black tom, a bracken-colored tom, and a golden she-cat with a black marking. "These are the other founders of the other clans." explained Pebblestar. She pointed at the black tom. "This is Dark, proud founder of DarkClan." The tom nodded. Pebblestar pointed at the bracken tom. "This is Moor, founder of MoorClan." Like Dark, Moor nodded as well. "And finally, this is Lightning, founder of LightningClan." She nodded as well.

I couldn't speak in disbelief. All these cats had starry pelts. They were either beautiful or handsome, but they were all young. "Silverfrost, you have noticed the weather, haven't you?" asked Pebblestar. I nodded.


"Well, we have a prophecy for you," mewed Lightningstar. "A silver frost will hold the power to warm all cold." I cocked my head in confusion. "What does the prophecy mean?" I asked, hoping someone would answer. "It's for us to know, and you to find out!" spat Darkstar. It was clear he was DarkClan's founder. He shared their same... attitude.

Moorstar hissed at the black tom. "Darkstar, show some respect! This cat is the Clans' future!" I shrinked back. Future? What?? I was officially confused.

"We must go, little one. We will visit you tonight."

Pebblestar's last words were a bit satisfying to me. I knew they would be back to answer my questions. In an instant, The four starry cats vanished into thin air. I soon woke up.

Chapter 4Edit

I lifted my head from my paws. I noticed Sabertooth wasn't in the spot I last saw him. I started to get up, when I noticed something what all around me.... SNOW!!! I began to paw at it, trying to prove it was something else. "If your trying to deny it's snow, forget it. It is snow." mumbled a voice behind me. I looked over my shoulder. Littlewhisker, a small gray tabby tom with black stripes, was pawing the snow.

"How did the snow get in here?" I asked. This could threaten our health, I thought. We could get not just a cold... but worse. Littlewhisker looked up at me. "The wind is blowing harder than ever. Sabertooth advised us not to go outside."

I shook my head. "Well, I have to go outside. I need to see my brother in the medicine cat's den." I padded out before Littlewhisker could say a word.


I attempted to make my way to the medicine cat's den. The wind was practically blowing cats away.To top that, the wind was chilly. Snow covered me. Everything I saw was white. White with a blanket of snow. I was halfway to the den when Beartooth appeared from it. "Is Brightpaw OK?" I managed to ask. Beartooth looked up at me. His pale blue eyes were filled with grief and sorrow. He retreated to the warriors' den. "No, no!" With all my might I leapt to the entrance of the den. I looked around. "Shellfire? Shellfire, are you there?! I need to see Brightpaw!"

The gray medicine cat appeared suddenly. "I don't think this is the right time," he explained. My breathing began to shallow. "No, he.. he can't be.." I pushed Shellfire to the side and rushed to the back of the den. I looked around and found the white and gray body of Brightpaw. I lay next to him and nuzzled him. "B-Brightp-paw, you can't be dead!" My brother's motionless body was stiff. The smell of death arose from him. "He died of greencough. I realized he had greencough yesterday. I tried to give him as much herbs as I could to help him, but it seems they were useless." Shellfire appeared by my side.

"Look at the bright side, though. He's with StarClan and he won't have to suffer anymore." Shellfire licked my shoulder. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't believe my brother was dead. May StarClan treat you well, dear brother. May you rest in peace. "We will mourn for him greatly." I moaned.

I looked past my brother's lifeless corpse and noticed some of our sickly warriors. Falconwing, Mouseclaw and Mitzy were some of them. Mitzy was a former loner who proved to be of great service to our Clan. I also saw Whitestar laying limp. "Has he lost a life?" I asked my medicine cat. "He has lost two and is down to three lives. Whitestar has greencough. I fear he might lose all of his lives due to the fact that he's old and greencough is deadly to elders."

I pushed my muzzle into Brightpaw's fur. A cough sounded from in front of me. It was Mudfang. He was placed right next to Brightpaw, his former apprentice. I couldn't take it anymore. I left my brother and headed outside.


Outside, I noticed the fresh-kill pile was pitifully small. Only a vole, sparrow, and a fairly small eagle lay there, ready for the cats to eat. I sighed. Icybreeze must eat to keep her milk going. Icybreeze was a nursery queen at the time. She was a ghostly white she-cat. She was deaf in one ear, though. I grabbed the eagle by its wings, and pulled it to a cave. The nursery. I entered. I hauled the eagle to the back of the cave. I spotted Icybreeze cuddling a small black body. The queen lifted her head up. "Silverfrost, is that you?" she asked.


I had hurled the eagle in front of her. "Here, for you and your three-"

Icybreeze cut me off. "Two kits."

I cocked my head. "W-what? You have three kits. Dustkit, Cherrykit, and Aspenkit."

"Aspenkit is dead. He was coughing uncontrollably. I got up to call Shellfire when the coughing suddenly stopped. Cherrykit called out to me and told me Aspenkit wasn't moving. He's dead, Silverfrost. Just plain dead," the queen yowled in grief.

"Don't worry, I know how you feel," I mewed, staring at the ground. Icybreeze looked up at me. "What? What.. who?" she asked. "Brightpaw died today of greencough." I nearly yowled in grief too.

"I'm sorry, Silverfrost. He was the brightest apprentice I knew."

"Well, here's the eagle. I'll take Aspenkit's body out and give it to Shellfire." We traded limp bodies- the eagle for Aspenkit. I took the small, cold body back to the medicine cat's den.

Chapter 5Edit

The scrap of fur that was once known as Aspenkit dangled in my jaws. The smell of death arose from the corpse. Aspenkit's cold body reminded me of what Brightpaw's had felt like. I took the deceased black kit to Shellfire.

In the den, Shellfire appeared suddenly.

"Aspenkit died of greencough. He had no chance of living. Icybreeze hasn't been providing much milk now that prey is scarce."

I sighed and gave Shellfire Aspenkit's body. The small gray medicine cat left, his blaze-like mark exposed. I sighed once more and left the den. No wait, more like a grave. More and more cats began to die. I heard a moan behind me. It sounded old and raspy. I looked up at the leader's cave. Above it stood Sabertooth. His handsome appearance was enough to soothe my pain a bit, but not enough to completely grant me happiness.

Sabertooth yowled loudly enough to be heard in the middle of the icy winds. Cats began to appear from the caves and huddled next to each other beneath The Rock. "Cats of PebbleClan, we have sadly lost two of our young cats! Whitestar is too sick to have told you. He has told me to inform all of you. We will mourn for them, and like always, the elders will bury them at sunrise." Yowls of protest erupted from the group of cats. "That's absurd!" yowled Swiftwater, a black and white tom with golden eyes.

"You can't possible think us elders will go out and bury a dead cat when the winds could kill us!" spat Nettlefur. "We'll die!" cried Mistysun. A frown crossed her face. "I'd rather have an elder killed than not bury one of our kind and let their bodies be buried in sacred ground- grounds our ancestors are buried in!"

I could tell Sabertooth was trying everything he could to bury the young cats. Mistysun hissed and turned her back on our deputy. The other elders did too. The Clan soon returned to their dens. Only the cats that were to mourn for the dead cats stayed. That included Beartooth, Icybreeze, her mate Nightheart, and I. I buried my face into Brightpaw's body. Beartooth was right next to me. I huddled closer to my brother, trying to collect some of the heat his long fur provided.


The next day, Sabertooth chose me to lead a border patrol. The patrol was made up of Berryheart, Swiftwater, Creekpaw and Sandyshore. The patrol was going to the MoorClan border.

Halfway to the border, MoorClan scent wafted into my nostrils.

"I smell MoorClan... "

I scented the air again.

"And it's close, too!" I cried through the wind. Swiftwater sniffed the air. "Me too! Do you think they crossed the border?" he yowled. I shrugged. "We'll never know untill we find out!" I tried to make my way towards the border. Berryheart at my side. Not long after we scented MoorClan, Berryheart spotted something. "There, up ahead! I see.... cats!!" Berryheart ran ahead. Creekpaw did too.

I approached the three cats cautiously. "Who are you, and what are you doing on our territory?" I asked, the wind whipping my face. One of the cats, a pale gray she-cat with golden eyes, looked up from where she was huddled with a small pale cream tom with stubby tail and a light brown tabby she-cat. "Oh, thank StarClan!" cried the pale gray she-cat. "We are in need of desperate help! We were coming over to your territory to warn you of a fox, when Rabbitstep fell limp!" She pointed to the small pale cream tom. " We tried huddling close to him to warm him up, but he doesn't seem to be moving!"

The light brown tabby lifted her head up. "Please help!" I looked back at my patrol. "Well, come on! These cats won't be alive for much longer if we don't help them!" I turned back and tried to grab hold of Rabbitstep's scruff. "We can't help these cats! They're MoorClan. We are PebbleClan! They're rival cats!" Sandyshore spat angrily at me. I turned towards him. "We can't just leave them here! They'll die!" "Well, so be it! PebbleClan has to much to worry about already, we don't need anymore trouble!" Sandyshore turned away and began leaving to camp. "Fox-heart! You don't care about anything but yourself! You're the one that deserves to die!" I looked at Creekpaw in surprise. She hissed angrily. Sandyshore continued on.

My sister normally didn't spit angrily at anyone, including her mentor. I was suprised to see such a violent action come from her. Swiftwater, Berryheart and I stood wide eyed. I shook my head and hauled Rabbitstep to camp. The two other MoorClan cats followed me and the patrol.


In camp, I took Rabbitstep to Shellfire. "Is he going to be alright?" asked the pale gray she-cat, whom I found out was named Willowheart. She was MoorClan's deputy. The other cat was called Oakpine. Shellfire sadly shook his head. "I'm sorry, it doesn't look promising. His breathing is shallow. I'm afraid he'll die soon." I noticed Willowheart's eyes swell up in tears. "But he was my son! He doesn't deserve to die!" Willowheart raced out of camp.

I felt compassion as I watched her leave the den. Oakpine followed her. I turned to Shellfire. "If he survives the night, he might just make it. But that doesn't look likely." The medicine cat looked up. "May StarClan treat him well." I looked over to where Whitestar was supposed to be resting. The bed was empty. "Where's Whitestar?" I asked the small gray medicine cat. Shellfire's almond shaped eyes looked into mine. "Whitestar... Whitestar's gone. He lost his last life just after you left. He lost the other two during the night." He looked up again. "His body is in his den.Nobody but you and me knows." My chest pounded. I thought about Sabertooth. The deputy. "Shall I tell Sabertooth?" I asked. "You shall." I bowed to my wise medicine cat and left.

I saw Sabertooth in the clearing with Willowheart and Oakpine. I called him over with a flick of my tail. Sabertooth whispered something to Willowheart, and came bounding over to me.

"Hello, beautiful, what do you need?" My fur flushed at the word beautiful. My heart skipped a beat. My legs felt wobbly. Sabertooth's admirable green eyes widened. "Uh... I mean... what do you need?" Sabertooth's eyes lurked with embarassment. I purred, then stopped. "Whitestar died. Your leader." Sabertooth's eyes widened again. "W-what?! He... he's dead?" I nodded. "I'm sorry." "Don't be." I knew Sabertooth had a special bond with Whitestar. Sabertooth had been his deputy since Whitestar first became leader. Saberooth was very young at the time, but was a great deputy.

"But I can't travel to the Moonpool. It's to cold, and the Moonpool is probably frozen!" I nodded. "I know, but you can still be leader with a deputy without the star. We'll wait until the weather clears up. Just like MoorClan's ancient ancestors, WindClan, did. Their leader Onewhisker, remember?" Sabertooth nodded. "OK." He looked up at me. "W-will you sleep with me in the den tonight? I kind of want some company." I blushed. "S-sure."

Chapter 6Edit

As I watched Sabertooth walk away, and jump on top of The Rock, I thought about the disadvantages he would have while being leader. He would only have one life, which would make him an easy target for cats who'd want to overthrow him. I sent a silent prayer to StarClan that he would be fine while only having one life.

Sabertooth yowled a meeting. I ran to the clearing, where cats were already begining to huddle close together, to cover them from the cold. "Cats of PebbleClan, we have lost many of our cats to the harsh weather!" he cried out. I noticed his shining black pelt sway in the wind. "One of these cats.... one of these cats was our leader." Yowls of anguish filled the air.

"What do you mean?! Whitestar can't be dead!" yowled Mossypelt. "He is!" I cried to her. "I saw it myself!" I looked behind me. The cry came from Shellfire. "He died through the night!" he added. I looked up at Sabertooth. "As your new leader, I am supposed to choose a deputy." Sabertooth looked around.

I looked at where Sandyshore was stitting. He had an evil grin on his face. He puffed out his chest, looking proud and strong. Sabertooth seemed to ignore him. "I say this before StarClan. My new deputy will be Beartooth." My heart pounded as I heard my brother's name being called. I looked over at him with my blue eyes. His pale blue ones were widened in suprise. Beartooth had previously mentored an apprentice, Bisonpaw, who had recently left to join LightningClan and became Bisonhoof.

Sabertooth looked at me and looked into my blue eyes. He smiled and called, "Clan meeting over!" He instantly jumped off and the cats began to call my brother's name. I noticed Sandyshore frown and stare at Beartooth. He seemed to call the loudest; trying to show he appreciated the choice.

Sabertooth walked up to me. "Come on, I'm tired." he said as he led me to his new den. All the way, our tails were intwined. A feeling of love and compassion surged through me. I was sure Sabertooth also felt that.

In the den, we curled up together and licked each other. Sabertooth's green eyes looked into mine. "Silverfrost, I have to be truthfull. I've loved you from the start. Something about you just warms me up, and gives me a reason to fight. I mean, who wouldn't fall for you. You warm blue eyes, beautiful personality, and you're just plain beautiful." My heart pounded faster than it ever had. "Sabertooth, I could say the same... but you're handsome, not beautiful!" We both purred. "So, we're officialy mates?" he asked me. I smiled warmly. "Of course."

I stopped for a necond, thinking of the MoorClan cats. "What are we going to do about Oakpine, Willowheart, and Rabbitstep? Are they going to stay here?" Sabertooth hesitantly responded. "Well, I was talking to Willowheart and I said she should stay here until the weather clears up. I mean, if they go back, they'll surely freeze to death." "But what about the rest of MoorClan?" Sabertooth looked at his paws. "A great leader helps other Clans in need, so I'm going to ask a patrol to invite MoorClan over... for warmth and protection." I smiled and licked his soft ears. "You are a great leader."

Sabertooth cuddled closer to me. I did the same. The only thing I could tell you then, was that that was the best night of my life...

Chapter 7Edit

I woke up with the smell of my mate. The spot he was sleeping in was empty, but warm. I stood up and licked myself clean. Afterwards, I jumped over to the fresh-kill pile. I almost forgot there was snow covering the ground. I was too excited about last night. Sabertooth was all I could think about. When I took a step closer to the kill pile, I snapped into reality. The icy ground bit at my paws. I sighed, thinking of the day before all of this happened.

I remembered the ground, which was once covered in warm, golden sand and patches of long, green grass. I remembered the soft sound of the waves of the lake on windy days, too.

I sadly took a small, very small, fish from the pile. I was actually suprised to see one. As I ate the delicious creature, I noticed I could see my rib cage. When I finished the scrap of food, I heard Sabertooth call a meeting. His deep voice rang through the clearing, barly being heard above all the wind. My new mate and leader looked down upon the Clan. As I sat down, I noticed Beartooth, sitting at the edge of The Rock. I smiled, knowing my brother had recieved a high rank in the Clan. Sandyshore was looking furiously at the newly made deputy, his golden eyes blazing with anger. He sank his claws into the ground and battered it with white paws.

I growled softly. I noticed Willowheart and Oakpine leaving the medicine cat den with sorrow and grief covering their faces. I guessed Rabbitstep had died through the night. Willowheart gathered beneath The Rock with all the other warriors. Nobody would huddle close to her, so I flicked my tail, signalling her to come over. "Thank you." she said as she huddled close to me and Oakpine. Her smooth pale gray pelt provided some warmth in the cold wind.

"Cats of PebbleClan, times are tough now that the weather has changed. All Clans but MoorClan are partially protected by trees, caves, or large holes in the ground. MoorClan cats only have the stars and the sky to hide under, and the cold snow-covered ground to sleep on."

Suspicious faces filled the clearing. The whipping of the wind died down, as if it wanted the cats to hear what Sabertooth had to say.

Sabertooth looked around. "I will send out a patrol to invite MoorClan to our camp." As I thought, yowls of protest cut the air. I could barley hear myself think. "That's just as crazy as the last order you gave us! Why would we help a Clan that is less powerful then them?! They should be helping us!" Longwhisker, a small gray tabby tom with black stripes and a close ally of Sandyshore's, called out. Daylight, a golden tom with pale amber eyes and another close ally, yowled his agreement. "We shouldn't care for a Clan that is too weak to care for themselves!" he yowled. Anger bubbled inside me. "That's enough! My Clan is as good as any Clan here at the lake!" Willowheart yowled out, defending her Clan.

Oakpine nodded. I also yowled out my protective attitude towards the small yet strong Clan. Sandyshore looked into my eyes. "Of course you would defend them! You have a soft heart. Just like Sabertooth!" I hissed and spat at him. Sabertooth backed me up, as well as Willowheart and Oakpine.

"You have no right to speak to her that way!" growled Sabertooth. He coiled his muscles as if he were about to pounce. Creekpaw and Berryheart appeared at my side. "I think it's for the best of the Clan you leave this meeting." growled Berryheart. "Berryheart, this is not your place to speak." Swiftwater looked at my best friend. He turned to look at Sabertooth. "Although she has a point." Sandyshore bared his teeth and got into the position to pounce. His two closest allies did the same. The Clan began to gather away from them, reasoning with each other that helping another Clan was for the best.

"You'r all just a bunch of soft-hearted fools! This Clan has been weak ever since Sabertooth took over! For those of you that would like to ignore such weakness and begin a new era of strong, ferocious warriors, come with me!" With that, Sandyshore turned to the entering of camp. Daylight and Longwhisker followed. The group looked back to see if anyone would follow. I was sure no one wopould follow, but then I heard a cough coming from the medicine cat den.

There, in the entrance, stood Mouseclaw. He was a small brown tom with long claws and dark amber eyes. "I *cough cough* want to join the rebellion. This Clan *cough* is too weak." Shellfire stood in front of him. "No! You're too weak- you'll die!" Mouseclaw growled and slashed a claw at Shellfire's face. A yowl of pain split the air. Shellfire fell to the ground, but lifted his face. His right side revealed three short claw marks.

Sabertooth hissed in rage. "That's enough! You four are all exiled from the Clan! I won't tolerate this nonsense!"

Daylight hissed as he waited for Mouseclaw. After that, they left. Creekpaw ran up to where they were last seen. "Fox-hearts!" she cried. She turned back, and ran to the group. Sabertooth sighed. "Silverfrost, and I will go to MoorClan territory. The rest of you stay here and be on the look out for those four, we don't know if they'll plan to strike. Beartooth, you're in charge." Sabertooth flicked his tail at me and we both left together.


Halfway to MoorClan territory, Sabertooth chuckled and looked at me. "Why did you only choose the both of us to go on the patrol?" I inquired. Sabertooth purred. "Yeah, thought you'd say that. I wanted you all to myself." I purred loudly. "Thanks, I guess." Sabertooth licked my forehead. I was grateful I had a mate. Some she-cats go their whole lives without a mate- someone they could be happy with. We walked silently all the way to the MoorClan camp.

At the camp, the scent of sickness filled the air. Instantly, Finchstar, the MoorClan leader, appeared. "What are you doing here? Isn't it bad enough you captured my deputy, her son, and my sister?! How many more warriors do you want from me?" he growled. I could barly see his face. The wind was blending with the ice, making it hard to see through.

Sabertooth bowed in respect. "Finchstar, we didn't come here to steal any warriors. We are keeping Willowheart and the other warriors in our camp. We would like you to come as well. With your Clan, I mean. We could provide you with warmth and protection, but you will have to fight and hunt like any other cat."

Chapter 8Edit

Finchstar cocked his head and sighed. "Well, we do need a bit of help."

"Then it's settled. Call your Clan over. I'll lead the Clan while Silverfrost goes behind. Make sure no one falls or is left behind." Sabertooth instructed. I nodded and made my way to the back of the Clan, who was now coming out of their dens, shivering like crazy. I stopped at the back. The Clan began moving towards PebbleClan.

As we walked, I noticed a crippled cream tom walking slowly behind the clan. A light gray she-cat ahead of him kept turning around and looking at him. I ran up to the apprentice to help him.

"Hey, need some help?" I asked when I reached the crippled tom. The little apprentice looked up at me with blue eyes. The smell of sickness arose from him.

"Yes, please. I don't feel good, and I've been catching a fever. My mother, Mistypelt, is helping me walk though. My name is Cripplepaw, by the way."

"I'm Silverfrost."

I stood close to Cripplepaw. Suddenly, the apprentice and I tripped on a large object. Frozen, cold, and big. I shook the snow of my head and went back to investigate the body. The Clan and Sabertooth had disappeared.

The object was a light gray she-cat. The visible side of the face displayed an empty eye socket.

"Th-that's my mom." stammered a small voice behind me. I turned and say Cripplepaw wide-eye, looking down at his mother, Mistypelt.

"Cripplepaw, she's dead. She froze when she fell into the snow."

"NOOOOO! MY MOTHER IS NOT DEAD!" Cripplepaw pushed me aside and kneeled down next to Mistypelt.

"Mistypelt. Mistypelt, wake up! Silverfrost's Clan is going to take care of us! We'll be alright. Silverfrost's medicine can take care of us!"

No response.

"Cripplepaw, it's no use." I walked to him and lay a paw on his shoulder. A loud hiss rang through the air and Cripplepaw's turned around. His once soft blue eyes turned into angry, flaring ones. He bared his teeth at me and unsheathed his claws.

"My mother is not dead! Fox-dung!" he turned back around and poked Mistypelt.

"I'll help you, Mistypelt. Let's go." Cripplepaw took his deceased mother by the scruff and began to drag her. A feeling of sadness and grief overtook me. I felt sorry for Cripplepaw. He lost his mother to the wretched cold. And now he was believing she wasn't dead. I jumped towards Cripplepaw and stood in front of him.

"Cripplepaw, she's dead. She's with StarClan now."

Cripplepaw lowered his head and said something I will never forget. "You're just jealous that my mother is alive and yours isn't! I heard what happened to your mom, and now you want me to believe my mom is dead."

My eyes widened. I didn't know what to say or do. I was shocked at what this apprentice told me. He pushed me aside again and began to drag his mother's corpse to PebbleClan. I quickly got up and walked next to Cripplepaw.

"Cripplepaw, get some sense knocked into you! She's dead young one. She's in StarClan." A tear streamed down Cripplepaw's cheek.

"I know. I just don't want to believe it. This... this cold has taken my loved ones away from me. I'm the only surviving member of my family. My sister, father, and now mother, died because of this cold." He looked at me."I'm sorry about what I did and said. I didn't mean to hurt you in any way. I just.... never mind."

"Don't worry, Cripplepaw, I know what you're going through. My younger brother died, too."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

I took Mistypelt by the tail and helped my new friend.

Chapter 9Edit

As we arrived at the PebbleClan camp, I noticed Creekpaw making her way over to Cripplepaw and me. Sabertooth ran behind her, passing her. His green eyes were filled with worry and grief. When he arrived next to me, he wrapped me in his tail. He pushed my head into his white chest. The steady thump thump of his heart was soothing.

"Silverfrost, I thought I'd lost you in the snow! I was about to leave camp and go find you!" Sabertooth's voice wobbled with worry. I crinkled a smile as the icy wind hit my face.

"You don't have to worry about me. I think I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!" I hissed a little in annoyance. His constant worries about me were getting on my nerves.

Sabertooth pushed back and looked at me- straight into my blue eyes. I knew he was hurt, and I hope that that comment got his head running. Making him understand I was no kit in need to be taken care of.

Sabertooth's eye's turned puffy red and he ran into his den. I huffed. He needed the hard talk, didn't he?

Creekpaw reached Cripplepaw and me. Her blue eyes were wide and moony. Her sight was set on Cripplepaw. I looked at Cripplepaw, who was beside me. His blue eyes were widened and his mouth dropped open. Their eyes were so fixed on each other, I swear they fell in love. They didn't speak. Didn't move. Nothing.

Their eyes said it all. Their hearts were intwined. They were in love. I chuckled a bit and left the two apprentices alone. When I reached the warriors den, I turned back to see if they had moved. They were still as stones. They were in the same position I had left them in. As I entered the warriors' den, I noticed it was filled with MoorClan and PebbleClan warriors. Cats of both Clans talked and slept. The den seemed warmer with the extra cats.

Although it wasn't very much.

I shrugged and out of the corner of my eyes saw toms of MoorClan stop and stare at me. Their eyes glowed with love. They took a look at my beauty. I don't mean to brag, but at that time I was beautiful. Or so the toms say now.

I lay down in my moss bed. But before I could, I noticed it was occupied by a striking gray tom with amber eyes. He looked at me and said, "Beautiful, I hope you don't mind sharing this nest with me, do you?"

I scoffed and lay down in Beartooth's nest. I wouldn't want to share a nest with a cat that chooses a mate based on her appearance. I liked cats that fell in love with their mate's personality.

I close my eyes and dreamed. I dreamed of StarClan and the four leaders and the prophecy.

Chapter 10Edit

The four founders of the Clans sat in a circle around me. Their eyes were steady as they gazed at me.

"Silverfrost, the weather is getting worse by the second. You must help the Clans before it is too late! They are facing extinction, young one, and you are the only one that can stop this from happening," Pebble explained to me in a calm, but scared, tone.

I huffed. "But you haven't told me what I have to do! I don't even get what I'm supposed to do!"

"Young one, we see that you are confused and uncertain. We will start to teach you about your destiny starting now." Dark explained as he motioned for Moor to speak.

"You are a orenda or 'one with powers'."

Two sunrises went by since I dreamed about the four founders. I was still astounded about being an orenda. I blinked away ice from my eyes and padded to the clearing, where a meeting was being held.

"PebbleClan cats, we are gathered here today for a special moment," yowled Sabertooth. His voice was muffled by the icy winds that never seemed to ease.

"New kits bring new warriors. I am happy to announce that Berryheart will be moving into the nursery with Icybreeze." he called. I stared in shock at my best friend. I hadn't noticed her belly was growing strangely round and plump. Beartooth stood beside her, licking her ears and pressing his muzzle against her cream fur. Berryheart did the same. Her lavender eyes brightened as she cuddled with my brother. It was obvious. He was the father of her kits.

A purr rumbled in my throat. I was going to have kin! I trotted over to my brother and best friend as the crowd began to call out Berryheart's name. "Berryheart! Berryheart!"

Their calls were hardly heared over the blowing winds.

"Congratulations!" I yowled as hard as I could, blinking away snow that got caught in my eyes.

Berryheart got close to my ear. "Thank you," she mewed. I noticed Beartooth beckoning us over to the nursery. Gingerly, we followed, me keeping close to Berryheart's thick cream fur. The coloured cream queen padded to the entrance and disappeared inside. I followed her. Inside, the nursery smelled of milk.

"Hey look, Berryheart's here!" cried a voice from the far side of the nursery. Cherrykit appeared from the shadows and began to sniff Berryheart. "She smells like Icybreeze! Are you going to have kits?" she inquired while still sniffing. Her brother, Dustkit, padded next to his sister.

I nodded. "Yes. She'll be staying here for a few moons."

Dustkit and Cherrykit let out squeals of excitement.

"New denmates!" squeaked Dustkit. His green eyes brightened.

"Aspenkit would have liked new denmates," mumbled Cherrykit, her ears and tail drooping. Dustkit's green eyes grew dull when Cherrykit said his deceased brother's name.

Icybreeze poked her head from the shadows, followed by Nightheart, her mate.

"Welcome, Berryheart. Nightheart's preparing a nest for you beside me," began the older queen as Nightheart fixed a moss nest as close to Icybreeze's as he could. "The nights can get pretty cold in here."

Berryheart nodded her gratitude and gently stumbled into the moss bed. Beartooth was beside her in a flash and began to curl up with his mate.

"Can you imagine me as a father?" he mewed loudly. It was clear he couldn't wait to have kits.

I chuckled and lay beside Berryheart. "Too bad they'll be born in leaf-bare." I whispered, hoping I was the only one to hear it.

Beartooth and Berryheart didn't seem to notice. They were so intent on talking about the kits, I was sure a fox could stroll in here and they wouldn't notice. I flicked Berryheart's ear playfully with my tail and got up.

"I'll bring you all an eagle wing." I called. Nightheart nodded and went back to cuddling with Icybreeze.

As I exited the nursery and went back out to the sounds of the whipping winds, I noticed an eagle wing lying on the ground where the fresh-kill pile used to be. I stared longingly at the eagle wing, my mouth begining to water.

No, I thought to myself, this is for Berryheart and Icybreeze.

I pushed through the strong wind and grabbed the eagle wing. Just then, Grayfoot and Mossypelt appeared. The two sisters' eyes shone brightly as they got closer to me.

"Hey, Silverfrost, when are you going to tell him?" called Grayfoot when the two sisters reached me.

"What?" I asked through a mouth-full of feathers, puzzled. What was she talking about?

"It's obvious, silly!" Mossypelt mewed.

"When are you going to move into the nursery and tell Sabertooth?" she asked. I stared wide-eyed at Mossypelt then turned my attention to Grayfoot, who had begun to speak.

"You know what we're talking about! When are you going to tell Sabertooth you're pregnant? It's obvious, you know. Just look at your belly!" she cried, eyes gleaming.

"What?!" I stared in shock at my Clanmates. I let the eagle wing fall to my paws as I repeated the question. "I can't be pregnant!"

Chapter 11Edit

What am I going to tell him? My mind whirled around as I thought of something to say to my mate. Sabertooth would be pleased, yes, but it was freezing for StarClan's sake! I blinked away the snow in my eyes and shivered all the way to Sabertooth's den.

"Sabertooth?" I called at the entrance.

"Come in," mewed Sabertooth.

I walked in and saw my mate sitting with his tail wrapped over his paws. "Well?" he prompted. "What do you want?" there was an edge to his voice and I wondered wether I came at a bad time. Yet again, I did snap at him.

"Look, I'm sorry, Sabertooth, I didn't mean to hurt you. And, er, I have something important to say," I added. Sabertooth's eyes brightened up at my apology, but narrowed them when I said I had something important to say.

"Go on." he mewed.

"Well... er... I'm going to have your kits," I whispered softly, hoping he didn't hear.

There was a long silence, and I thought it was my signal to leave Sabertooth's den, but when I got up, Sabertooth was right there next to me. "You don't know how wonderful this is!" he squeaked, pushing in his muzzle into my cold, freezing cold, fur.

"You'll be moving into the nursery right now. I don't want any harm done to our kits. I'll have Shellfire check on you and Berryheart later."

I bowed my head and licked his soft ears. I sighed and entered my freezing world. I saw a MoorClan cat stream past me, his cream and crippled pelt fluffing up. Cripplepaw? Cripplepaw bounded away and skidded to a stop next to Creekpaw.

"I brought a vole for us to share. It's not rabbit, but trying new things doesn't hurt," he yowled to my sister. Creekpaw's dark blue eyes brightened up as Cripplepaw approached her. They both began to share tongues and began to eat their vole. Funny....

I padded into the nursery. Beartooth was there next to Berryheart. "Our kits are going to be cream, just like you. With beautiful lavender eyes just like yours," whispered Beartooth, licking his mate behind the air.

"And they'll be as strong as you, my love," whispered Berryheart.

I cleared my throat to let them know I was there. The two cats looked up. "Hey, Silverfrost!" greeted Berryheart.

"Hey, Silverfrost!" echoed Beartooth. My brother came and nuzzled my cheek. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Well... I've moved into the nursery," I mewed.

"Really?" Beartooth stood wide-eyed at me. It's not like this is your first time seeing a pregnant she-cat! I thought;

"Welcome," purred Icybreeze. Nightheart was gone. "Take a moss right next to me and Berryheart." Icybreeze flicked her tail to a moss bed in between her and Berryheart. I nodded and settled into the moss.

"It's comfier here if you think about it." purred Berryheart. I purred back, glad to have Berryheart's amusement accompanying me in the nursery.

"Hey, it's Silverfrost!" squeaked a voice behind Icybreeze. Cherrykit popped up and began to run up to me. "Hiya, Silverfrost! Are you having kits too?" she asked.

"Yes," I purred. Cherrykit was a nice little kit.

"Can I play-fight with your kits when they're born?" prompted Dustkit. The big light brown tabby jumped onto his sister's tail and the two kits began to wrestle.

"Who's the father?" inquired Beartooth, cocking his head.

"Sabertooth," I responded.

"I might have guessed. Can I speak to you in private for a moment, Silverfrost?" My brother beckoned me to follow him. I flicked Berryheart's ear playfully and followed Beartooth almost to the entrance to the nursery.

"Are you okay?" he asked when we got there.

"What do you mean?" Have I been too obvious about the prophecy?

"Well, you seem a bit... distant. I mean, you're always looking like you've got something on your mind."

"Well, there is this one thing..."

"Tell me."

"I..." I hesitated, not sure if I should discuss with Beartooth.

"You can trust me." he mewed as if reading my thoughts.

"Okay," I began slowly. "I'm part of a prophecy. A prophecy that depends on me to save the Clans."

Chapter 12Edit

Beartooth stood wide-eyed. I cocked my head and waved a paw infront of his face.

"Huh? What?" he shook his head and blinked several times. "Woah," he finally breathed. "I can't believe it. No wonder you looked troubled all the time."

"Promise you won't tell? I didn't even tell Sabertooth so..."

"So this is really important to you? Okay, I won't tell." he pressed his muzzle into my neck and walked back to Berryheart. I followed him into the den, where it was slightly warmer.

Chapter 13 ~ BeartoothEdit

I licked Berryheart's cream head once more before joining the small patrol to go to the Gathering.

"Let's go," yowled Sabertooth. The black and white leader led me and some other of my Clanmates to the island. Finchstar led his group of cats with us, since they shared our camp.

There were very few LightningClan cats there and even fewer DarkClan cats. I took my place on the roots, with the other deputies. Willowheart sat next to me. Her eyes were clouded with grief for her son. Marshstep, the DarkClan deputy, sat next to Willowheart. Next to him was Voleclaw.

"L-let the G-Gathering beg-gin!" yowled Coilstar. The DarkClan leader was shivering like crazy. The black tom nodded to Gingerstar. The ginger LightningClan leader dipped her head and began her report.

"LightningClan, as well as any other Clan, is suffering this leaf-bare. We have lost four of our warriors, one apprentice, and our only queen." Her eyes clouded with grief. "We honor Antclaw, Sandpool, Fireclaw, Bisonhoof, Tundrapaw, and Wingtip. Wingtip was expecting, so we have also lost the kits."

I flinched when I heard Bisonhoof's name. He was my apprentice who had decided to leave and join LightningClan. I tunred to look at Voleclaw. His mate had been Wingtip, I know, because his eyes shone when Gingerstar announced a new queen expecting kits at the last Gathering.

Gingerstar nodded to Coilstar.

"We have suffered as well and lost almost half of our warriors and two of our apprentices. We also lost two kits and an elder." He nodded to Finchstar.

"We have lost two warriors in the battle with this cold. We are sharing camp with PebbleClan because our home is too unsheltered from the cold. We thank them." Finchstar nodded his head to Sabertooth.

"PebbleClan has lost one kit, and apprentice, and three of our warriors have turned rogue. They are looking for more warriors to join them. I am also sad to say that Whitestar has passed. I plan to visit the Moonpool as soon as this weather clears up."

"It'll never clear up. We're all doomed." muttered Willowheart. I layed my tail tip on her shoulders and shivered. I then noticed all the cats were huddled together.

"We wish you well." yowled Gingerstar. The she-cat dipped her head and the other leaders followed.

Sabbertooth dipped his head and jumped off the branch. With a flick of his tail, PebbleClan and MoorClan followed him out. The snow reached my belly and I had to blink away the snow from my eyes.

Chapter 14Edit

As I watched the Gathering patrol return to camp with the MoorClan cats, I huddled closer to Berryheart. My best friend licked my ears and gazed at Beartooth. Her eyes were moony and filled with love. I noticed Creekpaw and Cripplepaw cuddled together and looking at each other. Creekpaw's dark blue eyes were moony looking, like Berryheart's. I began to think the two apprentices were in love.

They are. I thought. It was obvious. But I couldn't stop thinking about the time when they would have to part. Would Creekpaw still stay loyal to PebbleClan? Would she start meeting Cripplepaw? Creekpaw licked Cripplepaw's face and began to run towards the nursery.

"Hey, Silverfrost," she greeted. "Do you want me to keep you company?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No thanks. Berryheart is already doing that job." I nodded to Berryheart who was curled up with Icybreeze. The kits were sprawled in between them. "Or maybe you can keep me company," I purred.

"Can I speak to you?" I asked my sister. She nodded. "Do you like Cripplepaw?" I whispered. Creekpaw stared at me confidently. She wasn't suprised I asked the question.

"Yes. Why?"

"Well, it's really obvious and you can't be falling in love with a cat from another Clan."

"I know." Her eyes clouded with grief. "Just let me enjoy his company while it lasts." With a flick of her ears, she padded away. I shrugged. Why not let her enjoy her happiness? It was the first time she was filled with joy since Brightpaw died.

I shut my eyes and began to dream.


As I woke up, I noticed the long lush grass I was standing on. Pebblestar was standing a tail length in front of me.

"Do you now understand?" were her words of greeting. I cocked my head.


"The prophecy. You know, a silver frost will hold the power to warm all cold?"

I nodded. "Yes. I won't forget that prophecy."

"Good," mewed Pebblestar. She walked over to me and began to lick my head. "So you know what you must do."


Chapter 15Edit

I woke up and padded outside. The wind still whipped and the cold still chilled me to the bone. I closed my eyes and began to concentrate on warm sand beneath my pads, warm water lapping at my paws, and everything back to normal.

I concentrated so hard, I literally thought I didn't hear anymore wind, I didn't feel cold to the bone, or my pads beginning to freeze. I opened to my eyes and gasped: everything was so lush!

The ice was beginning to melt and turn into water. I could see the long patches of grass. The wind wasn't whipping anymore!

It felt really warm. Beartooth poked his head out of the warriors' den. His pale blue eyes were widened to the point where you could see the whites of the eyes.

"S-silverfrost, you did it!" he yowled happily. I was lost for words. Beartooth began to roll in the warm sand and sucked on the juicy blades of grass. At this rate, all the cats began to poke out their heads and widen their eyes in suprise and following Beartooth, they began to yowl with happiness.

"I knew StarClan would answer our prayers!"

"It's so lush!"

"My kits will be safe!"

"We won't die of cold!"

Yowls of happiness rang through the air and I felt a purr rumble in my throat. Beartooth sprinted towards me.

"You did it!"

"Yes, you certanly did," whispered a voice behind me. Pebblestar's scent wreathed around me and I turned to see her faint outline shine in the warm sun.

"All because of you, Pebblestar," I whispered. "Thank you."

Chapter 16 (1 moon later)Edit

I shivered as a cold wind whipped my face. I closed my eyes and imagined the sun's rays hitting my face instead of the cold, icy, wind. I concentrated long and hard until I felt the change. I sighed and rested on the warm sand at the entrance to the nursery. Berryheart was sound asleep while Dustkit and Cherrykit were playing around with Icybreeze and Nightheart watching them.

I sighed again and gave thanks to StarClan, especially the four founders, for my gift.


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