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Allegiances from Rainwillow, Splashpelt, and Rainlegs's POV[]

Mother: Icestorm

Father: Lavastorm

Grandma: Ivyheart

Grandpa: Atelda

Aunt: Cloudskye

Allegiances from Icestorm and Cloudskye's POV[]

Mother: Ivyheart

Father: Atelda

Icestorm's Husband: Lavastorm

Icestorm's Children: Rainwillow, Splashpelt, and Rainlegs

Allegiances from Ivyheart and Atelda's POV[]

Children: Cloudskye and Icestorm

Grandchildren: Rainwillow, Splashpelt, Rainlegs

Son-in-law: Lavastorm


Icestorm ~ Freaking amazing battle-scarred white she-cat with silver tabby patches, a torn ear, a scar on her shoulder and flank, broad shoulders, and a muscular frame. Sarcastic, feisty, snappy, and has a short temper - even though she acts like she hates her kids, she doesn't. Her best friend is Bluedrunk.

Splashpelt ~ Epic brown-and-white she-cat with fluffy bangs and blue eyes

Rainlegs ~ The most awesomely epic brown she-cat with blue eyes evah. >:D

Rainwillow ~ The universe's most prettiest, epic, awesome dusty grayish-brown she-cat with warm choclate brown eyes. She beats all of her sisters at everything and everyone adores her. :3

Atelda ~ Old, ginger calico tom with blue eyes

Ivyheart ~ Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Cloudskye ~ An amazing and epic silver tabby she-cat with black paws and tail tip. She has gorgeous blue eyes, which are different shades of blue. She bickers with Icestorm a lot. She finds kits annoying as all StarClan, but she loves her family to death. She thinks that Lavastorm is crazy.

Lavastorm ~ The most handsome reddish brown tabby tom with awesome green eyes