Prologue[edit | edit source]

"Good job," the cat muttered to the other tom "We had to dig you out of that hole."

The tom growled "Shush, I was the one that had to hold his breath, for who knows how long, I could have easily died."

The other tom growled "What's your plan, Claw?" he looked around "You just can't walk into that camp, and get rid of the new carrier."

Claw growled "I know, she also suspects that I'm not all goody-goody," he flicked his tail "Come on Frost, I have an idea, and it's fool-proof."

Frost growled "Can I guess who the fool is?"

Claw ignored him "My plan is, there are tensions between Thunderclan and Shadowclan, if Shadowclan just happens to smell Thunderclan, they'll get angry."

Frost asked "So?"

"So... If you somehow manage to er... Persuade them, to take the carrier, I can take my chance and get rid of Lilypaw once and for all."

Frost growled "What's in it for Bloodclan?"

Claw circled him "Easy, if this plan go smoothly, You can hunt freely in Thunderclan territory, they can't do anything without the carrier."

Frost mewed "You're forgetting about the Tracker."

Claw shrugged "That's easy, send your most hardened warriors to the snowy mountains, get rid of the tracker and his apprentice, and we should be scott free."

Frost nodded "It's so crazy it just might work," he bowed "We will talk again Claw, I accept to your terms. Bloodclan will help you."

Frost padded away and Claw growled "Perfect, everythings going exactly as i planned, Lilypaw and her two little boy-friends don't stand a chance."

Claw watched the dark part of the sky "I'm doing what you have instructed me to do, without the stones, the clans will be destroyed."

Claw laughed into the night and ran off, not looking back at the clearing, where a strange cat had been spying on them.

The cat stood up "So the dark-forest thinks they can rule everything eh? Better go warn them." the cat disappeared in a breath of wind.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw grumbled when a paw poked her "Wake up, Hollystar called a meeting," Bramblepaws serious voice sounded right next to her "I think it's about your new mentor."

Lilypaw opened one eye "Fine, I'm getting up." she got up slowly and padded out. She sat beside Goldenpaw, who looked a bit better from his fall.

Goldenpaw nodded and looked back up at Hollystar as she called "Clawheart, our past carrier, has died," She looked at Lilypaw "The tracker has chosen Lilypaw to be the new carrier!"

Everyone cheered and Lilypaw thought This only happened the other day, I'm still trying to get used to it. she looked around and acknowledged the cheers.

Hollystar waited for the cheering to die down "Now Lilypaw, you are now without a mentor," she looked around "When I was young, a carriers training was different, but that was in ancient times, when the young could be carriers."

Rainbowdash mewed "A carriers training is very complicated, she can have a warrior mentor, but she needs an Eclipse Claw to train her about the stone."

Goldenpaw looked at Rainbowdash and asked "And how we gonna do that? We can't go up to the mountains."

Rainbowdashs eyes glittered "No, but they can come to us," she looked at Lilypaw "You must contact the tracker with the stone, tell him Rainbowdash said you need a mentor."

Lilypaw looked at her "What am I supposed to do?"

Rainbowdash mewed "Concentrate on Skys Cloud, and say in your mind, I need a mentor, for I am a young carrier, and I still have much to learn about the stones."

Lilypaw nodded and closed her eyes tight thinking about Skys Cloud Skys Cloud, I need help, I don't know anything about the stones, I need one of you to help me.

Nothing happened through closed eyes, but she heard gasps of astonishment "What?" and "Is that supposed to happen Rainbowdash?"

She heard Rainbowdash murmur "Yes, but only in rare cases, the stone pushed everyone but those two away."

Lilypaw opened her eyes, there was a faint circle of light circling her, Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw. Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw were equally surprised.

Rainbowdash mewed "Well, looks like Skys Cloud heard you, I have a feeling they are sending Broken Song, the Trackers mate, and the only wolf, to know alot about the stones, she knows more about them then Skys Cloud does."

Lilypaw looked at her "How do you know all this?"

Rainbowdash looked at her "I was once an Eclipse Claw."

Goldenpaw exclaimed "But that must mean you must have been a wolf!"

Rainbowdash "Correct, but it was a very spiritual process that turned me into a cat, legends say, when the Tracker takes away the carrier, they turn into a wolf."

Lilypaw mewed "But in this case, they turned you into a cat, so you can share knowledge about the stones." she was just guessing, but she was getting a feeling she was right.

Rainbowdash nodded "There's one cat in every clan that was a wolf turned into a cat," she looked at Hollystar "But I have been a cat such a long time, I barely remember the time when I was a wolf, I'm more used to being a cat."

Hollystar mewed "For your warrior training, I will be your mentor, and when Broken Song gets here, she will be your mentor for the stones."

Hollystar dismissed the meeting and Bramblepaw commented "That was interesting."

Lilypaw agreed. The white circle had disappeared, and Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw were no longer enshrouded in golden mist.

Goldenpaw exclaimed "That gave me the best feeling ever!" he took a deep breath "It felt like I could take on anything."

Bramblepaw shrugged "That's normal, the stones power is amazing." he was nodding to the stone around Lilypaws neck.

Lilypaw flicked her tail uneasily "Why did the light circle push everyone back, but not you guys?" she looked at her friends especially Bramblepaw. Who seemed to know everything.

Bramblepaw tipped his head "Well, I think it's because our destinies are entwined the stones are powerful objects, it's hard to really understand them." he mewed with a matter-of-factly tone.

Goldenpaw rolled his eyes "I think there's more to it, I mean think about it, remember when we were kits, and we'd always ask if magic was real. She'd always say yes," Goldenpaw added "If you willing to listen and see."

Bramblepaw shrugged "That too, but magic is like free-will, Clawheart practically used it for evil, and it eventually destroyed him."

Lilypaw looked at him "So that's why the Tracker protects the stones, so they aren't destroyed by the darkness in a cats heart," Lilypaw finally understood something. "He protects them, but he never really chooses, like you said Bramblepaw, Magic is like free-will."

Bramblepaw nodded twitching his whiskers "We all have free-will, it all matters what path we take," he looked at the stars "And I don't mean like Medicine cat or Warrior, or even queen, I mean by the stars, there are many paths to take."

Goldenpaw was listening intently. While Lilypaw thought Free-will can be dangerous, Clawheart proved that, he took a dark path, I'm going to stay on the path of good, to be true and good, no matter what gets thrown my way.

Goldenpaw mewed "Well, what else can they do?" he aimed the question at Bramblepaw, who was flicking his tail in thought.

"I'm not sure, from what I heard from the elders, amazing stuff," Bramblepaw shrugged then mewed "Lilypaw will figure it out."

Lilypaw nodded, feeling the stones warmth on her fur.

Brammblepaw noticed the confusion "What's wrong?" he flicked his tail in worry "Is there something wrong?" he started to pace around Lilypaw

Lilypaw shook her head "No, at least, I don't think so, I'm just getting this weird feeling," she looked at Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw "I'm just getting a strange feeling, a bad one, I think."

Goldenpaw shrugged "Maybe you get more intuitive when your a carrier, you should listen." he looked Lilypaw in the eye, she already knew he acted on intuition.

Bramblepaw tipped his head "Well, you could be right.... But-" there was a large crack from the sky. Lilypaw jumped while Goldenpaw flinched.

Bramblepaw mewed "There's a storm coming." he looked up at the sky. Which was as black as night. Flashes of light going through the clouds.

Hollystar padded up to them and mewed "Well, better get a border patrol going, Lilypaw, take your friends and search near the back of our border."

Lilypaw nodded and flicked her tail for her friends to follow. They ran out the camp. Not wanting to waste any time while the storm headed their way.

As they headed through the under-growth. Lilypaw started to scent a smell, so strange and unfamilier, the smell was different from the clans. And smelled like it came from far-away.

She held her tail up when she heard a rustling in the bushes. Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw froze unsheathing their claws.

Lilypaw asked "Who's there?" she stared into the trees.

"Who wants to know?" a raspy voice sounded, from the scent it was a young tom, and he was really sick. And in a terrible mood.

"Oh yes Russ, They want to know" another voice mewed angrily "We all want to know!" he sounded tempermental and angry. But also sick.

Lilypaw shuddered "Sorry, I'm Lilypaw and this is Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw," she signaled to the two toms "And where are you? I can't see you."

Russ, the other tom sighed "Come on Luxer, they know we are here." a silver tom stepped out, his eyes were a weird color of violet, a strange color for a cat.

The other tom padded out, he looked more sick then Russ, his light golden fur matted, and his blue eyes dull, but still held flames.

Lilypaw was surprised at their state. These two won't be much of a problem. Lilypaw asked "Are you okay? You seem sick."

Luxer growled "Hear dat? We seem to be sick." his blue eyes were piercing into her fur, Lilypaw thought he looked like someone from a legend, that happened a long time ago like a Long time ago.

Lilypaw asked "Who are you?" more politely

Russ spoke "Young carrier, I'm Russ, this," he flicked his tail to the other tom "Is Luxer." he glared at Luxer. Lilypaw swore he looked familier.

Lilypaw didn't realise she was gawking at Luxer until he mewed "Why you staring at me?" he looked like an uncomfortable apprentice now.

Lilypaw stammered "Sor-Sorry, you seem like someone from a legend."

Russ giggled while Luxer asked "Me? A legend? Hah, you might be thinking of my ancestor clan cat," he looked more uncomfortable "I don't like talking about him."

Lilypaw asked "Why not?"

Luxer went silent and Russ mewed "It's best not to ask, it happened a long time ago, a long time ago." his voice became distant.

Lilypaw tipped her head and whispered "Hey, Bramblepaw, do you remember that legend?"

Bramblepaw shrugged "Bits and pieces." he grumbled. And then he looked at Goldenpaw, who looked like he was in shock.

Lilypaw asked him "You okay?"

Goldenpaw was stammering "N-No way..." he was full out staring at Luxer.

Lilypaw went right up beside him and stared at Luxer, she imagined him as a strong and serious cat, not a sick weak cat. And also someone loyal, someone a leader could trust.

A leader could trust... And she started to ralise what Goldenpaw was talking about. "You-You'rw..."

Luxer snapped uncomfortably "I'm what?"

Lilypaw mewed "The elders told us a story, from a long time ago, even before their elders elders were born, Your ancestor..."

Luxer mewed "Shhh! He might be listening." he looked around.

Bramblepaw asked "Who?"

Luxer snapped "Him, he wants us dead, all of us," he looked at Lilypaw "Especially you." his eyes were narrowed "None of us are safe, what were you thinking when you came out here?"

Lilypaw mewed bravely "Our leader told us to go on a mini patrol."

Russ cut her off "Listen, Luxer is right. You need to get out of here, you're too important to Starclan to get caught out here."

Lilypaw nodded in defeat, when she turned around and was surprised to see Luxer in front of her and she asked "Ho-How did you do that?"

Luxer shrugged "Something my ancestor could do easily."

Lilypaw mewed "Your ancestor.... is it really... Him?"

Luxer nodded "The answer is in the rare sight, where the moon blocks the sun," his eyes got dark "He was named after it."

Lilypaw nodded "Thanks, Luxer." she ran toward camp, with her friends following close behind, Lilypaw decided not to mention the rogues to Hollystar.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw had fallen asleep in the middle of the storm, the wind was whistling in her ears, and the thunder cracked. It was amazing how could she sleep through that.

Another crack had woken her, she looked at the black sky, not sure if it was dawn or in the middle of the night. The rain was beating down hard on the canopy of leaves, and the roof of the den kept the rain out.

Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw. He was fidgeting uncomfortably as the storm passed, while Goldenpaw was sound asleep. Starclan knows how he is doing that. Lilypaw thought.

She was thinking some more about the legend, sure this legend didn't cause the eclipse stones, but it might have caused the whole thing to start.

She ran the whole story through her head, and it seemed about right that Luxer was related to the leaders guardian. Or back in those days, her extremely trusted warrior.

They called them guardians now cause of their devotion to a cat. It's not love, but they were the ones to turn to if you started to doubt everything you were ever taught.

Lilypaw looked at Goldenpaw. He was still sleeping. her fur grew hot.

She thought I understood what he meant by the moon covering sun, some say it's a battle stopper, some say it's ever lasting darkness. Some even say it's pure evil. When it's not.

I call it an Eclipse. she thought and shook her head. Some cats always think the worst, that is, until the legend was started. Or was it really a legend?

Lilypaw saw some strange stuff. First, she became the carrier, second, she just met the descendent of one of the legends in the story, and Luxer was ashamed of it.

Lilypaw twitched her tail. The four were powerful leaders, smart, loyal, proud, and quick-witted. And all of them had something to prove.

Lilypaw widened her eyes It's all starting to make sense. The rogues that Claw had lead. They want to stop the legend from continuing onward, and it's not me they want dead.

They want Luxer dead as much as they do me.

Lilypaw became horrified, Luxer was the key for something greater, Starclan was weakening. The stones power was weakening also. But what about Russ?

He seemed different too, but not like Luxer, he seemed more of a silent cat, if not innocent and big-hearted. But he also seemed smart.

Lilypaw realised what she had to do, she needed to talk to Luxer and Russ, they would have the answers, they seemed to know more then she did, or even Bramblepaw even knew.

Lilypaw quietly stood up. She padded over Bramblepaw and looked back at the brothers. The storm had quieted down. But there was still an ominous whistling.

Lilypaw continued from the den and out of the camp, she wondered if she should look where she ran into them. But would she say?

As she kept on walking through the wet forest, there was an omnious creaking. Lilypaw thought nothing of it. It's probsbly the wind she continued walking, ignoring the omnious creaking coming from the trees.

Lilypaw was determined to find the two toms. Who seemed more mysterious than the legend.

Then the creaking became louder. Lilypaw started to get scared "He-Hello?" she froze and looked around. "Russ? Luxer?"

She thought she saw eyes. She mewed happily "Luxer is that you?" she headed toward the pair of eyes. But there was a large crack and she looked up.

The world seemed like it was in slow motion. The tree was falling toward her. But she was paralyzed. She thought she heard a yowl.

Then she felt something smash into her. and there was a large crash. She opened her eyes wide to see Luxer standing over her.

Luxer asked "Are you crazy?!" he looked back at the tree "You shouldn't be out in this weather."

Lilypaw was too busy staring at the bush "I saw eyes in that bush. Was that you?" she looked straight into him.

Luxer looked at her "What are you talking about? I was walking past when I heard creaking, and I saw you just standing there."

Lilypaw shifted uncomfortbly "I-I'm sorry," she was on her back looking up at Luxer "I was trying to look for you, cause you seemed hurt and sick."

Luxer sighed "You should be really more careful on when you go to find a cat," his eyes an unusual softness. He shrugged "I was hunting, Russ asked if I could get us both something to eat."

Lilypaw kept staring at him. The area around him started to disappear. But he was oblivious to it, she heard a voice in her head The stone lets you see, what others cannot. a female voice barked. Barked? Lilypaw continued to stare.

Luxer had became a totally different cat. This cat was strong, but still held the same appearence as Luxer. It was more of a shadow, or spirit.

Lilypaw thought in her mind Ar-Are you? the tom continued to stare at her, his sharp icy blue gaze on her, but it also held a strange gentleness. It nodded slowly.

Lilypaw stared "So the legend.. it's... Real?"

The cat mewed in an misty voice "It's was real alright, I was there," he sighed "It was a very dangerous era. Much long before the new clans."

His gaze held a seriousness. It reminded Lilypaw of Bramblepaw. He also held a stiff posture. And also looked like he was blind in one eye.

Lilypaw asked "Why, Why do you like that?" she was staring at the eye, there was no scar, it was just... Blind.

The tom sighed "It happened a few days before I died, Skyclaw had attacked me out of anger. I didn't fight back, I wasn't going to attack my leaders son."

Lilypaw asked "Why did he attack you? Can't you just get rid of it now your dead?"

The tom sighed "No. I cannot," his eyes flashed "But I can still see."

Lilypaw asked again "Then why did he attack you?" her curiousity was over-flowing, this was her chance to get more detailed about the legend.

The tom looked down "I say it's my fault, he was so angry when he found out the Shadowclan leader was his father," His eyes flashed in sadness "I tried to calm him down by talking to him rationally."

Lilypaw mewed "It didn't work."

The tom shrugged "No, it didn't. he could have killed me. But he didn't," he closed his eyes "Well, I could tell he was going too, but my mate stopped him from doing anymore damage then what eas already dealt."

Lilypaw gulped "What about Luxer? He seems almost ashamed of you being his ancestor." she saw the same nervousness in the toms eyes when Lilypaw had asked Luxer if his ancestor was really who she thought it was.

The tom mewed bluntly "It's not that he's ashamed, it's just his pride. Something he gets from my mate," the tom continued "Most cats get their personalities from their mother or father," he looked around "But sometimes cats can get personalities from a long time ago."

Lilypaw stood up as he started to disappear "Wait? What do you mean?"

The tom sighed "Just listen to your heart Lilypaw, your little friend was right when he said it's easier to follow your instinct." he disappeared in a flash of white. And he was gone.

Lilypaw saw Luxer turn back to her and mewed "Well, the storm seems to have stopped but-" he looked at her weirdly "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Lilypaw shook her head. There was more cracking and a branch fell right where she had been a few moments before.

Lilypaw whimpered and heard more cracking and she felt Luxer push her out of the way of another branch.

Lilypaw asked "What's happening?" she looked up, expecting another branch to fall straight on them. Luxer continued to have his ears pricked.

The creaking had stopped, but there was unusual silence. Luxer asked "Russ?"

Two violet eyes were shining in the shadows and Russ stepped out "That was some wind, Da?" he laughed "Destroyed quite a few trees."

Luxer sighed "We need to get Lilypaw home, it's dangerous out here."

Lilypaw asked "What's with the silence of the wind? It was so loud before." she shuddered, having the terrible feeling that something horrible had happened.

Russ shrugged "I don't know, could be because the storm stopped." He nodded to Luxer and flicked his tail for Lilypaw to follow.

Lilypaw followed them through the undergrowth, the scent of recently wet leafs hung in the air. The sun was starting to shine through the gray clouds.

Russ stopped and flicked his ears "Hear that?" his strange violet eyes narrowed. And he went eeriely silent.

Luxer asked quietly "What is it?" he looked nervous "What's wrong?" he seemed more of a scared apprentice now, he even looked like one, Lilypaw got the impression Russ was older

Russ narrowed his eyes "Go Lilypaw, don't stop, don't look back!" he gave her a nudge. Which was enough to send her running.

Lilypaw did what she was told, the feeling coming back Somethings wrong, I can feel it. Lilypaw leaped over a fallen log, and ran into the camp.

Lilypaw wasn't ready for what she was about to see. There were branches scattered around camp and warriors were surrounding the apprentices den. Panicking.

Birdsong mewed "Lilypaw was in there!"

Whiteclaw growled "She was in there, we all know that, but for all we know, she's dead!"

"What about the other apprentices, she wasn't the only apprentice," Fishleap snapped "All the other apprentices were in there."

Lilypaw broke up the argueing "Stop! I'm alive, I went for a stroll, because I couldn't sleep," she pushed Birdsong and Whiteclaw out of the way "Move!"

Lilypaw had realised that a tree had crashed onto the apprentices den. She called "Goldenpaw? Bramblepaw?" She tried to claw at the bark.

A voice sounded behind them "That's not going to help," everyone turned, there was a huge wolf, with soft eyes. She barked "Lilypaw, use the stone."

Lilypaw mewed "You're Broken Song."

Broken Song flicked her tail "We have no time for introductions, you need to get the apprentices out of there." she sat down and watched Lilypaw.

Lilypaw put her front paws on the bark "Now what?"

Broken Song barked "Concentrate," she barked to the other cats "Everyone get away from her."

All the cats backed up watching her with interest and fear.

Lilypaw closed her eyes Please be alive, Please. She opened her eyes, but what she didn't know, was that they were pure yellow, no pupil.

Everyone gasped. But she didn't hear them, She just wanted the tree to be out of the way, so her friends would be okay.

Lilypaw felt the tree break in half, like it was struck by lightning, the rook was cracked, and branches were sticking out of it.

Lilypaw got out of her trance. She was tired, but she found enough strength to yowl "Goldenpaw?! Bramblepaw?!" she began to dig at the branches covering the entrance.

She growled and got an adreneline rush, the branches were pulled out of the way by the warriors.

Lilypaw looked in, she saw Goldenpaw huddled in a corner, while Bramblepaw was staring up into the branches, he was surrounded by branches, but he dared not move.

Lilypaw asked "You okay?"

Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw nodded, while Blackpaw mewed "We're all fine."

Lilypaw sighed "That's good." she stepped back from the den as the apprentices padded out, and shook themselves of loose debris.

Broken Song sighed "Good, now that's done, we have a lot to talk about, Lilypaw, and I need to teach you a little history."

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

"You went to see Luxer?!" Bramblepaw asked in disbelief "You know, from what you told me, you could have gotten killed!"

Lilypaw shrugged "Well, I'm not dead," she looked at Bramblepaw, his eyes were serious and hard. "I'm fine Bramblepaw, I'm more worried about you."

Bramblepaw snorted "You're way more important, you're the carrier!" he shook his head "You can't just go wandering when there's rogues trying to kill you!"

Goldenpaw was beside Lilypaw "Relax Bramblepaw, she's alive, calm down." his eyes were flat, more or less. And also calm.

Bramblepaw snapped "She could have gotton killed!" he leaped straight at Goldenpaw, paws out.

Lilypaw expected Goldenpaw to be taken aback from the attack, but he jumped to the side and cuffed his brother "What are you doing?"

Bramblepaw turned and growled "She could have gotton killed! And all you say is, Relax?" he was bristling. Lilypaw realised that Bramblepaw was really mad.

Lilypaw stepped in front of the two brothers "Calm down! I had a very good reason to walk out of the camp, who knows, maybe it was good that I left for a while."

Bramblepaw looked away. His fur bristling. Lilypaw got a pang of sadness, Bramblepaw was only worried about her, which caused him to be angry.

Lilypaws thoughts moved to Russ and Luxer Wh-Why does Russ have violet eyes? He looks like he used to have a different color.

Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw "Hey, Broken Song told me a lot from when we went to talk. How about, we go on a border patrol, just to let off out anger," she flicked her tail "I'm sorry Bramblepaw." She bowed her head.

Bramblepaw sighed "No, I'm sorry," he padded past Lilypaw "Well, we might as well, but I'd rather patrol with only you two, maybe we can go on a hunting patrol with Whiteclaw or Birdsong."

Lilypaw nodded and twitched her whiskers "Well, let's go." she waved her tail and bounded out of the camp, Hollystar had been listening to them.

Lilypaw led then towards the Shadowclan territory and she turned "We're going to do a round-a-bout," she waved her tail in a circle "First, Shadowclan, then the outskirts, then Windclan."

Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw nodded and followed Lilypaw beside the Shadowclan border, re-scenting the markers as they went.

After walking a while they came across a torn clearing, branches laid everywhere, and a tree was leaning precauriously.

Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw were eeriely silent until they heard a voice "Ouch! That hurts!" the voice sounded familier.

Lilypaw called "Russ?" she looked straight at the trees roots "Are you okay?"

Russ crawled out, his paw looked odd, but looked like it would heal "Perfectly fine, just fine," he looked at them "And what are you doing here, it's dangerous."

Lilypaw shook her head "Border patrol, what happened?" she was looking at him, he was scratched and bleeding. And he looked more tired then he was last time they saw each-other.

Russ mewed "A couple of cats attacked me and Luxer, I got pretty beat up, and I'm pretty sure Luxer chased after them."

Lilypaw went toward him and was about to say something but Bramblepaw mewed "Wait? You mean Luxer chased them, as in, went after them?"

Russ nodded.

Lilypaw circled him "Russ, I really need to ask you something." she sat down, there was a light misty circle surrounding the two cats.

Russ looked at her "Yes?"

"Your eyes were not always violet, were they?" she was staring deep into him, he looked calmly at her. Not answering her question for a bit.

"Yeah, I used to have blue eyes," he shrugged "Iit doesn't really matter, I barely remembered what happened," he laughed "I think an eclipse stone weilder or an eclipse claw had something to do with it."

Lilypaw went nearer inches away from him "Can I see?" Broken Song had told her, that if she wanted to know ssomething about a cat using the stone, she needed permission.

Russ shrugged "Go right ahead, I know what you're saying." he stared at her.

Lilypaw twitched "Er, Broken Song didn't really tell me how do it," she shifted uncomfortably "Do you know how to do it."

She looked at his eyes and squeaked, they were pupiless, and she felt herself slowly disappear, not literaly, but like she was seeing what Russ saw, some time ago.

It was a sunny day, and she saw a younger Russ walking slowly, his ears pricked and his eyes icy blue.

Lilypaw called "Russ!" but he ignored her, and she heard a voice bark He cannot hear you, this is what he saw, and heard, and felt. the voice ended in a whisper.

Lilypaw saw a shadow flash in front of Russ and he squeaked, backing up quickly, but he was surrounded, the cats were growling and laughing.

Clawheart stepped out, he looked evil and cruel, but looked like he was just made a warrior "What are you doing here?!" he didn't wait for an answer. He slammed into Russ, who was taken off gaurd. he pinned at him, his eyes going pupiless.

Russ refused to stare, but he took a quick glance and his eyes went pupiless also.

Clawheart growled "I'll make sure you never see!" his eyes became more weirder and yellower but there was a mew "Hello?"

The cats looked up and Clawhearts eyes became more normal again, he ran off, leaving Russ in a trance. Lilypaw watched horrified.

The tom padded out, he was way smaller then Russ. He widened his eyes when he saw Russ "Are you okay?!" he ran over to him.

Russ twitched his tail and blinked, and his eyes had pupils in them. But they were no longer blue, they were violet. And he seemed confused.

Russ mewed "Er, I think so" his words were slurred, like he was sick.

The tom sighed "Okay... I'm Luxer by the way." he flicked his tail "Do you need help?"

Russ shook his head "I don't think so," he blinked a couple of times before standing up. He shook himself "I feel different." he blinked more.

Luxer squeaked "Yeah, I'd feel different if my eyes were violet." he blinked at Russ.

Russ asked "My-My eyes are Violet?" he tipped his head to one side "Is there any water near here?" he looked at Luxer.

Luxer tipped his head "Yeah, there's a lake," he looked at Russ "Be careful though, there are clan cats around."

Russ tipped his "Clan cats?"

Lilypaw saw the two toms dissolve, the vision started to disappear, and Lilypaw was once again facing Russ, he seemed uncomfortable.

Lilypaw stammered "I knew that carrier, he-he was my mentor, but I don't think I was born yet." she looked at him and realised something, she may not have been born yet, but it seemed like days before her birth.

Because Clawheart was made a warrior a few days before from what Greenwater had said. Which means Russ is no more older then Lilypaw, which meant Luxer could be quite young.

Lilypaw swished her tail and looked back at her friends, who were sniffing around for Luxer. Lilypaw looked back "Where did he go?"

Russ swished his tail toward Windclan territory.

Lilypaw asked "Want to come with us, to probably rescue Luxer?"

Russ sniffed "Luxer? Need saving? I doubt it, but okay." he stood up.

Lilypaw mewed "No! That's not what I mean! That's what the rogues wanted! He's more important then I am!" she flicked her tail back and forth "We need to get to him. And fast."

Russ nodded "Okay, I believe you," he stood up "Follow me. I know where he went." he bounded into the forest. Lilypaw nodded to her friends and followed.

Russ jumped over a log. Lilypaw had to scramble over it after Goldenpaw, Bramblepaw took the back.

Bramblepaw asked "How far did he go?" Lilypaw mewed "Yeah, I can't smell anything."

Russ sniffed "Not far now, there's blood on the air." he shuddered and continued.

Now that Russ mentioned it, the salty tang of spilt blood was on the air, she couldn't tell who it was though, she just hoped it wasn't Luxer.

They got to a torn clearing, there were blood splatters. And there was fur everywhere, a mix of tortiseshell, brown, orange, and yellow.

Russ choked "What in the name of the ancestors happened?" Russ called "Luxer?! You there?!" Russ circled the clearing "I can smell him, but I can't see him." he mewed.

Lilypaw called "Luxer?"

A shape stumbled into the clearing. His fur torn and matted, and his blue eyes dull and tired, and looked pupiless from where they were standing.

The tom limped over to them "You-You okay Russ? I chased them for a while but they flanked me," he was panting.

Russ was helping Luxer walk "What were you thinking?" Russ growled "There were three cats, you coudn't have taken the all by your-self!"

Luxer rasped "Well I did, took a lot out of me thoughm" he sighed "Got a few nasty scratches and bites, but they couldn't really get a hold on me,"

Russ growled "That was reckless," his eyes were defensive for his friend, Bramblepaw had acted the same way towards Lilypaw.

Luxer twitched his whiskers "Remember what I told you Russ," he sighed "You may insult me, but you can never kill me."

Russ growled "Well you look dead on your paws" he looked at Lilypaw "You need to go back, you need more training from your mentor."

Russ helped Luxer away from the torn clearing.

Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw "Shall we continue the patrol? I smell wind on the breeze." Bramblepaw asked

Lilypaw shook her head "I think we've had enough excitement for one day, I think we need to train some more with our mentors."

Bramblepaw nodded "I guess you right, let's go." he led them towards the camp. and into the entrance. Lilypaw looked around for Hollystar.

Hollystar was talking quickly with Birdsong. She mewed "Go take a couple warriors and patrol the Windclan boundry."

She nodded to Lilypaw "We are going to do some battle training, alone." she added with a glance to Birdsong, who nodded.

Hollystar led her out of the camp once again. They stopped once to train for hunting, then continued on.

Hollystar stopped at the other side of the sandy clearing "Now, you might some-day meet someone who's gonna be smarter, stronger, faster, and more experienced in the fighting field."

Hollystar leaped when Lilypaw wasn't paying attention. Lilypaw slammed into the ground with an oof and Hollystar meowed "Do I have your attention?"

Lilypaw nodded and stood up How does Luxer do it? she saw Hollystar make another move. But instead of leaping to the side she jumped over her, pawing her back as she went.

Hollystar mewed "Good! I wasn't expecting that!" she turned "Let's do some more." she ran toward Lilypaw, looking ready to jump.

Lilypaw ran toward her also, diving under her, and kicking up.

Hollystar landed and bowed "Good, you will make an excellent fighting warrior." she sat down and licked her fur. Lilypaw waited.

Lilypaw looked at her "Now what?"

"Your turn!" Hollystar laughed and crouched.

Waiting for Lilypaw to strike.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw thought Okay, now I'm playing offensive! Lilypaw ran toward Hollystar aiming for her face.

Hollystar swerved to one side, and pawed Lilypaws flank. Lilypaw reacted by jumping to the side.

Hollystar mewed "Do what you did last time, use something I don't expect." Hollystar started to circle Lilypaw. Lilypaw kept her eyes on her, watching her every move.

Lilypaw then leaped into the air, and so did Hollystar they met mid-air Lilypaw dodged a blow from her paw and they both landed on four paws.

Lilypaw ran toward her but rolled under her, then kicked up. She rolled back out. and pawed Hollystars side. Hollystar returned with a cuff in the ear.

Lilypaw jumped onto her back managing to turn her onto her back and pinning her down. A thought hit her mind and instead she saw Russ instead of Hollystar.

Lilypaw backed up "Sorry, Hollystar!" she shook her head and bowed "I-I-" But she was cut off by Hollystar.

"On the contary that was really good! Keep up the good work!" she padded around Lilypaw "I want you to do some hunting before coming back to camp, good luck." She disappeared into the bushes.

Leaving Lilypaw totally alone. She stood up and headed the other way. Scenting the air as she went.

She smelled mag-pie, she dropped into a hunting crouch. Keeping her eyes locked on the pecking Mag-pie. Which was up wind from her, which meant the prey couldn't smell her.

She padded forward quietly and swiftly, then froze. She scented the air, thinking she smelled something else, but she trained her scent on the bird.

She leaped into the air with silent swiftness, landing on the bird and killing it swiftly. She looked up and hid it, sniffing the air again.

She smelled cat scents and she mewed "Hollystar?" she looked around "Luxer?"

The rustling bushes made her nervous "Ve-Very funny guys!" She started to back away

"Oh you're not going anywhere." a voice laughed cruelly.

A shadow bowled into her and she skidded across the clearing. She looked around but there was no one in sight.

"What are you going to do now? You can't see me!" the voice laughed some more, and another shadow slammed into her, scratching her flank as it went.

Lilypaw stood up "Show yourselves!" she growled. Bristling and claws unsheathed.

"Hah! Like you can do anything!" the shadow slammed into her and had pinned her down, but then she realised it wasn't a shadow it was a black cat.

His claws were piercing her neck and she tried to get away "Can't get away now?" he laughed "No one can save you this time."

Lilypaw kicked up with all her strength and the tom was flung off her, but as soon as she got up another shadow pinned her down.

"Your out-numbered little apprentice, What are you going to do?" the tom laughed cruelly

Lilypaw cried in her mind Please, I don't care who, someone help me!

She choked when the tom had put more pressure on her neck "There's nothing you can do-" but he was cut off. Some cat had slammed into him.

Lilypaw looked up and saw a silvery figure standing in front of her "You have some nerve to attack a young cat." the tom flicked his tail.

The tom growled "Yo-You're that cat that Clawheart had tried to blind!" he started to back away "Shall we finish what Clawheart started?"

The she-cat piped up "Yes, lets." the two cats headed towards Russ, who was standing there calmly.

The tom growled and leaped, Lilypaw thought he was going to land straight on Russ, but he just jumped out of the way and bit into his scruff.

The she-cat ran toward Russ while he was distracted, but Russ just swatted her with his free paw, and that was enough to send her tumbling away.

The tom screeched and turned abruptly slamming his head into Russ's flank. Russ flinched but scratched deep into his flank and the tom yowled.

Russ faced off on the tom, his violet eyes flashing "You will never hurt Lilypaw!" he slammed into the tom. Who screeched and ran off.

Russ stood there, fur bristling. His violet eyes seemed to hold flames.

Russ turned to Lilypaw "Are you okay?" his eyes were full of worry, Lilypaw looked at him, she thought Wow, I wish I had siblings like Russ, her eyes were full of admiration.

"Yeah... I'm fine." she mewed blanky. Russ looked like her mother, with the same silvery fur, and he Had Whiteclaws blue eyes.

Lilypaw bowed "Thank you, ever since my mother told me my siblings died I was always alone in the family sense," she looked at Russ, "I-I just wish I had family, like Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw."

Russ looked at her "Who knows," his eyes glittered and sadness "Maybe one of them isn't dead." he stood up and bounded off. Leaving Lilypaw in confusion.

"What?" Lilypaw mewed in confusion "What did he mean by that?" she went to her small pile of prey and grabbed it all, walking to camp.

Goldenpaw greeted her "Hey! Nice-" he looked at her "Hey...Why you bleeding?" he gasped "Di-Did Shadowclan attack you?"

"Shadowclan? No why?" Lilypaw looked at him in confusion.

Goldenpaw mewed "Shadowclan came to the camp while you were gone, and they attacked, saying they'll make sure we suffer," Goldenpaw mewed "I was really worried about you."

Lilypaw felt hot "You-You didn't have too, Russ saved me." she twitched uncomfortably

"Russ, that violet eyed cat?" Goldenpaw looked curious "He saved you?" he twitched his tail. "Whatever, you're safe, and that's what matters." he nodded to Hollystar, who padded up to them.

Hollystar mewed "Goldenpaw is right, Shadowclan did pay a little visit, you were very fortunate to have this, er, Russ save you." her expression was in a straight line, but her eyes shone in recognition at the mention of Russ's name.

Lilypaw nodded to Hollystar "Do you know where Greenwater is?"

Hollystar flicked her tail towards the warriors den, where Greenwater was talking with Whiteclaw. About hunting and Shadowclan, and the gathering that is coming up.

Lilypaw asked "Greenwater? Whiteclaw?" she watched her parents, who never seemed to care for her.

Greenwater asked "What, Lilypaw?"

Lilypaw shuffled her paws "Can I talk to you two?" she added with a glance at Birdsong "Alone, please, it's really private."

Whiteclaw mewed "Okay... I know a perfect place." he led the two she-cats out of the camp, and into the grassy hollow where Lilypaw first went whe she went to explore the territory.

Greenwater asked "Okay, What is it?" she looked angry, and looked like she didn't care, while Whiteclaw looked serious.

Lilypaw mewed "You-You lied!" she was glaring at Greenwater "My siblings didn't die!" she glared at Whiteclaw "I knew you were hinting that not all of them were dead when I was a young kit."

Greenwater snapped "What?! Your siblings are dead! Dead!" she growled "Or are you too mouse-brained to let it go?"

Lilypaw yowled "Try feeling on what it would be like to have a family that lies to you!" she glared at Whiteclaw "Who was my sibling that survived?"

Whiteclaw was about to speak, but Greenwater snapped "No! None of your siblings lived, they are gone!" her eyes were twisted and disoriented.

Lilypaw backed up but then found a burst of courage "Just say it Whiteclaw!"

Whiteclaw sighed and glared at Greenwater "We should have told you a long time ago, but Greenwater was too ashamed of what she did to our oldest kit, Blackkit."

Greenwater shuddered "Clawheart kept looking at him weirdly," she looked down at Lilypaw "He is very alive, I gave him to a couple of weird sounding cats, he's probably still living with him." she shrugged.

Lilypaw asked "Was he a silver tom with blue eyes?" she looked straight at her parents

Greenwater nodded "Yes, I had to get him away from the clan, for him to be away from Clawheart." Greenwater sighed "Why?"

Lilypaw mewed "Because, I think I saw my brother, and he saved me from rogues," Lilypaw sighed "And, he's not Blackkit anymore."

Lilypaw mewed "My brother, he was attacked by Clawheart when he was feeling adventorous, and Clawheart almost blinded him, if it wasn't for another curious kitten."

Greenwater stayed silent. Whiteclaw was staring into space "Can we talk about this later? The sky is getting dark, and the gathering is a day away." he padded away.

Lilypaw followed him with Greenwater taking the behind I hate her! Lilypaw looked angry The only cat that's my family that actually cares... she was broken from her thought, when a large yowl erupted from camp.

She felt a large weight grab her from behind and she felt herself being dragged away "Help! Help!" she saw everyone being attacked.

She saw Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw look her way, but she felt something hit her head, and knock her out.

She saw Russ, Goldenpaw and Luxer in her dream, they were all looking at her with horrified looks, Russ called "Lilypaw! Don't worry!"

Luxer growled "We need to get her! She's in danger!" his eyes were filled with loyalty and determination. and the two toms started to disappear.

Goldenpaw only yowled "Wake up Lilypaw!" 

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw jerked awake when she heard Goldenpaws voice "Wa-Wake up Lilypaw." he was poking her gently. While Bramblepaw was snapping at Shadowclan cats

Marshwhisper knocked him back "Be quiet! Unless you want your little carrier to die." he glared at Lilypaw. Lilypaw glared right back

Marshwhisper laughed "You're not threatning, and if Shadowclan doesn't kill you," he laughed cruelly "Starvation will." he left the den, a couple of Shadowclan warriors were gaurding the entrance.

Lilypaw whispered to Goldenpaw "Wha-What happened?" she added with a tired sigh "I was knocked out."

Goldenpaw whispered "Well, a lot of cats tried to reach you, but were stopped by alot of Shadowclan warriors, like alot."

Lilypaw nodded "Okay, I-I need to be alone for a moment, I need to contact someone, those Shadowclan warriors might stop me, I need you to watch them." she then added "I'm also going to be very tired after."

Goldenpaw nodded, while Bramblepaw watched the warriors angrily.

Lilypaw sighed and gathered herself. she mewed quietly "Eclipse stone, i want to contact someone, this is all wrong...." she opened her eyes, and there was a faint mist around her.

"I need two cats, I don't care who, just two cats who care for Thunderclan's safety," the mist grew brighter. And she yowled "Help!"

The Shadowclan warriors looked in and hissed, and leaped at her. But they got knocked back by the mist. Lilypaw mewed "Get in the circle Goldenpaw, Bramblepaw!"

She looked up at the sky Please help! The two cats! help! she cried out "Please." and she lurched back. The mist disappeared in a breath of wind, and the Shadowclan cats were gone also.

She was panting, feeling faint, she laid into her nest. While Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw padded around cautiously.

There were a few scuffles outside the den. And a squeak. then a soot colored tom came in, along with another soot colored tom.

Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw hissed. The toms look taken a back. Their violet and blue eyes glittering.

Violet eyes? Lilypaw mewed "Wait!" she stood up panting and asked "Russ, Luxer, what are you doing covered in soot?"

Luxer looked at Russ "It was your idea, I almost got killed by that two-leg." he mewed angrily then he added to Lilypaw "You okay?"

Russ shook his head and went to Lilypaw, sniffing her "She's weak."

Lilypaw snorted "Gee, thanks." but she panted, and coughed "Did you hear me?" she asked Luxer and Russ. Who was looking at her in worry.

Russ nodded "Yeah, we heard your yowls for help."

Bramblepaw asked "What about those warriors that were gaurding the den?" he added to the outside, where there were four warriors knocked out.

Goldenpaw mewed "You took out four warriors? Whoa." he added "Wait, how are we going to get out?"

Russ looked up "Lilypaw needs to get somewhere where she can rest, she's been through a lot, along with you two."

Bramblepaw asked suspiciously "Why are you so keen to help Lilypaw," Bramblepaw added "You seem to really care for her."

Luxer mewed "We will talk about that later, but I can scent Shadowclan on the breeze." he nodded to Russ, who nudged Lilypaw and helped her on her paws.

Goldenpaw took her other side, and guided her away from the make-shift den.

Russ was staring straight, when there were yowls behind them.

Russ growled to Goldenpaw "Goldenpaw, Bramblepaw, take Lilypaw to my den, Luxer will show you the way." he was facing the advancing the Shadowclan warriors.

Luxer asked "What about you?" he growled "I'm not leaving you!"

Russ snapped "Just do it Luxer, If i'm not back by tomorrow, I'm probably not coming back!"

Luxer snapped "And I told you, I'm not leaving you!"

Russ turned "Then..." he looked at Lilypaw "Listen, Luxer, you saved me, now it's my turn," he added dangerously "Just don't let Lilypaw die." then he turned again, the Shadowclan warriors were getting closer.

Lilypaw felt herself being dragged by Luxer, she wanted to help Russ when one of the Shadowclan cats leaped at him, and then they were through the bush.

She strained to get away from Luxer, who was grunting with effort "Let me go!" she mewed in worry.

Luxer sighed "You heard him! It's too late now." there was a screech and Lilypaw accidently bit Luxer. He exclaimed "Ow! What was that for?"

Lilypaw scrambled away "Russ!" she jumped through the bush with such strength that she slammed into the tom attacking Russ, she heard a crack in his flank and he screeched.

He aimed for her neck, but she dodged and screeched, her eyes stretched wide, she slashed upwards, leaving a deep scratch in the toms stomach.

He screeched and ran off. Then she saw Marshwhisper "You!" she hissed "You did this!" she leaped and landed on him in rage, scratching his face.

Marshwhisper screeched when Lilypaw dug her claw in his eye, the stone shining brightly. Then Lilypaw saw his eyes turning a deep violet, with no pupils.

She screeched and backed up and watched in horror, as Marshwhisper turned blind, and his eyes turned the dangerous color of violet.

Marshwhisper screamed "I-I can't see!" he shook his head and glared past Lilypaw "Where are you?! I need to kill you myself!"

Lilypaw mewed in panic "Wa-Wait I can fix this!" truthfully, she didn't know how I'm so sorry, Marshwhisper. she looked at Russ in horror as he watched too.

Russ rasped "Go home Marshwhisper, and think about how your clan will suffer about this." he continued to stare down Marshwhisper, who growled and walked off.

Russ stood up with a grunt and limped toward Lilypaw "You didn't mean to do it, that's a dangerous piece of magic that the stones do, the cat that is filled with rage, can turn his target into a violet eyes."

Lilypaw asked "Violet eyes?"

Russ nodded "I know a lot about the eclipse stones, violet eyes, if they survive the blinding, will start slowly learning about them everyday," he bowed "I was lucky, I was close to being blinded, but Luxer saved me."

Lilypaw looked at him "I-I can try to fix you, if eclipse stones caused this, then maybe they can fix it." she mewed hopefully.

Russ put his tail up "Don't bother, I actually kind of like the color," he shrugged "It wasn't your fault, your rage wasn't evil, it was a pure type of rage, as long as you care for others, and are true and pure hearted, the eclipse stone is yours to protect."

Lilypaw bowed "So what else can the stones do?" she loooked at Russ in curiousity

Russ shrugged "Only Starclan knows, actually, carriers always go out into their territories and commune with the stones, every half-moon, and sometimes they can communicate with the other carriers."

"I have a feeling Spottail won't be doing much communing with her stone," Lilypaw mewed "Will her clan suffer Russ?"

Russ shrugged "Chances are, maybe, maybe not," he sighed "And remember when I told you that your one of your siblings is still alive?"

Lilypaw nodded.

"Well, you're looking at him," he laughed and mewed "Yeah hard to believe right? Sorry, Greenwater had to give me away, for my safety."

Lilypaw growled "I hate her, she never cared for me, neither did Whiteclaw, your the only family that I pretty much think really cares."

Russ looked at her "Well, it's true Greenwater was devestated, but I never would think of her as hateful." he asked "How much has changed?"

Lilypaw mewed "A lot," she thought then asked "Why don't you come back to Thunderclan?"

Russ shook his head "Someday, Lilypaw, but not now, you are right, Luxer and you are too important to die, Luxer is reckless, and thinks he can face anything and still come out standing."

Lilypaw mewed "But he needs to learn to think before he acts," she shrugged "Instinct, Goldenpaw is reckless too, did you know he fell off a cliff for me?"

Russ widened his eyes "Really? Luxer would do that, but he's good-hearted, and is very loyal, as you saw back there." he flicked his tail

Lilypaw nodded "I-I bit him!" she burst out laughing.

Russ asked "Really? Wow, bet he didn't like that," he purred "What'd he do?" he added "When you bit him, I mean."

Lilypaw shrugged "I didn't stay there to find out, I came to save you, cause I kind of guessed what you meant.... I-I couldn't just leave you." Lilypaw sighed

Russ looked at her "Hmm, well, maybe me myself was being reckless, but your safety is more important then mine." Russ shrugged

Lilypaw shook her head "I think everyones safety is more important then mine, Luxer is the descendent of a legend, and and-"

Russ cut her off "Have you ever thought, that he may be him?" Russ's eyes flashed "I know the legend, and he has his exact personality," Russ laughed "But hey, I could be wrong."

Lilypaw laughed "Maybe, anything is possible," she looked down "I mean, I became the carrier, and I'm only an apprentice!"

Russ shrugged "Maybe you're right," his eyes flashed "You can do anything you put your mind too Lilypaw."

Lilypaw looked at him "Hmmm, Well, we better go to your den, Luxers probably angry." she mewed with a giggle.

Russ shrugged "He forgives easy," she looked at him in disbelief "Trust me, I've been hanging out with him since I got violet eyes."

Lilypaw sighed. "Okay... Whatever you say, he just doesn't seem to be the type." she looked back at the bush she destroyed when she raged through it, it was broken and messed up.

Russ looked back also "Let's go, they are probably wondering if we are dead or not." he stood up and jumped through the bush with Lilypaw close behind.

They kept on running, soon they were by a leaf covered den, with whispering sounding from it.

Lilypaw asked "That's your den?" she looked at Russ, who was staring at it calmly.

Russ mewed "Yep, seems like Luxer took your two friends there anyways," Russ sighed "He never listens to me." he padded over and walked into the den. Lilypaw followed

Lilypaw was greeted with a bundle of fur, Goldenpaw and pounced on her and growled "You must be crazy out of your mind!"

Lilypaw laughed "Me? Crazy?" she looked at Luxer, who was limping because of her bite "I'm so sorry Luxer, I just needed to go."

Luxer shrugged "Don't worry."

Lilypaw thought Whoa, Russ was right, he does forgive easily. she shook her head and nodded to Goldenpaw, who jumped off her.

Luxer growled "I always hated Shadowclan, but they went too far this time." he was glaring at the wall.

Lilypaw shouted out "I-I turned Marshwhisper into a violet eyes!" she closed her eyes when everyone turned to look at her "I-I wanted to fix it, but I didn't know how."

Russ sighed "Lilypaw, what's done is done, Marshwhisper deserved it, Starclan, or the tracker won't judge you." Russ looked at Luxer, who was staring at Lilypaw.

Lilypaw shook her head "The trackers gonna come, I can feel it, I can't explain it, but I know he's coming!" Lilypaw looked away "Who knows, I might get taken away."

Russ sighed "Well, I know he's not coming for you," Russ turned to the wall closing his eyes and he took a deep breath "He is really angry at Shadowclan, he knows what you did, but he doesn't blame you."

Russ looked at Lilypaw "Feel better?"

Lilypaw asked "How-How do you know?" she looked at him "I mean, it's like you can tell his feelings."

"That's the weird thing about violet eyed cats, we can sense the feelings of the current tracker, who is really angry at Shadowclan, not Thunderclan."

Lilypaw nodded "Okay..."

Bramblepaw asked "What do we do? We need to get back, I think if the carrier is gone from their clan for a long time, they start experiencing all types of sicknesses," he added "Ones that seem impossible to cure."

Goldenpaw nodded. "Yeah, we need to get her back."

Russ flicked his tail "I'll escort you all, don't worry," he looked at them all "Thunderclan won't attack me."

Bramblepaw scoffed "Well, yeah, you saved the carrier."

Lilypaw knew that wasn't it, Russ was still a kitten, but he was quite big, in build, and he was part Thunderclan. So why would anyone attack him?

Lilypaw mewed "Okay, let's go."

Chapter 6[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw followed Russ, still kind of intimidated by his size, he was full-grown cat size, yet he had the playfulnes of a kit. Well, it looked like he was full grown, but it was his build, Lilypaw thought It might have something to do with his turning into violet eyes.

Lilypaw stayed silent as they went through the forest, Luxer had stayed back. "I-I wouldn't be very welcome there." he had mewed to Russ, who didn't believe him. Lilypaw didn't believe it either, Luxer seemed strong and confident, but he didn't like the spot-light.

Lilypaw scented Thunderclan, the scent was different from Shadowclan. Lilypaw sighed, glad to be home in her own territory, with the thick canopy of trees, with the suns rays lighting the forest.

Lilypaw looked at Russ "Don't you miss Thunderclan?" she looked away and added "I mean, you were born there, don't you miss clan-mates?"

Russ looked at her "Of course I miss it, but I don't remember much, I mean, all I remember was yowling really, and thunder," his eyes looked into space "I remember Greenwater giving me to two strange sounding cats, they cared for me, but not a lot."

Lilypaw whispered "So you know how I feel?" she looked at Russ

Russ shrugged "Yeah, I know what it's like, when I was old enough to talk and run, they taught me how to fight, that was the first thing I learned." Russ looked straight

Lilypaw looked straight also, Goldenpaw was being unusally quiet, normally he would be babbling on about something. But now he seemed upset.

Lilypaw asked "Are you ok?" she sighed "You seem upset about something." her eyes flashed "Your usually talkitive and funny, what happened?"

Goldenpaw sighed "You-You wouldn't understand.." he walked a bit quicker.

Lilypaw kept walking Goldenpaw is silent now-a-days. Lilypaw looked at her friend, his tail was drooped and his ears were folded, and he looked sick.

Lilypaw looked at Russ. He was looking at Goldenpaw too "Is he sick?" he whispered. Casting a glance at Goldenpaw.

Lilypaw commented "He sure looks it," Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw and added "Actually, he seems really sick."

Russ nodded silently "Well, the carriers stone sometimes affects those the carrier is closest too, it's good, but sometimes, if the carrier is away for a long time from the clan, they will get sick first," he looked at Lilypaw "And I do mean will."

Lilypaw sighed "I believe you," she looked through the forest. If I don't get Goldenpaw too camp soon, he might get deathly sick. Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw, who didn't seem affected.

Lilypaw sighed "We-We better hurry, I'm getting sick too." that was a lie, she was getting a bad feeling.

Russ looked at her "Okay, we are there." he moved some lichen with his tail to reveal the camp. Cats were in a state, the cats were talking quickly, Rainbowdash was sitting in the clearing looking around.

Lilypaw called "Hi everyone!" she was looking around trying to be cheerful, but they were all staring at Russ.

Russ kept the gazes and one cat hissed "Shadowclan! Shadowclan!" Whiteclaw leaped and he was aiming for Russ.

Lilypaw nodded to Bramblepaw and jumped in front of Whiteclaw, slamming into him in the air, she pinned her father down "You would hurt your own son?" Lilypaw sneered.

Whitesky narrowed his eyes "My son was silver, not soot gray, and my son had blue eyes, not violet" he sneered right back, but his eyes told a different story

Russ shook himself. The soot flying off of him easily. His silver fur looked like it was sparkling in the sunlight, his violet eyes were widened.

Whiteclaw growled "My son had blue eyes." but Lilypaw heard the panic rise in his voice.

Rainbowdash snapped at Whiteclaw "That is your son Mouse-brain! Clawheart turned him into a violet eyes!"

Then there was silence. Greenwater caterwauled "Violet eyes are a bad omen!" she hissed at Russ, her claws unsheathing.

Russ growled "It is me though!" he muttered under his breath "Glupyi.." is eyes were flashing dangerously.

Whiteclaw was growling and he pushed Lilypaw off him as he headed towards Russ with claws unsheathed. He leaped, and was almost on top of Russ,

Lilypaw screeched "No!" she closed her eyes and she heard yowling in pain. And she opened her eyes, Russ was surrounded by...... Nothing, and Whiteclaw was on the ground with a pained look on his face.

Rainbowdash appeared next to Lilypaw "Interesting, that's deep magic, magic that cannot be seen with the normal eye, your love for your family, that was deep and enshrouded in yourself, Russ had reawakened that magic within you." she bowed

Lilypaw was watching her father lay there, looking sad, yet hurt "Wi-Will he live?"

Rainbowdash mewed "Maybe-Maybe not, it all depends, that magic is something strong, something that is so powerful, but can be destroyed so easily," Rainbowdashs eyes softened "I remember Russ, he was such a sweet kit."

Lilypaw cried "He can't return though, I will never get to see him!" Lilypaw looked away "He's the only family I have that cares," she looked at Rainbowdash "I'm pathetic, I can't do this."

Rainbowdash sighed "You are not pathetic Lilypaw, actually you are becoming a powerful carrier, Russ reawakened the magic in you, you had magic, but not as powerful until Russ had reawakened the life within you."

"Life? Wha-" Lilypaw mewed, but Rainbowdash cut her off "Love is a deep magic, it's so easy to destroy, you must be careful on who you choose to love." Rainbowdash cast a glance at Goldenpaw.

Lilypaws fur flushed "I-I don't like anybody." she mewed quickly.

Rainbowdashs eyes softened "I can sense your feelings, I was an eclipse claw, and cat or not, I can sense your deep respect, and care for Goldenpaw."

Lilypaw looked away "He's my friend." she flicked her tail, instead watching her father just lay there, and everyone surrounding him.

All cats glared at Russ, but didn't go near him, they were afraid. Lilypaw whispered "They don't understand, they never will."

Rainbowdash had walked away from Lilypaw, and to the elders den.

All cats backed up when Hollystar padded up to Whiteclaw. She looked up at Russ, but she didn't sneer, glare, or attack.

Hollystar looked back down at Whiteclaw "Mouse-brain, you knew that if you attacked him, you would suffer." Hollystar mewed.

Whiteclaw just looked at her, his eyes narrowed and he rasped "I knew, but I didn't think Lilypaw would think of attacking her own family."

Birdsong pointed out "You were the one that attacked Russ first." she was quiet, as if she was not sure what to do.

Lilypaw watched Russ, who was sitting calmly. His tail wrapped around his paws.

Greenwater was glaring at Lilypaw hatefully Lilypaw thought I don't care anymore. at the end of the thought, Greenwater screeched in pain and backed up, shrinking back from Lilypaws glare.

Hollystar looked up "You two are mouse-brains, I knew you never loved Lilypaw, Greenwater, but come on!" Hollystars eyes were defensive "You are so heartless to her!"

Lilypaw was looking at Hollystar amazed. She was usually calm, but when it came to not caring, she got defensive.

Lilypaw stammered "Holl-Hollystar," she stood up "It's ok, you don't have to defend me." she bowed but looked up "But, if you ever attack me or Russ, your gonna suffer like Whiteclaw, and I cannot stop it."

Lilypaw walked away from the warriors and to Russ "You are my brother, and a hateful parent is not going to change that." she bowed to Russ then turned to her friends.

"I'm glad I have you two to stand beside me, I wouldn't have anything change that either." she nodded to Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw.

Lilypaw looked at Greenwater "And it's your choice if you love us or not, but remember, love can be destroyed," she looked at Whiteclaws weakening body "In seconds."

She swished her tail and there was a bright flash around Whiteclaw, and he managed to stand up, and shake his fur.

Rainbowdash mewed "Amazing, she stopped the pain," Rainbowdash added darkly "But, now, she broke the relative bond between Greenwater and her and Russ."

Lilypaw nodded "That is how she will suffer," she added to Greenwater "We're not your kits anymore."

Lilypaw looked at Whiteclaw, her eyes softening "You were just mouse-brained, alot of toms are, and I do care about you, you were just scared." she mewed, Whiteclaw looked at her, eyes sad.

Greenwater snapped "Like you were when you were born? You never were my kit!" she leaped and she landed on Lilypaw. Biting hard down on her neck.

Lilypaw choked, and she saw Russ eyes flash in pain, and he leaped on Greenwater. Standing over Lilypaw.

Greenwater shook herself "Hollystar, exile me if you have to, but I refuse to have Lilypaw as the carrier!" she yelled.

"You don't have a choice," Rainbowdash growled, she stood up bristling inches away from slashing Greenwaters face "If you had any respect for Thunderclan, you would leave."

Hollystar growled "It's your choice wether to leave or not," she looked at Whiteclaw "You were not smart when it came to picking a mate."

Whiteclaw nodded shakily "I-I'm sorry." he was looking at Hollystar.

Hollystar shook her head "Maybe you should say sorry to your two kits." she flicked her tail towards Russ and Lilypaw, who was now standing up and was licking her fur.

Greenwater scoffed "I'm not going anywhere."

Hollystar shrugged "Good, I don't want to see you even going near Lilypaw," she looked at Russ "You may return here if you want Russ, but it's your choice."

Russ bowed "Thank you, Hollystar, but I have a friend, and he-he... let's just say, He saved me, so I don't want to desert him."

Hollystar nodded "Okay, Russ, but you are welcome back in Thunderclan, your friend can come too," Hollystar flicked her tail "Whenever you want."

Russ bowed "Thank you, Hollystar." Russ nodded to Lilypaw before walking out.

Lilypaw looked at Hollystar, and nodded. Hollystar nodded back. She then walked away from the dispersing warriors, leaving Whiteclaw to stretch.

Lilypaw looked at Goldenpaw, afraid that he was going to flinch too, but he didn't, he only nodded, and twitched his whiskers.

Lilypaw looked at Bramblepaw, who seemed in serious thought.

Lilypaw breathed in deeply, the air was fresh, and was full of scents of prey. Goldenpaw appeared beside her "Want to go hunting?"

Lilypaw nodded "Good idea." she looked at him, not taking her eyes off him, there was a cough that came from Bramblepaw

"Okay, this is awkward, let's go!" he ran out, not checking to see if they were following him. Lilypaw rolled her eyes.

Goldenpaw laughed and gently gave Lilypaw a hearty nudge, following his brother. Lilypaw followed, leaving Whiteclaw alone with Greenwater, who was muttering under her breath. And Whiteclaw seemed to inch away from her.

This isn't over Greenwater, I will never forgive you. Lilypaw thought, she no longer was a kit, from now on, she would be independent from her family, with the exception of Russ.

Hollystar called "Wait."

Bramblepaw, Lilypaw, and Goldenpaw looked back in confusion. "What?" Bramblepaw asked "Yes, Hollystar?"

"I want you three to come to the gathering, I'm going to have a few choice words for Shadowclan," she looked at Lilypaw "And the carrier sits with the leader." her eyes glittered softly.

Lilypaw puffed up "Cool! I can't wait." I can't go up there! I'm the only carrier apprentice. She shook away the thought when Goldenpaw mewed "You'll do fine Lilypaw."

Lilypaw looked at him and nodded, feeling more confident, she had a special connection with the tracker, and she had two loyal best-friends at her side.

What could go wrong?

The worst. 

Chapter 7[edit | edit source]

Lilypaw followed Hollystar out of the forest and onto the moor, the heather waving softly in the breeze, there were fresh Windclan scents.

Rubywing, a pink she-cat, and the deputy, whispered to Hollystar "Windclan is ahead of us." she casted a glance toward the island

Hollystar nodded "Okay, we shall continue." she hurried forward, the landscape not slowing her down.

Lilypaw got tangled in heather "Come on....." She writhed but it only got more tangled.

Goldenpaw came up beside her "You okay?" he looked at her more closely "You're stuck!" he purred in amusement. His whiskers twitching

Lilypaw snapped "Just help me! This is uncomfortable!" she writhed some more, glaring at Goldenpaw "Well?" she asked testily.

Goldenpaw nodded and grabbed a huge strand of heather and easily snapped it, he went for the one wrapped around her paw, and their pelts brushed.

Lilypaw jumped, looking at Goldenpaw.

Goldenpaw flinched away uncomfortably, he padded away, toward Hollystar. Lilypaw followed him. Her fur hot, and she was shifting along nervously.

Hollystar lifted her tail to signal for them to stop. They were by a tree bridge, it was blackened at the stump and bottom.

Hollystar leaped onto the stump and sniffed the air, she reported "Windclan is the only one early, but remember," she looked at Lilypaw "No doubt Shadowclan are angry, so when you smell them, close ranks around Lilypaw."

Hollystar looked at Lilypaw "When the meeting starts, your gonna be alone until you get on the rock." she nodded and leaped off, and started walking on the bridge and toward the island

Lilypaw followed, with Bramblepaw right behind, everyone else came streaming on, she leaped onto the beach, the sand soft on her paws.

Lilypaw went straight, she came to a huge tree, that had fallen, and now acted like a rock.

Lilypaw saw Windclan, who mewed greetings.

She saw an apprentice sitting alone, she was in deep thought, her cream fur blowing in the wind,her eyes shone the color of heather.

Lilypaw walked up to her "Hello." she mewed nervously.

The apprentice looked at her and mewed "Hi! I'm Heatherpaw!" she flicked her tail "Of Windclan." she nodded to the leader of Windclan.

"That's Sunstar, our leader, and-" she nodded to a brown she-cat "That's Briarwhisper, our deputy, she's okay,but she's not really fun to be around." she shrugged, then noticed the stone around Lilypaw.

"Wow! You're a carrier!" Heatherpaws eyes shone "Are you an apprentice?" she asked curiously.

Lilypaw shrugged "Yeah."

Heatherpaws eyes widened "Are you an apprentice?" She asked again

Lilypaw was weirded out by the young cats question. She mewed "Yeah, I'm Lilypaw" she nodded to the younger apprentice

Heatherpaw waved her tail and ran to some other apprentices, Riverclan had just arrived, and were now talking to Thunderclan and Windclan

Lilypaw smelled a scent that was too familiar. The Shadowclan leader had walked in, her eyes locking with hers.

She was a silver she-cat, with piercing eyes that could paralyze you.

Lilypaw saw Marshwhisper behind her, he also knew where she was, he was staring at her, and his claws were unsheathed.

Thunderclan growled and closed ranks on Lilypaw, Riverclan watched Shadowclan suspiciously, while Windclan looked confused.

The Shadowclan leader mewed calmly "Shall we start?" she looked back up to Hollystar.

Hollystar mewed cooly "Of course, Miststar." she bowed and led Lilypaw to the rock. Graystar was already up there. He watched Lilypaw sympathetically.

Lilypaw was on top of the rock now, but she hid in Hollystars shadow, surprised by the many gazes locked on her, and only her.

Hollystar called "We have gotton our new carrier." she nudged Lilypaw in front of her, Lilypaw flinched at Shadowclans growls, which could be heard over the cheering.

Hollystar saw her. And she put Lilypaw in her shadow, she looked around "Clawheart died of drowning, And major bleeding from the out-crop, but the tracker chose Lilypaw." she concluded nodding to Graystar.

Graystar bowed back and mewed "We have no news, but-" he cast a glance at Miststar "We are doubling the patrols."

Miststar shrugged and stood up "Spottail was taken by the tracker, we mourn, but we hope that soon the tracker will forgive us."

Miststar looked at Lilypaw "Marshwhisper has become a violet eyes, and we all know only carriers can do that."

She looked at Hollystar "Has the tracker come to Thunderclan?" she asked suspiciously, and looking at Lilypaw

Hollystar glared "No, not a scent," she flicked her tail "And, my clan isn't the one that abducted a carrier."

Lilypaw realised she just reminded Shadowclan what they did without saying it out right, Smart. Lilypaw wrapped her tail around her paws

Sunstar sensed the tension because he mewed "Windclan has no news at all, so shall we close this gathering before something unecessary happens?" he added with a glance at Hollystar and Miststar "We don't need fights."

Hollystar looked at him "Then this gathering is closed," she looked at all the cats down at the bottom "Remember, it is against ancient laws to steal a carrier."

She looked at Miststar "Some of you should remember that for the future."

Miststar returned her gaze calmly "This will be settled in a different way Hollystar." she got a dangerous gleam in her eyes

"This isn't over." she added dangerously, Lilypaw realised she was talking to her. Her claws were unsheathed. And her gaze never left Lilypaw as she jumped off the rock.

Goldenpaw was staring at Miststar with hate "Lilypaw, you need to watch your tail," he added to Bramblepaw "You were right, Lilypaw is in danger."

Lilypaw looked at them "Wha-What? I did nothing to anger Shadowclan! They shouldn't be doing this!" she pushed past the two toms.

Goldenpaw mewed "Shadowclan is going to starve, so that means they are gonna be angry, but it's not your fault, it's their own." he nodded.

Hollystar called "Come Thunderclan!" she looked at Miststar with hatred "We need to go home."

Miststar whispered, so that only Lilypaw could hear "Watch your back, watch your sides, cause when your not watching... Your friends are finished."

Lilypaw looked at her in shock. Miststar was aiming for her friends, Miststar wants to get rid of her friends, then destroy her.

Lilypaw looked at Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw, who didn't hear the threat. They were whispering, and they also kept glancing at Miststar.

Lilypaw jumped off the log, and followed Hollystar home, she looked at the mountains while she was walkling, she wondered if Spottail would be alright.

She shook her head, Rainbowdash said something about carrierss not dying, but changing, into what, Lilypaw didn't know

But she guessed in time she would find out.

Lilypaw shivered at the thought of being taken away, but she was taken away before.

Shadowclan wanted Thunderclan to suffer, ever since Nightstar died, Miststar was evil, secret silent evil, but evil none of the less.

Lilypaw need to watch, she was in danger, so was her friends, and if they die.

It would all be her fault

Bramblepaw would hate her.

Goldenpaw would still be loyal though, She could trust Goldenpaw with anything, even if he is killed, he wouldn't ever hate her.

Would he? Lilypaw wondered, Goldenpaw was nice, but he was an amazing fighter, so Lilypaw could trust him. But she wasn't so sure about Bramblepaw

Would he hate her if it was her fault?

Only time will tell, Miststar will make a move, and Lilypaw had a feeling it was going to be soon.

Lilypaw retreated into the den, and shut her eyes tight, she heard Hollystar talking about the gathering, and Lilypaw wished she wouldn't mention her.

Lilypaw hoped nothing bad would happen, she was kidnapped once, she didn't want her friends killed next cause of her.

Yep Lilypaw concluded Bramblepaw would definately hate me, and so would the rest of the clans. Lilypaw unsheathed her claws

All because of Shadowclan Lilypaw thought angrily, going to sleep, with one thought

Miststar needs to go.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Lilywing was standing in mud, it was raining heavily, and Shadowclan was attacking Thunderclan everywhere she looked.

Goldenfur called "Lilywing!" it was cut short by a violent crack of Thunder.

Miststar was grappling Hollystar in the neck.

Lilywing thought We are losing!

Bramblethorn jumped besude her "I can't find Goldenfur anywhere!" he yelled over the wind and thunder "Or Rubywing."

Lilywing mewed loudly "We need to get rid of Shadowclan first! They are too strong, even without a carrier!" A tree fell somewhere, and the storm was just beginning.

Bramblethorn called "Hollystar just took one of Miststars lives, I just saw her running away wounded, a lot" his gaze scanned the torn clearing for his brother.

Lilywing called "Goldenfur?!" she yelled over the thunder "Rubywing?!" she yelled even louder, not a single moan, or screech.

She saw Marshwhisker standing over someone, his claws blood red, and his muzzle blood red too.

She saw the pink fur of Rubywing, she wasn't breathing. She's dead! Lilywing thought horrified and she saw Goldenfur lying on his side, barely breathing.

Lilywing leaped onto Marshwhisper, anger flooded her senses as she dug her claws into his back.

Marshwhisper screeched, he rolled, but Lilywing was too quick she jumped, and landed on his belly, pinning him onto the ground.

Lilywing snarled "I should just kill you for what you done, but Starclan will judge you now" she slashed his neck, and he screeched.

He got up quick and ran, far away, following the rest of his clan-mates.

Lilywing knew it was to late for Rosewing but she hurried to Goldenfur, he was breathing, but his eyes were staring into space.

Lilywing knew he was dying.

And she didn't know how to stop it 

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