Wow! You're the first cat to put my mother into place! Echoheart wouldn't do that! I want you to be my mentor now!

Talonkit to Sweetsong about Foxleap in Secret Truth Chapter 1

Status: Alive
Current: FeatherClan
Past: None
Kit: Sweetkit
Apprentice: Sweetpaw
Warrior: Sweetsong
Mother: Willowsong
Father: Badgerfright
Mate: Coming Soon
Sister(s) None
Brother(s): Riverpool
Daughters(s): None
Son(s): None
Living: Secret Truth
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: Ottersplash

Sweetsong is a beautiful black she-cat with white muzzle and dazzling blue eyes.


Before the Drifting Feathers SeriesEdit

Sweetkit is born to Willowsong and (SPOILER) Badgerfright, along with her brother, Riverkit. Sweetkit is a FeatherClan kit. She never really met her father but has heard about him. She would often wonder why her mother would never talk about him. After that, Sweetkit became Sweetpaw. She was assigned to Silverstar, FeatherClan's leader. Sweetpaw was a dedicated apprentice. Soon, the day came when the apprentice turned into a warrior, one that was highly respected among the four Clans, NightClan, LightClan, LeafClan, and FeatherClan. Sweetsong turned out to be one of Silverstar's most trusted warriors, including Flamesoul and Bramblestripe, the current deputy. Sweetsong is also Frostline's best friend.

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