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Twilight: Warriors Version!

Chapter 1 Edit

Bellashine felt sunlight warm her pelt as she stepped from the warriors den out into camp. It was sunrise, and almost all of PhoenixClan stood next beneath the Great Rock. On top of it sat Reneestar, not only Clan leader, but Bellashine's mother. When Bellashine sat down, Reneestar yowled:

"My Clanmates! Thank you for gathering here so early!"

The cats remained silent, staring up at her. Bellashine felt nerves ripple through her brown fur. They weren't goin going to like this...

"Now, I have some sad news to share with you all. Today, Bellashine will be leaving PhoenixClan and going to ForksClan," Reneestar said solemnly.

Instantly, protests arised.

"Why should she? She's been here so long, she belongs with us!" one warrior yowled.

"Traitor!" another cried, bristling.

All around her, cats were hissing and spitting at Bellashine.

"Silence!" Reneestar suddenly yowled, her eyes full of anger. "Bellashine has a good reason! She will be visiting her father, Charliestar, who leads ForksClan."

The hissing and yowling stopped, but all eyes remained on Bellashine.

"Bellashine, do you have anything you would like to say?" Reneestar asked, her eyes full of sadness.

Bellashine swallowed, then nervously rose to her paws, gazing around at her Clanmates.

"Um... hi," she began timidly. Then, she found her voice.

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