Stormpaw's Fate

Author: Feather
Status: Writing
Series: None
Allegiances: Comming soon
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Stormpaw's fate isn't what you would want for your own kit.

Chapter~1[edit | edit source]

My fate, my only and only chance of finding who I was all started when I was just a four moon old. A kit.

Like any-kit, i was curious. And so was my denmate, Foxpaw. Of course, she was Foxkit back then.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Stormkit!" Called a squeaky voice across the nursery.

"W..what?" I mummbled tirdly in response.

"Wake up you rat furred kit!" The little voice was much closer now, and the voice was poking me with its small paw, harshly beggining to smooth my matted with sleep fur.

"I am not a rat furred kit!" I huffed in my nest, trying to be as quiet as possible, careful not to wake up my mother, Blacktiger.

"Yea, sure Ratkit."

"Shut up Foxkit." I hissed to my one and only kit denmate.

Foxkit giggled and I decided to wake up, if that was what I had to do to get these insults away.

"Finally!" Foxkit whispered with triumph and sat on her hauches.

I must admit, even for a small kit, she was very pretty, named for the animal she looked exacily like.

A fox.

To me, it always looked like a fox pelt had been torn off of a living one, shrunk down to a kit size, and plastered perfectly onto her little body.

"Well, what do you want?" I mewed angirly

"Come with me!" Foxkit mewed happily,

"To do wha-" she had already left the den.

Chapter~2[edit | edit source]

"Foxkit come back!" I decided quietly to creep our of my nest and then pelted out of the den to race after my fox-colored friend.

Her sent trail followed around the camp edge and into the dark shadowy bushes where no-body would spot her.

I also spotted a warrior, Stormpelt sitting near the warriors den, lit my moonlight, although it was still dark.

I decided quickly to ignore the bushes, I was dark gray, and if i squinted my eyes, Stormpelt wouldn't spot the pale green glimmer of my eyes.

I followed the sent trail. It had lead out of camp.

I ran.

Although I was't steadily following Foxkit's sent trail anymore...

I was pelting with terror through the forest.

"Kits...don't...belong here..." I managed to choke out while I was still pelting blindly for my life,

"Foxkit!" I screeched with terror, I had no clue where the brave she-kit had went.

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