Stolen Series

Author: Nightfern
Number of Books: 3
Series Status: In the making
Allegiances: Allegiances
Story Spellcheckers: None
Maplekit was a simple kit living in SilverClan, with the wishes of becoming the medicine cat- until the Sorrow Rouges and their beautiful leader, Onyx Sapphire, strode in and took over SilverClan.

They killed SilverClan's leader, deputy, and medicine cat. But the Sorrows took away something much, much more precious to Maplekit - her mother, Windsong, the leader's mate; Maplekit's sister, Riverkit; and Maplekit's best friend, Lightningkit. In the furious battle, Maplekit, shedding her name, hides and runs away, to find companionship in a friend she meets. Maple and Leon decide to go after her surviving stolen family and seek them out . . . and set SilverClan free. But not only does Maple have matters of the heart to choose . . . she also has to battle a curse that binds her to certain death.

Follow Maple's journey through pain, searching, and deciding whom to love.

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Books[edit | edit source]

  • Stolen Loves - Maplekit's mother, sister and best friend are taken away by the darkness of the Sorrow Rogues. Will she stay in hiding... or risk her life trying to find them?
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