Like RiverClan, LakeClan is a Clan of cats who love water and enjoy swimming unlike most cats. Their personality is more like ThunderClan's though, they can be quite friendly at times and try to accept all cats and Clans, but they can act quite hostile and malevolent when they need or want to. They also like to be out in the open a lot, like WindClan, and enjoy doing some activites during the night, like ShadowClan. LakeClan's territory is on a large piece of land almost directly in the middle of a huge lake. Luckily, they're great and skilled swimmers so that they can get to the land easily. It makes it quite hard to reach in order to attack as well. Pretty much since all the other Clans can't swim as easily as they do. There's also multiple rivers and creeks jetting out from the lake as well.

Leader: Spottedstar

Other Names: Spottedpath (warrior & deputy)/Spottedpaw (apprentice)/Spotty (kittypet & as a kit)

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