Splash~ The Story of the Cursed

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: None... just a story i wanted to write
Allegiances: Bloodclan
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
When a frail young kit is born with a fire mark on her chest her parents are forced to throw the helpless thing in the choppy river where all the cursed kits go. She is then found by a loner that lives in the forest near the twolegs and is taken under her wing (not that cats have wings but you know what I mean!!). When Splash is Kidknapped she has no choice but to join the deadly Bloodclan... or does she?

Prolouge 1Edit

"The kits!" came a gleeful mew, "They were born healthy and fit!"

"That's a releif... imagine... all that hard work for nothing!" a she-cat mewed, her three kits were cuddling close to her belly.

"What will we call them Fern?" said a tom sitting by her.

"The black one will be Crow, the white one will be Frost, and the silver-grey one will be Ni- AHH!!"

"What? What is it Fern?" the tom quickly stood up at his mate's yowl.

"The third kit... look at her chest!"

The tom did so and gasped, "She has the cursed mark! We must throw her into the river... and I regret doing it..." the tom lifted the squirming kit up in his jaws and tossed the helpless lump of fur into the choppy waves of the river that was moving downstream.

Prologue 2Edit

A black and white she-cat waded in the shallow waters of the river. She took in a deep breath of midnight air and looked up at the full moon.

What a peaceful night... so quiet... wait... do I hear... mewing? The she-cat looked into the water and saw, just above the surface, a kit that was struggling to keep her head above water. With a swift move she had the kit in her jaws and was heading to shore to keep it warm.

Who would do such a thing? And why? then she spotted the firey shape on the kit's chest and gasped, That's why... she's cursed... I may as well keep her... my kits were taken by those nasty rogues... I might still have some milk left...

And she took the new-born kit to her den just inside the forest and near to the twolg nests.

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