Splash and Flame~ Two Become One

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: None
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Splash is caught by surprise when a young kit says he was raised by Linda, the same cat that raised her. Then the kit says that Linda has vanished and left no trace of where she might have gone...

Chapter 1~ FlameEdit

"I have a good life! You see, sometimes it gets tough... but in spring it gets better. Since I have been living alone these past five moons I'm prepared for anything!" Splash mewed proudly, "BAH! Whay am I even talking to you? Your just a dumb turtle. Do you even do anything?" She prodded the turtle she was talking to and it fell over onto it's shell and waved it's feet in the air. "It sure gets lonely here." She sighed. Then a shadow fell across her and the turtle.

"Hi!" a young kit mewed.

"Ur hi kit. Where are your parents... you look to young to be without them..."

"Uh Oh..." the kit stammered, "I don't have any... I was raised by a cat named Linda..."

"Linda?" Splash gasped.

"Yeah... you know her?"

"Yes! She riased me!"

"Uh... she never mentioned raising another cat..."

"Well she did raise me! Come on lets go talk to her, it's been awhile since I visited." She got up on her feet, "Come on kit."

"Uh... that's the thing... she's gone! I was trying to find her!"

"Oh... well... it's getting late. Why don't you come to my den. There's room for both us. By the way... what's your name?"

"Flame! What's yours?"


Flame gasped and pointed to the top of Splash's nose, "You have the same mark as me!" He pointed to the top of his nose.

"That's... odd," Splash said and ushered the kit into her den nearby. "Well have good dreams. Maybe we'll look for Linda in the morning."

"Goodnight Splash!" Flame yawned. "Sweet dreams to you too."

Splash nodded and curled up next to him.

In the dead of night a black tom sat in the shadow. In his claws was a crystal ball that had pictures of Splash and Flame sleeping in it. "Heh, heh, heh." the cat hissed, "They'll come for you soon Linda." He glanced behind him where a she-cat with pretty brown and white fur was sitting with her paws bound and gagged.

The tom cackled once more before putty the crystal away and heading into his den for some rest.

Chapter 2~ TrainingEdit

Flame crouched low to the ground. Remembering what Splash had taught him he pounced at her.

Splash, being alert the whole time, ducked and sent Flame crashing into a tree.

"Oh! Are you okay Flame?"

"I think so... why did you duck?"

"Reflects! You were jumping at me what else am I going to do?" 

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