Leader Positoined

Preceded By: Melstar

Deputy Position

Preceded By: Thornleaf Succeeded By: Willowfang

Smilestar is white speckled she-cat with blue eyes and an unusually upbeat personality. She is the current leader of Emberclan.


Emberclan: Into the forest Part 1

Smileheart is Emberclan's deputy and the leader, Melstar's daughter. She and her brother, Sourherb (who is the medicine cat) are in the medicine cat den. She is seen sitting beside her dying leader with a worried and fearful look in eye. (She is not ready to become leader because she is very young) Sourherb says that Melstar will not live and Smileheart gets even gloomier. Melstar stands up and explains how this is life and that she will make a great leader. When Melstar dies before telling the prophecy she feels desperate to find out what it is. Her brother recieves the sign "When the Healer can no longer be healed help lies in the Hazel" and she starts her search for the one with the hazel eyes.

Later she spots a kittypet named Ginger saving an Emberclan apprence while on a patrol with Ravenpelt, Silverpaw, and Firepaw. She says that Ginger is on Emberclan territory which is not allowed but she saved Penguinpaw's life so it was all okay. She exchanges words with Ravenpelt and invites Ginger into Emberclan to be Emberclan's medicine cat apprentice.

To be Continued...

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