Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Nightheart stopped, she heard a voice, a voice of one of her clanmates: DEWFEATHER! She needed to help but she knew she couldn't go out of camp alone, but she had to, Dewfeather was her sister, and AutumnClan couldn't pay the price of another loss, but Nightheart couldn't bear to see her sister die, so she quietly ran out of camp, the wind in her fur, and saw the Moonlight Lake. A gray-and-black holding on a stone for her life, but it was too late when Nightheart got one forepaw into the lake, a limp, floating gray-and-black body was floating to her. Nightheart picked up the lifeless body, and set Dewfeather down carefuly, she layed down beside her, sobbing "Why StarClan Why?! She Didn't Deserve To Die!". Leafbreeze woke up, but she couldn't find Nightheart, or Dewfeather, however, she ran up to the deputy, Bluefrost, who mewed "Whats up, Leafbreeze?" and she replied "I can't find Dewfeather or Nightheart!"

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