Leader Springstar- Pale ginger she-cat.

Deputy Mossfur- Gray she-cat.

Medicine Cat Fuzzyfur-Spotted she-cat with fuzzy fur.

Warriors Petalfur- White she-cat with red brown spots on her flank.

Apprentice Birdpaw

Icefur- Light bue-gray she-cat

Apprentice, Featherpaw

Darkpelt- Black tom

Apprentice, Shadepaw

Rainpelt- Gray she-cat

Apprentice, Puffpaw
Lightningfur- Light brown tom

Apprentice. Leafpaw

Brightfoot- Black she-cat with white feet

Runningbreeze- Orange tom

Moonwing- Black she-cat with lighter flecks on her pelt

Apprentices Featherpaw- Orange tom with a fluffy tail

Birdpaw- gray she-cat with white on her chest

Shadepaw- Orange tom

Leafpaw- Spotted she-cat

Puffpaw- white puffy tom

Queens Rosepetal- Light brown she-cat Mother of snowkit (White tom with green eyes) And expecting kits.

Leopardheart- She-cat with spots on her flank like a leopard. (expecting kits)

Goldenrose- Orange-golden she-cat ( Mother of Shadepaw and expecting kits)

Elders Tigerfur- tom with Tiger stripes on flank

Snowfall- White she-cat

coming soon im to lazy at the moment. Thank You.

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