This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Shadewing
This page contains the allegiances for the Rising Thunder series.
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These are the allegiances for the Clans in my series.

StoneClan AllegiancesEdit

Leader: Hawkstar - Dark brown tabby tom - 5 lives left

Deputy: Mistwing - Silver she-cat

Medicine Cat: Featherwish - Gray and black tabby she-cat


Nightsong - Jet black she-cat with white paws - Apprentice: Birchpaw

Oakfur - Light brown tom - Apprentice: Redpaw

Blazeheart - Dark ginger tom with black-tipped ears

Whitefoot - Pure white she-cat

Falconclaw - Dark brown tom

Cloudmist - Light silver she-cat

Lakeshine - Blue/gray she-cat

Maplewind - Huge dark brown tabby tom


Birchpaw - Mottled brown and sandy tom

Redpaw - Bright ginger she-cat


Ripplefur - Pure white she-cat

Mate: Blazeheart

Kits: Thunderkit (adopted), Snowkit

Ferntail - Cream colored she-cat

Mate: Oakfur

Kits: Mosskit, Icekit


Heatherfrost - White she-cat with brown patches

ForestClan AllegiancesEdit

Leader: Rainstar - Blue/gray she-cat - 6 lives left

Deputy: Leopardsong - Spotted golden tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Berrywillow - Light brown she-cat


Rayfur - Cream colored she-cat Apprentice: Brightpaw

Yellowwing - Mottled brown tom Apprentice: Burnpaw

Frostwish - White/silver tabby she-cat Apprentice: Birdpaw

Bluepelt - Dark gray tom

Willowfall - Light brown tabby she-cat

Stormwhisker - Black and white tom

Leafspots - Mottled light brown tom

Moonflight - Silver she-cat

Tawnyclaw - Tawny colored tom


Brightpaw - Pure white she-cat with one black foot

Burnpaw - Flame colored tom

Birdpaw - Light ginger she-cat

(All three are littermates)


Mintcloud - Light tortoiseshell she-cat

Mate: Leafspots

Kits: Owlkit, Eaglekit, Larkkit


Dovetail - Pure white she-cat

PineClan AllegiancesEdit

Leader: Crowstar - Gray/black tom - 3 lives left

Deputy: Leafdapple - Creamy mottled she-cat

Medicine Cat: Sorrelwhisker - Mottled brown tom


Timberfeather - Dark brown tabby tom Apprentice: Hollypaw

Sparrowfoot - Dark tortoiseshell tom Apprentice: Beepaw

Tigerwish - Ginger she-cat with black stripes Apprentice: Rushpaw

Blackwillow - Jet black she-cat Apprentice: Lightningpaw

Hawkclaw - Dark brown tom

Thornfur - Gray tom with unusual spiky pelt

Sandpelt - Sandy colored she-cat

Blossomwind - Light tortoisehsell she-cat

Redfall - Dark ginger tom


Hollypaw - Light brown she-cat

Beepaw - Black and white tom

Rushpaw - Blue/gray she-cat

Lightningpaw - Light silver tom


Moonwing - Silver she-cat

Mate: Timberfeather

Kits: Mousekit, Molekit


Cinderfur - Smoky gray she-cat

Brackenclaw - Dark brown tabby tom

GrassClan - AllegiancesEdit

Leader: Sunstar - Bright orange tom with black paws - 4 lives left

Deputy: Emberwind - Dark gray tom Apprentice: Smokepaw


Flowerpelt - Light tortoiseshell she-cat Apprentice: Crowpaw

Mousetail - Small light gray tom with black tail

Feathersong - Pure white she-cat

Hazelfoot - Light brown she-cat

Cinderfall - Jet black tom

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