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This page contains the allegiances for the Rising Destiny series.
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ShadowClan[edit | edit source]

LEADER: Waspstar - dark gray tom with a stripe along his back


DEPUTY: Ivythorn - gray tom with slightly darker spots

MEDICINE CAT: Hawkthorn - brown she-cat

APPRENTICE ~ Nettlewhisker


Pineclaw - ginger an white tom

Spiderweb - long legged black tom

Dapplewhisker - black and white tortoiseshell she-cat


Treetail - dark brown she-cat

Smokeshadow - dark gray she-cat

Sunshade - dark golden tom

Twistfoot - ginger tom with a twisted paw


Cedartail - dark gray tabby tom

Splashtail - dark cream she-cat with a white tail

Clovernose - light brown she-cat with a white muzzle

Sparrowflight - gray tom with speckled paws

APPRENTICE ~ Brindlepaw


Nettlewhisker - dark brown tom with a striped tail

Marshpaw - gray she-cat with a darker gray stripe along her back

Ravenpaw - black tom with a white chest and muzzle

Brindlepaw - sleek furred tortoiseshell


Hollystem - gray and white she-cat, mother of Cedarheart's kits: Toadkit (black tom with silver paws) and Amberkit (white and brown she-cat)

Echofrost - black and white she-cat, blue eyes, mother of Pineclaw's kits: Blackkit (black she-cat with golden eyes) and Ashkit (spotted gray tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes)


Tawnyheart - tortoiseshell she-cat

ThunderClan[edit | edit source]

LEADER: Snagstar - brown tabby tom

DEPUTY: Lizardtail - ginger tom with a long tail

MEDICINE CAT: Flameheart - ginger tabby she-cat


Mistclaw - light gray she-cat

Whitecloud - white she-cat


Meadowstream - light tortoiseshell she-cat

Ruffledpelt - dark ginger tom

Stumpylegs - short legged brown tom

Lionclaw - golden tabby tom

Heatherleaf - pale light brown tabby she-cat


Bluefrost - blue-gray she-cat, mother to Buzzkit, Sagekit, and Thistlekit

WindClan[edit | edit source]

LEADER: Rushstar - lithe, cream tom

DEPUTY: Applethorn - ginger she-cat with white paws

MEDICINE CAT: Prickleface - light brown tabby she-cat


Birchclaw - white tom with black paws

Bouncetail - gream she-cat with a striped tail

APPRENTICE ~ Mallowpaw

Spottedbelly - tortoiseshell she-cat

Mintwhisker - tortoiseshell and white she-cat

APPRENTICE ~ Copperpaw


Buzzardwing - spotted light brown she-cat

Mufflefur - thick-furred silver she-cat, mother to Featherkit


Breezeheart - blue-gray she-cat

RiverClan[edit | edit source]

LEADER: Ripplestar - gray tabby she-cat

DEPUTY: Softwhisker - spotted cream she-cat

MEDICINE CAT: Goldensong - golden she-cat


Minnowfur - brown tabby she-cat

Graywhisker - gray tom

Willowfur - pale gray she-cat

APPRENTICE ~ Silverpaw

Mistytail - dark gray she-cat

Acornfur - golden tabby tom

Hollowwhisker - stocky gray tom

Snakebelly - mottle brown she-cat

Milknose - light brown she-cat with a white muzzle

Sandclaw - ginger tabby tom

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