Author: Riverpelt

Revenge of the Clans series is about a StormClan cat named Riverkit, who is destined to save her clan from the dangers that are trying to take over the clans. Riverpaw recieves this prophecy when she's an apprentice: Beware of the darkest shadow, and the star that has thistles. Throughout the book, Riverpaw struggles through many bad times, but she has the weight of having to save her clan on her shoulders. Will she prevail, and stop this madness before something happens, or will she be too late, and her clan will be wiped out forever?

Books[edit | edit source]

Surprises In Every Clan (Info)

The Untold Secrets (Info)

Darkshadow's Revenge (Info)

The Star With Thistles (Info)

Save the Clans (Info)

Final Battle (Info)

(The reason why these are not highlighted is because the names may change.)

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