Author: Rainbelly


Great terrible trouble comes to Thunderclan. Riverclan threatens to take Sunningrocks, hoping to fight to the death. I see Sorrowpelt more, and because of that, she tries to kill me more often. Bramblethorn’s threat is rising as his attempts to kill me get more advanced and deadly. Bluepool is getting really suspicious, and I’m horribly worried about Scartail.

Fights are formed and Thunderclan is losing power by the minute. Despite it all, Thunderclan lives on. Life gets harder and harder as more blood is shed, and my own life gets worse. Listen to my story.

The story of Rainbelly, a Warrior from Thunderclan.

Chapter 1Edit

“Dovestar!” I wailed as my Thunderclan Leader, Dovestar, possibly let out her last breath. I knelt down beside the white she-cat’s bloody body and just looked over her, tears welling up in my eyes. Glancing up with tears streaming down my face, I stood and glared at Wolfstar, whose blood-stained claws glinted in the moonlight from atop the Great Rock. A low growl rose in my throat. “You!” I snarled, extending my claws and ignoring my bloody wounds as I leapt at Wolfstar.

He dodged my attack and thunder rumbled as I landed a tail-length away from him atop the large boulder. “Venomheart, Silverspots, do you mind?” Wolfstar meowed, grinning evilly. Two cats, unwounded, leapt onto the Great Rock and in front of me. They hissed, their teeth glinting in the slight moonlight. Venomheart, a black tom with a white, fluffy tail and a red scar across his cheek, hissed at me fiercely.

I gasped and backed away, nearly slipping off of the Great Rock. Silverspots, a silver tom with black spots on his back, leapt at me, claws fully extended. The tom barreled into me, knocking out my breath. I tumbled off of the Great Rock with him, my wounds stinging horribly. I yowled and clamped my teeth on Silverspots’s hind leg as we landed with a thump beside Dovestar’s motionless and bloody body.

Blood squirted out of the wound, staining Silverspots’s silvery-colored fur. He hissed and leapt away, letting Venomheart jump past him and barrel into me. I dodged the attack and jumped back. Venomheart landed in the nearly snow-free dirt a tail-length away. Looking around wildly, I saw Silverspots advance on me, Venomheart getting out of the dirt, shaking himself swiftly, and doing the same as his partner.

I gaped in horror as their claws slid out and they neared me, grinning evilly. I held my ground but shut my eyes, awaiting my death, when a faint groan was heard. I opened my eyes and perked up my ears, looking around. I noticed Dovestar, who was standing up on wobbly and bloody legs, blood dribbling off of her fur. “L-leave her b-be. Call o-off your W-Warriors.” She stammered, blood dripping out of her mouth as she spoke.

I gaped in amazement, smiling as I looked at my Leader. She wasn’t dead, she had just lost a life. It just took longer than expected. Possibly. “Why should I?” growled Wolfstar, extending his already blood-stained claws. “B-because I-I want you to s-save you’re b-breath for tomorrow’s b-battle.” Dovestar growled back, blood dripping off of her fur and landing on the ground.

Wolfstar hesitated, and then spoke. “Fine. We accept the battle, but be warned, Dovestar: Riverclan is stronger than ever.” Wolfstar hissed as he leapt off of the Great Rock and led his Clan, including Venomheart and Silverspots, out of Fortress. I quickly rushed over to Dovestar despite my wounds. “Rainbelly, I must confide in you a secret. I don’t want Thunderclan to worry or fret about me, so I will not tell any cat but you.” whispered Dovestar into my ear as she leaned on my shoulder. “I’m listening.” I said softly.

“Alright. Rainbelly, I have only three lives left. It took longer for me to awaken because Wolfstar had killed me twice, and recently, I had held five lives deep within me. Now three.” Dovestar whispered. The answer shocked me completely. That was why she was taking longer than expected to wake up! Wolfstar had killed her two times! Speechless, I slowly nodded as Drynose came rushing over, his brown fur slightly streaked with blood.

“Dovestar! Are you alright? I’ll treat you when we’re back at camp.” He assured, replacing me and letting Dovestar lean on his shoulder. I gratefully retreated, staggering because of my bloody wounds. I stood my ground for a few moments, looking after Dovestar, Drynose, and the other injured Thunderclan Cats as they made their way out of Fortress. I sighed as I watched them go, Dovestar’s bloody and limp tail disappearing behind the trunk of an Oak Tree. I hung my head, shaking it.

What did Thunderclan do to deserve such a fate? And Dovestar losing two lives instead of one? What did Starclan bestow upon us? Sighing again and with my head down, my whiskers dragging slightly on the ground as I made my way out of Fortress, bloody and battered.

Chapter 2Edit

“Oh! Rainbelly! Are you okay?” gasped Mousepaw as she rushed toward me as I staggered thru the Thunderclan Camp entrance. “I’m fine, little one. Go about your business, I’m okay.” I assured as I staggered, a little lopsided, toward the Medicine Cat Den. Once there, I peered inside to see several cats being treated by Drynose, Dovestar being his number one patient, for he paid most of his attention to the pure white, but blood-stained she-cat, who lay on a bed of moss near the back of the den. “Um, Drynose?” I meowed, entering the den and padding over to the brown-furred tom. “Oh, hello, Rainbelly. Here, I’m a bit busy right now so I can’t apply it at the moment. Ask another cat to help you, please.” Said Drynose as he pushed a leaf bundle filled with Cobwebs, Goldenrod, and several Poppy Seeds.

Then, he turned his attention to Orangemane, who winced in pain as Drynose chewed up a Goldenrod plant into a poultice and spit it into a deep gash on my old Mentor’s shoulder. “Feel better, Orangemane.” I meowed, nodding my head to the Elder. “You too as well, young Rainbelly.” Orangemane meowed back as Drynose wrapped some Cobwebs around his wound. Then, I watched as Drynose pushed several Poppy Seeds toward Orangemane, and the golden tom thankfully lapped them up. Grabbing the leaf bundle in my jaws, I turned and exited the den, only to spot Robinpaw a few feet away, licking himself clean.

I suddenly remembered: Robinpaw would soon become Robinchest when he became the new Medicine Cat in the future. Maybe he knew what herbs to use. I shrugged and padded over to the small Apprentice, dropping the leaf bundle at his one front black and one front white paw. “Robinpaw do you mind applying these medicines to my wounds?” I asked, lying down before the black-furred Apprentice. “Well, alright.” Robinpaw mewed, opening the leaf bundle.

I held my breath as I heard a swift loud chewing noise, followed by the cold sensation of a Goldenrod poultice being applied to my wounds. “Do you need any help?” I asked, wincing because of the sudden pain stinging my shoulder. “No, I-I’m alright Rainbelly. Here, take these Poppy Seeds.” Robipaw’s one white paw appeared and pushed several Poppy Seeds toward my jaws. I gratefully lapped them up all at once as Robinpaw applied the Goldenrod poultice on a horrible scratch on my side which was now scarred forever. “You know what the medicines are? You know what to do?” I gasped in astonishment as Cobwebs were spread and then heavily pressed on my bloody and horrible wounds.

“Of course I do. I’d rather be a Medicine Cat just between you and me, really much like Drynose. I’m ashamed to say it, but, I don’t even like fighting. I’m afraid that I’ll get really hurt. Being a Medicine Cat seems more peaceful than fighting forever. And Medicine Cats get all of these signs from Starclan, don’t they?” Robinpaw asked in a whisper as he pulled away his paw and let me stand. “Why, yes they do.” I replied, looking down on the black-furred Apprentice with the one white paw. I suddenly remembered the vision and message sent to me before, which urgently told me that Drynose was to lose his life in battle, and that Robinpaw would become Robinchest and the new Medicine Cat because he was supposedly Drynose’s future Apprentice. I had to convince him to become his Apprentice. To fufill that message and make it come true.

“You know, Robinpaw, Drynose has no Apprentice, and I’m just saying this, but you seem to have a natural ability with handling medicines.” I meowed. “Why don’t you train to become a Medicine Cat with Drynose?” Robinpaw gasped in excitement. “What? Are you serious? Really? I can do that?” The questions shot into my ear one after the other, which made me smile.

“Yes, you can.” I answered. “If you’re interested, go and talk to Drynose yourself. If he agrees, then you’ll have to tell your Mentor, Pebblepelt. And then, Drynose may speak to Dovestar. It’s the whole cycle.” I said. “Oh! Thank you, Rainbelly!” Robinpaw mewed happily as he bounded away and to Drynose’s Medicine Cat den, eventually slipping inside with ease. A few moments passed before Robinpaw exited the den with Drynose by his side, and I sat down as I watched them both make their way to Pebblepelt, who lay down near the Warrior’s Den, licking herself clean. I held my breath. Would Pebblepelt accept Robinpaw’s decision?

I hoped so. Seconds later, Pebblepelt reluctantly nodded and nuzzled Robinpaw before he turned and stalked away with Drynose. The two cats made their way to Dovestar’s Den. They ended up slipping inside, coming out moments later with Dovestar. All three cats leaped onto the Highrock, and Dovestar yowled for attention.

I immediately padded under the Highrock, glad that my wounds felt much better, and sat below the mighty boulder, looking up at my Leader, Robinpaw, and the proud Drynose. Once all of the Thunderclan Cats had gathered around me and were below the Highrock and had the three cats’ attention, the noble Dovestar nodded toward Drynose. The brown and tan tom stepped forward, tail held high and proudly. He quickly began the famous, Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony. “Cats of Thunderclan, it is time for me to take on an apprentice. Your next Medicine Cat will be Robinpaw.” Drynose meowed proudly, flicking his tail toward Robinpaw.

Dovestar nodded and stepped forward. “Robinpaw, do you accept the post of apprentice to Drynose?” She asked the newly appointed Apprentice as he stepped forward. Robinpaw eagerly nodded “I do.” He mewed eagerly. Dovestar smiled and nodded.

“Then at the half-moon, you must travel to Mothermouth to be accepted by Starclan before the other medicine cats. The good wishes of all of Thunderclan will go with you.” With that, Dovestar leaped off of the Highrock and disappeared into her den. “Robinpaw! Robinpaw! Robinpaw!” the Clan cheered, including me. Robinpaw proudly stood next to his soon-to-be new Mentor, Drynose, tail held high in happiness. Drynose whispered something in his ear and then the two cats leaped off of the Highrock together, soon disappearing into Drynose’s Medicine Cat Den.

I smiled and padded over to the Nursery to check on my kits. Inside, Duststorm was fast asleep, my four kits snuggled against her belly. I smiled and padded away to the Warriors’ Den. Once inside, I curled up next to Spottedbelly and was soon fast asleep, suddenly remembered about my mission the next morning: To Lead A Life Or Death Battle For Sunningrocks.

Chapter 3Edit

“Dear Rainbelly, who will join the battle for Sunningrocks?” Dovestar asked me as we both perched atop the Highrock together, all of Thunderclan looked up at us. “Besides you and me.” I thought for a moment, and then announced the Warriors fit enough to join the deadly battle. “Pebblepelt, Littlecloud, Pinepelt, Foxleap, Leopardspots, Spottedbelly, Bramblethorn, Cinderpelt, since she’s better, Brindleface, Raccoonring, Silverstream, Rabbitear, and Lionblaze will join the battle for the right for Sunningrocks.” I announced proudly, gazing down upon Thunderclan. Those who were chosen smiled gleefully in anticipation.

“Remember, all of you. This is life or death. Kill if you must, for this battle depends on Thunderclan’s very survival. No mercy whatsoever. Now, dear Rainbelly. Would you kindly like to lead the way?” Dovestar asked, smiling. I nodded eagerly and gracefully leaped off of the Highrock, quickly padding toward the Thunderclan camp entrance. I exited the Thunderclan camp, the rest of Thunderclan right behind me, Dovestar beside me. Slowly, we all stalked thru the forest and made our way, me in the lead, to Thunderclan’s rightful Sunningrocks. Moments later and after several minutes of trekking thru the undergrowth, Thunderclan was crouched at the edge of the forest, where ahead of us were the Sunningrocks, along with the ear tips of Riverclan Warriors hiding in the bushes near the river.

Their fishy scent was almost overwhelming, and the Riverclan cats were poorly hidden. Some crouched in the shallow waters of the river, others deep within the water with only their ears, foreheads, noses, and glaring eyes showing. I waited for a few moments, thinking of the time that Sunfall, Thunderclan’s old Deputy, who was supposedly brutally killed by Bramblethorn, which was sadly revealed moons ago. I remembered the silent signal he used, and thought that I should do the same. Seconds passed, and then minutes, before I gave the signal: The swift flick of my left ear.

A sudden chorus of hissing, screeching, and yowling erupted thru the morning silence, and Thunderclan leapt into the open the same time that Riverclan did. Riverclan Warriors threw themselves out of the river, barley sparing enough time to shake the water out of their dripping wet pelts and simply leaping into battle. I eagerly flung myself at good old Silverspots, the silvery-colored tom with the black spots and the light silver four paws. Hissing, I knocked the Warrior onto his belly and tore savagely at his shoulder with my razor-sharp teeth. Silverspots screeched terrifyingly and struggled to stand and get me off of him, but it was too late.

His horrifying screech was cut off as I clamped my jaws on his throat, making him go limp and quickly join the powerful ranks of Starclan. This was a battle Thunderclan would win. No mercy as Dovestar had said. Kill if we must. Blood spilled onto the Newleaf Ground as I leapt away from the body of Silverspots, blood gushing out of the bite marks on his throat.

I spat out specks of blood in disgust and then threw myself into battle yet again. Throwing myself at a tortoiseshell she-cat, my teeth immediately dug into her shoulder and my claws gripped at her fur. Yowling, she jerked her head around and suddenly tore at my ear, grabbing it in her teeth and pulling incredibly hard. I hissed and batted a paw at her, claws extended, and raked them across her face. She jerked back, releasing my ear, and with a yowl of despair and pain, she leaped into the mass of battling cats, her wounds bleeding heavily.

Despite my own wounds, I kept on going. Quick as I flash, I leapt at a massive brown tom. I barreled into him, my furry arms wrapped around him and my claws digging into his thick pelt. The brown tom yowled at me and swiped at me with a paw. I winced with pain as his claws raked across my cheek, scattering scarlet drops of blood onto my grey fur and the ground.

I screeched hoarsely and bared my teeth as I jerked my head back and responded with the same attack the brown tom had done to me, although this time, my claws immediately swam in blood, tearing at the angry tom’s side. He hissed in response to my action and lunged at me. I swiftly dodged his attack and was soon sinking my teeth deep within the flesh of the cat’s throat. He went limp and was quickly hunting with Starclan, whoever he was. I almost regretted my actions when suddenly, I was knocked off of my feet, a flash of white and black put together passing in front of my bright green eyes.

Sorrowpelt! The stench hit me, and the fur was a quick and dead giveaway. But I had no time to think about it, for the black and white spotted she-cat had toppled me over and was making an attack. I screeched in pain as teeth tore at my already injured shoulder, followed by bloody claws raking along my back. “Thunderclan will never be beaten! You and your Warriors have never belonged in this forest!” I yowled.

“I’m afraid not, Rainbelly! Riverclan will always win!” Sorrowpelt screeched. Hissing in both fear and determination, I bucked the mysterious she-cat off of me, sending her yowling, into the mass of battling Thunderclan and Riverclan cats. Panting and gasping for air, I looked around wildly to see my old Apprentice, Foxleap, being cornered by a large black tom: Ravenfeather, atop the climbing-up edge of the Sunningrocks. I gnashed my teeth in anger. With a fierce screech, I threw myself at the black tom, claws fully extended in anger.

No cat was to hurt my once stubborn Apprentice! Ever! I barreled into him and immediately sunk my teeth into his left back leg. “Don’t you ever try to hurt my old Apprentice!” I growled harshly thru both Ravenfeather’s blood and his blood-stained black fur. “Great Starclan!” gasped Ravenfeather as he toppled onto the ground as I gripped his back leg in my jaws.

I quickly released it and went for a second attack: Slashing out with my claws at the black tom’s side. Blood glistened on the horrible slice, and, satisfied with my merciless work, I bounded away from Ravenfeather, only to skid to a halt in surprise as I spotted Coldmoon and Firestare, two twin brothers who lived in a boulder at Highstones battling near Dovestar. They were once part of Thunderclan, but left after they found out that they processed strange powers. Firestare’s power is that he could hear and sense things from afar, possibly such as this battle. Coldmoon couldn’t be eaten in battle, only injured, which meant that he was pretty much immortal.

I smiled as Firestare lunged at a white she-cat and bit deep into her shoulder. I watched Coldmoon pin down a small grey-furred Warrior and sink his teeth real deep into his throat within seconds. I suddenly gasped in horror as a large, brown striped tom slunk up behind Firestare, extending his claws. I had to save him, for Firestare could easily die in battle, unlike Coldmoon! “Firestare!” I yowled, extending my claws and leaping to my friend’s side, facing the dangerous brown tom head on.

“Rainbelly?” Firestare gasped, spinning around and noticing the massive tom. “Leave him be!” I snarled, raising a bloody claw-tipped paw and bringing it down on the tom’s cheek. The brown striped tom screeched in pain, and I made a quick and speedy attack during his pain-filled screech. I leapt at him and knocked the brown tom over, quick to snap my jaws shut tight on one of his back legs. Blood spilled out of the wound as I released him and jumped back to Firestare’s side.

“Need anymore help?” I panted. “No, thanks, Rainbelly. May Starclan light your path!” With that, Firestare bounded away to attack yet another Riverclan Warrior. I grinned and then snapped back to what was important. I gasped in fright.

Atop the Sunningrocks, and dangling at the edge below the bubbling river, was Dovestar, yet again, confronted by none other than Wolfstar, who stood in front of her white, but blood-stained paws, ready to attack and send her into the river. No! Dovestar wouldn’t lose another life! It was time for the all-mighty Wolfstar to lose a life, now! Hissing, I threw myself onto the smooth Sunningrocks.

Within seconds, I was coming up from behind the silvery-striped and nine-lived tom. “Rainbelly! Help!” came Dovestar’s screech of fright as she franticly scrabbled for a pawhold, her long and fluffy tail dangling over the river. Wolfstar, hissing, spun around to face me. I jerked back in surprise, my fur bristling. “Oh, Rainbelly. When will you ever, ever learn?” Wolfstar growled, shaking his head and grinning evilly.

“I’m afraid that the question is, when will you ever learn?” I yowled, leaping at Wolfstar’s chest, my claws extended to their absolute full length and my blood-stained teeth glistening. Blood threw itself into the river with a sickening splash as my claws tore at his chest, along with my teeth, which dug frightening deeply into his flesh and silvery-striped but blood-stained fur. Wolfstar let out a horrified and painful yowl as he fell onto the now blood-stained smooth Sunningrocks. I gasped with shock at my action and jumped back for a few seconds before quickly turning to Dovestar, who was struggled to climb the Sunningrocks. I leapt at her and grasped my Leader’s furry scruff in my jaws, quickly hoisting her up and onto the Sunningrocks.

“Oh, Rainbelly. Thank you.” Dovestar gasped as she struggled to stand on wobbly legs. But then, she turned her attention to Wolfstar, who lay on the smooth Sunningrocks in a pool of his very own blood. “Wolfstar!” I spun around to see Ravenfeather bound up onto the Sunningrocks and to his dying Leader’s side. I watched in regret as Wolfstar’s sides heaved, his breaths becoming even slower, until finally, the Riverclan Leader went totally stiff and still.

I held my breath, awaiting Ravenfeather’s reaction. The black tom had no known expression as he stared down at his Leader. Relief suddenly flowed thru me as Wolfstar twitched his left ear slightly, and then one of his back legs. A few seconds passed, and Wolfstar finally breathed deeply, opening his icy blue eyes, which were glazed in fury and also a hint of fear. Nervously, I twitched my tail.

Dovestar seemed to notice my worry, for she rubbed her head affectionately against my own. “Remember, you can declare Thunderclan’s Win and retreat.” She whispered softly into my ear. I nodded agreement. “Riverclan, Thunderclan has won this Life And Death Battle by the one lost life of your noble Leader. Therefore, we shall depart in pure triumph of our victory.” I announced, nodding to Dovestar. She smiled and nodded back. Then, despite my wounds, I leaped off of the Sunningrocks and headed back into Thunderclan’s part of the forest, the noble and brave Cats of Thunderclan trekking behind me and yowling a victory cry.

Chapter 4Edit

My wounds healed, I headed out of the Thunderclan camp entrance, Mousepaw trotting swiftly by my side. “So, what are we gonna do today?” My Apprentice asked eagerly. “Today, I am to show you the territory. Last time, I decided to take you to the Sandy Hollow to fight because I wanted to go to the place where I was first taken during my first time out as an Apprentice with my old Mentor, Orangemane. Most Mentors take their Apprentices out to see the territory during their first time out with their Apprentice, and that is what we’ll do today. You’ve of course seen the Sandy Hollow, so we’ll move on from there.” I meowed, padding toward Tallpines as we both easily passed the Sandy Hollow. Within a minute or two, Mousepaw and I were looking at the brown fence that was parting the tall pine trees of Tallpines.

“What we just passed thru was Tallpines. Up ahead and past that brown fence is the Twolegplace. You must never go there, even if you’re with someone.” I warned sternly. “Well, okay. If you say so, Rainbelly. I just wish that I’d be able to fight a Kittypet one day.” Mewed Mousepaw. “Well, you will if you find one on the territory. Some Kittypet’s do stray into the forest, although-“ I stopped midsentance as a strange scent hit me and flowed thru my nostrils. I sniffed deeply, soon recognizing the strong scent of Kittypet, which was seemingly familiar from somewhere.

“Looks like it’s your chance, Mousepaw. Smell that?” I asked, sniffing again. Mousepaw raised her snout and did the same, only to spit in disgust. “Ew! What is that?” she asked, curling her lips back in disgust. “Kittypet scent. One of the Elders, Lasteye, says that Kittypets smell that way because of those pellets they eat and that milk they drink.” I chuckled as the scent swirled around me. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s find it!” mewed Mousepaw excitedly.

“Lead the way, Mousepaw.” I meowed, flicking my tail. Mousepaw gave a little jump for joy and then bounded off toward the fence, making a sharp left turn so that she was running alongside it and following the scent, which was where it possibly came from. I chuckled and ran after my Apprentice, nearly crashing into the fence as I made the right turn. Suddenly, realization flooded over me. This was a good chance for Mousepaw to experience her first fight if the Kittypet was in for one, and her first territory and border confrontation.

My run turned into a quick and steady walk. My head raised, I tracked Mousepaw’s scent, which led a little farther down along the fence, but still in Thunderclan territory. After a minute of two, I spotted her, crouching in the undergrowth and creeping up behind a brown tom with a purple collar with a jangling golden bell. Silently, I shot up a tree close to her and the Kittypet, who was quietly grooming itself and minding it’s own business. My claws digging into a tree limb, I looked down at Mousepaw, holding my breath.

If there was any trouble, I could easily leap down and help, but if Mousepaw went too far, I would jump down and alert her. It seemed like moons before heard the terrified screech and saw Mousepaw launch herself at the brown-furred Kittypet. “Stay off of Thunderclan territory!” she yowled, sinking her teeth into the tom’s shoulder afterward. The tom shrieked in pain but surprisingly, fought back by extending his claws and raking them across Mousepaw’s cheek. Mousepaw jerked back in pain, releasing the tom.

I looked down at the brown-furred Kittypet in amusement, but that’s when I saw the blood streaming down Mousepaw’s cheek. That was a serious wound! The brown tom let out a gasp and backed away, blood glistening on his claws. He started to slowly back away from Mousepaw, who sat on the ground in shock. Oh, no!

I wouldn’t let him get away that easy! Yowling, I leapt off of the tree limb and out of the tree, landing in the brown tom’s path. “Do you think that you can get away with that and not get found out, Kittypet?” I spat, my tail lashing back and fourth and my claws extended to their full length. The brown tom gasped as I bared my teeth, flexing my claws, and especially eager to tear into his pelt and rip this cat to shreds. “I…uh, I-I, uh….” The Kittypet’s voice trailed off in nervousness.

I growled and braced myself to pounce and attack, when the undergrowth suddenly parted from behind me with an especially loud rustle. I spun around to see Bramblethorn, Silverstream, Spottedbelly, Shrewpaw, his Apprentice, and Foxleap, my old Apprentice, who was now a fully grown Warrior. A Thunderclan Patrol. Finally. “What’s going on?” asked Spottedbelly, cocking his head.

I spun back around to face the Kittypet. “This Kittypet has intruded in Thunderclan territory and injured my Apprentice!” I meowed, glaring at the brown tom as I passed him to rush over to Mousepaw. “Are you okay?” I asked worriedly as I bent down to her level. “I-I’m okay. I just didn’t know t-that an attack would hurt s-so much.” She stammered, blood streaming down her cheek from the impressively deep three-claw mark scratch. “Well, don’t you worry none. You’ll get used to things like that as you grow older.”

I looked up at Silverstream. “Could you take her back to camp and to Drynose?” I asked. The silvery she-cat nodded and with a gentle nudge with my head, Mousepaw padded over to Silverstream, soon disappearing thru the trees with the she-cat by her side. Satisfied that Mousepaw was in good paws, I turned back to the problem: The Kittypet that had injured Mousepaw. I spun around and glared at the Kittypet, hissing.

“Now, for you.” I growled thru clenched teeth. “Oh! Let me at him!” mewed Shrewpaw, charging forward and at the Kittypet. “Oh, no you don’t!” Spottedbelly growled, lunging after Shrewpaw and grabbing his scruff in his jaws before he could lunge and attack the brown tom. The Kittypet, startled, backed away a few steps, but I came up behind him to stop him from going any farther. Shrewpaw, who flailed his paws in agitation, was dragged away and to Foxleap, who stamped a paw down on his tail.

“What shall we do with him?” asked Bramblethorn, baring his teeth. “I think that we should simply let him off with a warning and that wound.” Said Spottedbelly, flicking his tail to the shoulder wound that Mousepaw had inflicted. I let out a growl, making the Kittypet back away from me, soon crouching in fright in between the Patrol and I. “Let him go, Rainbelly. That Kittypet won’t cause any more harm as long as he knows that we’re here.” Meowed Spottedbelly, glancing at the frightened Kittypet. “Aw, but can’t we fight him? I want to test my battle skills!” mewed Shrewpaw, flexing his claws.

“Hey, you still have Riverclan to look out for if they decide to try to take back Sunningrocks.” Foxleap reminded, keeping his paw on the eager Apprentice’s brown-furred tail. “Oh! Can we go mark the Sunningrocks border?” Shrewpaw begged. Spottedbelly nodded and then turned away from the Kittypet and I. “Come along.” With that, Bramblethorn letting out a deep growl, the Thunderclan Patrol disappeared thru the undergrowth.

I let out one last hiss before turning my back to the Kittypet and padding away thru the forest and away from the Twolegplace and into Tallpines, hearing the sudden scrabbling of paws and the scrapes of claws against wood behind me.

Satisfied, I traveled past the Owl Tree and soon stopped at near the rumbling and stinking Thunderpath, a plump Mouse dangling by it’s scruff in my jaws. I dropped the fresh-kill to rest, for I had taken the long way back to camp, thinking about the stench of the Kittypet. It was so vaguely familiar, faint and seeming as though I had once smelled it, a long, long time ago. Sighing, I sat down and bent my head to lick down my grey chest fur. My tongue swiped along my slick fur, and I continued this cycle until I was satisfied by the way my fur looked, it was nice and clean.

Then, I stood up and grabbed the Mouse in my jaws, quickly padding away from the Thunderpath, the stench making my eyes water and my pink nose sting. Silently, I walked into the forest and deeper into Thunderclan territory, heading toward the camp, the image of the frightened Kittypet in my mind and it’s scent never seeming to leave my nose. How scared he had been! But my need to teach the Kittypet a lesson seemed to suddenly fade away. I pushed the thoughts of the Kittypet to the back of my mind as I spied a plump Squirrel nibbling on a seed and sitting on the roots of a tree.

I quietly set down my prey, scraping leaves and dirt over it before I crouched and edged toward the Squirrel. I licked my lips in anticipation as I slowly neared it, pausing every time the plump Squirrel glanced up. But by the time it saw me, I had my paw pinning it on it’s belly. It squirmed and squealed under my massive paw, but I quickly put a stop to it’s fidgeting by giving it a quick bite to the neck. I smiled thru a mouthful of dark grey Squirrel fur as I carried my prey back to my Mouse.

I laid the fresh-kill down, uncovered my Mouse, and then struggled to carry both of my pieces of prey back to the camp, which was not too far away. Within a few minutes, I was padding thru the Thunderclan camp entrance and to the fresh-kill pile. There, I dropped my prey, picked out a fat Vole, and padded toward the Nursery. I stuck my head inside to find Duststorm curled up around my kits, which suckled eagerly. I dropped the Vole at her paws and nudged my friend, who had kept my secret for so long, including Spottedbelly, who had pretended to be the father of the kits.

You see, secretly, I had mated with Scartail from Windclan, had kits in Barley, a Loner’s barn, and then found Duststorm and Spottedbelly, soon bringing them to the barn. I had explained the situation and they agreed, disobeying the Warrior Code, as I had done a season ago. But no cat knew that I had kits or if they were even mine, except Bluepool, the Deputy of Windclan. But my kits were safe in Duststorm and Spottedbelly’s paws-for now. When Duststorm didn’t even twitch, I nudged her again, although much harder.

The ginger she-cat flinched, and then opened her eyes. I purred and rubbed my head against her cheek in greeting. “How are they?” I asked in a whisper. Duststorm opened her jaws in a wide yawn before speaking in a sleepy tone. “They’re doing good. Rainkit’s very strong. In fact, they’re all pretty strong. They’re suckling well. No need to worry, Rainbelly.’ She meowed sleepily.

“Thanks. You’re a good friend. Here, I brought you some fresh-kill.” I nudged the Vole toward her paws. Duststorm brightened up and smiled as she bent her head to take a bite out of the plump Vole. I nodded, glancing at my four healthy kits, Saltkit, Rainkit, Spottedkit, and finally Scarkit. Then, with a smile on my face, I exited the Nursery and padded toward the Warriors’ Den, passing the Apprentices’ Den on the way.

I quickly peeked inside to see Mousepaw, her once-bloody scratch blood-free and clean, curled up on a bed of moss, along with Shrewpaw, who was snoring slightly, obviously fast asleep. How could Mousepaw or Shrewpaw be sleeping at this time? I thought in confusion, only to glance up at the darkening sky. Oh, that’s why. I then padded over to the Warriors’ Den, entering to find Spottedbelly,-relief flooded over me as I noticed that Bramblethorn wasn’t here- Rabbitear, Lionblaze, Thornpierce, Silverstream, Foxleap, Brindleface, and Cinderpelt, who surprisingly, continued her Warrior Duties despite her crippled leg. I crept past the sleeping cats and eventually lay in an empty nest next to Spottedbelly, who snored slightly.

I smiled, head on my paws, tail curled around my side, and then soon fell into a deep slumber.

Chapter 5Edit

The scent of milk swirled around me as I saw four kits curled up against a grey-blue she-cat’s belly, which had the same Rain Drop-like mark on it as I did. One kit was a brown tom, who suckled by a silvery-grey she-kit with a tuff of fur on her forehead. Another kit was a she-kit with a black and white coat, spotted basically. The milk scent suddenly grew stronger as I saw the fourth kit, which was a she-kit who had silvery-grey fur like the other, and a Rain Drop-like mark on her soft underbelly as her mother. I saw the brown tom again, who mewled in protest as the silvery-grey she-kit with the tuff of fur on her forehead accidentally kicked him while she tried to suckle peacefully.

The kit with the Rain Drop-like mark on her belly mewed also, hearing the brown tom’s cry. The one with the black and white-spotted coat mewed also, snuggling up closer against the fourth kit. The scent of the brown tom suddenly grew much stronger, mingled with the scent of the Rain Drop-like marked kit and also fresh and warm milk. The scent was overwhelming, sweeping over me like a current of water.

I slowly opened my eyes, the milk, brown kit, and the silvery-grey kit with the Rain Drop-like mark on her belly scent lingering in my nostrils. A realization suddenly washed over me: That brown tom that I had seen yesterday was my brother! It sounded crazy, almost mouse-brained, but it was true. Why else would my dream reveal the mother and kits, especially the one with the Rain Drop-like mark on her belly exactly like me? The scent still swimming around me, I slowly got up and crept past my sleeping Clanmates and out of the den, the morning sunlight gliding over me and making my fur shine in the gallant light.

As I was about to take another step forward, aiming to get to the Thunderclan camp entrance, a yowl rang out into the air. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here, beneath the Highrock, for a Clan meeting!” I glanced up to see Dovestar atop the Highrock, Robinpaw and Drynose by her side. I beamed and eagerly bounded over, several other cats that had been awakened by her call slowly following, tiredness in their different-colored eyes. Once every cat was beneath the Highrock, including me, Dovestar spoke.

“Thunderclan’s deeply trusted Medicine Cat, Drynose, has taken on an Apprentice. Starclan has accepted Robinpaw and he is now officially Drynose’s Medicine Cat Apprentice.” Dovestar meowed, proudly looking at Robinpaw, who looked up at Drynose with happiness. Drynose smiled and licked the black tom’s forehead. After several moments filled with the many Thunderclan cats cheering Robinpaw’s name, the crowd of cats broke up, all cats eager to get back to their dens. I waited until Dovestar leaped off of the Highrock and slipped into her den and also until Drynose, his new Apprentice by his side, padded away and into the Medicine Cat’s den. I careful checked to make sure no other cats were around before quickly padding away and slipping out of the Thunderclan camp to the unguarded entrance.

Trekking thru the forest, the sounds and scents of prey swirled around me, but the overwhelming sensation to hunt didn’t stop me from soon padding past the Sandy Hollow and eventually reaching Tallpines and then the Twolegplace. I stopped at the base of the wooden fence where the brown tom had supposedly climbed over, nervousness clawing at my Rain Drop-marked belly. Would I really go into Twolegplace just to find some unknown cat that was probably my brother? Yes, yes, I would. Bunching up my back legs, I sprang up and onto the fence, struggling to balance myself on one of the fence posts.

Before jumping down, or rather, falling down, I scanned the flower-dotted Twoleg garden. Half-falling, half-jumping, I was off of that fence in a flash, landing on my feet on soft and lush green grass. Nervously, I glanced up, to see some type of small and flappy opening at the entrance to the Twoleg Nest open up to see a brown tom with a purple collar and a jangling bell! It was the tom from the other day! My brother!

But no matter how excited or nervous I was, I didn’t want to startle him. Instead, I quietly slipped behind a patch of flowers, the scent of the brown tom growing with each step he took that seemed to head toward the fence. I crouched down in nervousness as I spotted the tom at the base of the fence. He crouched down, then leaped into the air, seeming like his claws instinctively dug into the wooden fence, and slowly heaved himself up and over the fence. Amused and also shocked, I crept away from the flower patch and did the same that the brown tom had done, although much quicker.

I peered over the edge of the fence before leaping down to see the brown tom, or my brother, land gracefully onto the dark green grass and leaves of the forest floor. I took a deep breath before calling out to him. “H-hello.” I meowed softly, my claws digging into the wooden fence as I heaved myself up and perched on one of the fence posts. The brown tom spun around and gasped. “You!” he gasped, crouching down and flattening his ears in obvious submission.

I leaped down from the fence post and in front of my terrified brother. “D-don’t hurt me! Please don’t k-kill me!” he begged as I looked down at him. “Why would I?” “B-because you’re a W-Wildcat! Wildcats eat live Rabbits for breakfast and sharpen their c-claws on old animal b-bones!” my brother stammered. “No, we don’t.” I assured.

“B-but why are you here?” I took a deep breath before speaking. “Because I’m your….sister.” I said softly. My brother seemed take aback by what I had said, his face an expression showing pure shock. But his shock turned into silent happiness and curiosity as he sniffed deeply, his eyes closed.

“You smell much different then when we were kits.” He murmured, opening his eyes and looking at me. I gasped, smiling. He remembered! Although I couldn’t remember that I was actually Part-Kittypet. Not at all.

I didn’t recall anything. “What’s your name?” I asked, shocked to actually be speaking to my own brother. I didn’t even know that I had a brother! “Don’t you remember? My name’s Oak.” Oak meowed. “I’m Rainbelly.” I said.

Oak cocked his head in confusion. “Rainbelly? No, your name is Rain.” Rain? Why would my name be Rain? I shrugged. Who cared what my….Kittypet name was?

I sure didn’t. I was Rainbelly, a Warrior of Thunderclan, and it would stay that way. “Well, my Clan name is Rainbelly, okay? I grew up with it. As an Apprentice, I was called Rainpaw. Now I’m a Warrior, and my name is Rainbelly.” I meowed. “Oh, well, okay…uh, Rainbelly.” Meowed Oak uncertainly. “Now tell me, Oak. What were you doing, jumping over the fence?” I asked.

Oak stiffened, as if not wanting to say a word. “Well?” “Um, I…uh, I wanted to see what it was like in the forest after yesterday.” Oak murmured, looking down at his paws. “Oh, yeah. Sorry about yesterday. I…I didn’t know who you were then.” I meowed, looking away. “It’s okay. Oh, and I didn’t mean to really hurt that cat. I was just scared of what she would do to me after she bit my shoulder.”

I glanced at my brother’s wound. Strangely, it was covered in a white cloth or something, stained with blood. “I understand. Hey, I think it would be better talking in your garden.” I meowed, looking around after remembering the Clan cats, and the ferocity in Bramblethorn and the eagerness to fight in Shrewpaw. “Well, okay.” I watched as Oak turned and leaped onto the fence, heaving himself up after a few moments of struggling, and then quickly leaping into his side of the fence.

I followed, again doing what he did but much, much more quicker. I landed beside my brother and we made our way behind a thick patch of flowers. Together, we lay down on the soft and lush light green grass and talked. We talked for what seemed moons. I first talked about living in Thunderclan and about the rest of the other Clans of Cats in the forest, such as the peaceful Windclan, the fierce Shadowclan, the sly Riverclan, and especially the strong and willpower of the great Thunderclan, not to boast too much of course.

I told Oak about my Warrior Life and how I had figured out that we were siblings. After I had finished, Oak told me about his own life. He told me that he lived with a…nice Twoleg who fed him and everything, but I wasn’t the slightest bit tempted. Then, Oak told me that he occasionally visited his sister, also my sister, but that he had no clue where the third sister was. After his whole story was complete, I asked him the most ultimate question.

“Where’s our mother?” I asked. “Oh! I completely forgot! She lives here, with me!” Oak meowed, dashing out from behind the flower patch and slipping thru the floppy entrance to the Twoleg Nest. Excitement surged thru me and I flexed my claws to let it seep out. I was about to meet my own mother! And I didn’t have to wait long, for after I poked my head out from behind the flower patch, I saw Oak padding toward me with a blue-grey she-cat with green eyes.

Just like me, although I had simple and normal grey fur. It was the she-cat mother from my dream. “Claire, or mother, this is Rain, or Rainbelly, as she is called now. One of your long-lost daughters.” Oak meowed, flicking his tail toward me. I held my breath as the she-cat looked softly at me, her green eyes warm with welcome. “Rain, oh, uh, Rainbelly, this is our mother, Claire.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I was introduced to my mother. My own mother! The beautiful Claire padded up to me, sniffing as she was within inches from me. “Oh, Rain. I never thought that I’d see you again.” She meowed in a sweet, and gentle voice as she bent her head and rubbed it against my own. Tears streamed down my face in happiness and also sorrow.

What had kept me away from my own birth mother? I didn’t know, but I pushed the thoughts away as I purred and cried at the same time, Claire rubbing her head affectionately against mine. “I never even knew that you existed…mother.” I said softly, tears sliding down my face as I did so. “Well, now you do.” My mother meowed. “You’re in good paws, now, Rain, if I may call you that.”

“Yes, yes! Of course!” I purred, licking my mother’s cheek as we slowly pulled our heads back. “Rain, or, Rainbelly, would you like me to fetch Misty? Your other sister?” Oak asked, tears welling up in his own eyes. I eagerly nodded, the tears not stopping. Oak dipped his head toward me, and collar jangling as he ran, climbed up and over another wooden fence leading to another Twoleg garden on me and Claire’s left side. “What happened to you?” My mother asked, worry in her green eyes.

I smiled slightly. “I honestly don’t know what happened or how I ended up as a Clan cat, living in the forest. I can’t remember a thing about you or any siblings, except after a dream the other day. It told me everything.” I meowed. Claire nodded and then perked up her ears as a scratching noise shot into our ears. I did the same, locating the sound from the left. I glanced over my shoulder to see Oak leap down from the wooden fence with a silver-grey she-cat with green eyes that looked exactly like me.

She had the same tuff of fur draped over her forehead, which covered her left eye from where I was sitting. She was a picture of beauty, but not as beautiful as my mother, Claire. The she-cat gasped when she saw me, beaming. “Rain! It’s you!” she gasped, rushing over and rubbing her head against mine. I grinned as I corrected her.

“Rainbelly, actually.” Only my mother was allowed to call me whatever she wanted. “Oh, okay then. I’m Misty! Your other sister! Oak told me about you on the way here!” Misty meowed excitedly as she pulled her head away and looked at me. “Do you really live with Wildcats?” “Yes, but they’re not as wild as you think…..”

A few minutes passed while I repeated everything I had told Oak to Misty and my mother, Claire. After I finished, I looked at the sky. It was a bright morning, and Thunderclan would be awake by now, and I was troubled that they might notice my absence since I was Clan Deputy, including Bramblethorn and Dovestar. Reluctantly, I spoke, standing up. “I truly wish to stay with you longer, but I must go. As I said, I am the Thunderclan Deputy, and I am needed at the camp. But, I promise you all, I will come back to visit you as soon as possible.” I promised as I padded away, looking at my family over my shoulder every possible and known second.

“Please do.” Claire pleaded. “Yeah. You must come back soon.” Meowed Misty. “Yes. Please do come back as quick as possible.” Said Oak. With one last nod, a goodbye meow, and a few quick glances, I leaped onto the fence, and as I leaped onto the forest side, I meowed one final last goodbye before turning and padding thru the forest and into Thunderclan territory.

Chapter 6 Edit

The scents of Claire, Oak, and Misty licked clean off of my fur but still lingering wonderfully in my nostrils, I entered the Thunderclan camp with a two mice dangling by their tails in my jaws. To make for an excuse why I wasn’t found in camp if they wondered, I had hunted to show that hunting was my excuse. Also, that way, I could grab something from the fresh-kill pile. I was starving. It seemed as though only several cats had noticed my absence, for the others were seemingly too busy with their Warrior Duties to actually notice.

Relief washing over me, I dropped my prey on the highly-stocked fresh-kill pile and picked out a Starling, yes, we hunted birds too, I just preferred to catch land-based prey more, and padded over to the stump where the Warriors ate. As I crouched down and started to pluck the many feathers off of the plump bird, thoughts coursed thru my mind like a wind-howling storm. Would it be right to yet again break the Warrior Code and see my Kittypet Family? What if some cat found out or saw me meeting with them? I would obviously be punished if they reported my actions to Dovestar.

But despite my Kittypet Family, I had other worries, such as Bramblethorn. The brown-striped tom was out to get me, since I had become Deputy after he had said that Sunfall, the old Thunderclan Deputy was killed by a Fox but he had actually killed Sunfall himself in hopes of becoming the new Deputy. So far, only one attempt was made to try to kill me. “Hey, Rainbelly! Would you like to lead the Dawn Patrol?” The voice shot thru my ears and I lifted my head, a feather in my mouth, to see Brindleface padding toward me.

“No, thanks. I’m a little tired. Maybe Spottedbelly will be willing to lead it.” I meowed, spitting out the feather and then bending my head to take a bite out of the mostly feather-free section of the Starling. “Well, okay. Come on, Spottedbelly! You’re leading the Dawn Patrol! Let’s head out! Now!” With that, Brindleface turned and padded away as I bit into the plump bird. The warmth of the meat flooded into my mouth as I chewed and swallowed, pricking up my ears at the sound of Dovestar’s yowl ringing out and into the air. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here, beneath the Highrock, for a Clan meeting.”

I quickly finished the Starling in time to hurry over to the Highrock, where Dovestar sat above me and the other cats as they gathered around. “Fellow Clanmates, I have decided to set forth a large Hunting Party at Sunningrocks and around the territory because when the Dawn Patrol came quickly back into camp shortly after they left, Spottedbelly reported to me that Shadowclan was found hunting in the territory and scent-marking our very own borders. A threat and several bites and scratches had sent them running out across the Thunderpath and into their own territory. But there was a fatality reported, for one Shadowclan Warrior was hit and killed by a Monster that had been heading for him. Besides that, I would like a large group to hunt at Sunningrocks and the rest of the territory to catch as much prey as possible in case anything happens over the next few days.” Meowed Dovestar. “Rainbelly will lead the Hunting Party and take, Silverstream, Foxleap, Mousepaw, Rabbitear, Bramblethorn, Falconflight, Pebblepelt, Raccoonring, and Spottedbelly. Rainbelly, would you mind leading them out?” “Not at all.” I meowed, smiling as I quickly gathered up the cats and led them out of the Thunderclan camp entrance. I led my Hunting Party deep into Thunderclan territory before stopping and facing the eager Thunderclan cats.

But I failed to take into account that Bramblethorn was with me, and I stupidly and blindly called out cats. “Silverstream, Rabbitear, and Falconflight, you all go to Sunningrocks. Raccoonring, Foxleap, and Mousepaw, you all go to The Great Sycamore. “Spottedbelly, Bramblethorn, and I will go to Snakerocks.” I meowed, flicking my tail. The cats heading to Sunningrocks and The Great Sycamore nodded and left to their assigned hunting areas. With a quick nod, I turned, with Spottedbelly at my side and Bramblethorn in the back, I led my small group to the dangerous Snakerocks. Who knew, prey could be anywhere at that place and we just didn’t know it, yet.

“Rainbelly? Are you sure that Bramblethorn should be hunting with us….and at Snakerocks?” Spottedbelly asked in a worried whisper. I suddenly, I remembered. Bramblethorn did come with us! “I was a bit…off at the moment, but I’m sure that it’ll be okay.” I lied, not too sure that it would be okay after all. I reluctantly dismissed my cats as I sniffed around the base of the Snakerocks. Nothing.

I glanced up and carefully bounded onto one of the rocks, only to see a plump mouse scurry in front of me. I quickly pounced, careful not too fall off of the rocks, and killed the mouse with a swift bite to the neck. Proudly, I leaped off of the Snakerocks, only to stop at Bramblethorn’s voice. I froze as he spoke. “Hello, Rainbelly. Why don’t you see what I caught?”

I slowly turned around to see Bramblethorn with an Adder pinned under his paws, instead of him crouching down and waiting to attack. I dropped the Mouse in astonishment. He had caught an Adder! “W-wow. Nice job…Bramblethorn. But are Adders safe to eat?” I asked carefully. “We don’t want any cat getting sick or dying at camp once they eat that thing.”

“Oh, it’s alright. No cat in camp will die at all.” Meowed Bramblethorn, removing his paws from the Adder as I was only a mouse-length from the scaly body and quickly leaping away. Everything happened so fast, that I couldn’t move to react. I heard Spottedbelly call out, “Rainbelly! Look out!”. But when I looked in front of me, the Adder had struck at me, it’s fangs clamping down on my left front leg. The venom seemed to slip easily thru my veins as I yowled in horrible pain.

The Adder had been alive and the dreaded and incredibly dangerous Bramblethorn…..he had tricked me into getting bitten, but I didn’t have much time to think about it at all, for my life was hanging by a thread now. I screeched in excrutiating pain as I shook my leg, soon to send the angered Adder flying and hitting the Snakerocks with a thud. Pain and venom coursing thru my body, I flopped and writhed on the ground in a frenzied panic. “R-Rainbelly!” Spottedbelly screeched as he bounded over to me. I could barley see him, for I shut my eyes, too panicked to react properly.

“You!” Thru slitted eyes, I saw Spottedbelly lunge at Bramblethorn, hissing. Bramblethorn snickered and dodged the attack expertly, sending Spottedbelly snout-first into the dusty ground. “Help! Help us! Anyone help!” he yowled as Bramblethorn threw himself at him and pinned Spottedbelly to the ground. “Hello! Life on the line here!” I grunted, writhing on the ground in horrible pain as my left leg throbbed.

“What’s going on?” I spotted Bramblethorn suddenly release Spottedbelly and immediately try to look innocent and shocked. Twisting and turning, I caught sight of the Patrol I had sent to The Great Sycamore plunge thru the undergrowth, consisting of Raccoonring, Foxleap, and my frightened Apprentice, Mousepaw. “Rainbelly was bitten by an Adder!” Bramblethorn meowed innocently. “Yeah, and Bramblethorn planned it!” hissed Spottedbelly, his hackles rising and his fur bristling.

“Enough of that! Set aside your pity differences and remember that a life is on the line here!” snapped Foxleap. “Oh, I hope she’ll be okay.” Mewed Mousepaw. Before I knew it, I had slipped into unconsciousness, the pain and venom seeming to make my body slowly shut down.

I slowly opened my eyes, my left leg throbbing. Something was touching it, but I didn’t know what. My mind swirled as I recalled what had happened. Bramblethorn had tricked me into getting bitten by a deadly Adder. My eyes open wide, I saw Drynose and Robinpaw with Dovestar at their side as Drynose pressed something onto the Adder bite on my left leg. “W-where am I?” I stammered, a bit dizzy and surprisingly light-headed.

“You’re in my den, Rainbelly. And because of Drynose and Robinpaw, you’re alive and well.” Meowed Dovestar as she bent down and nudged my cheek. “Seems like you’ve been bitten by an Adder. It’s a good thing that I had plenty of Snakeroot in my den, otherwise you would’ve been a goner.” Meowed Drynose, relieved. “Bramblethorn would make sure of that.” I muttered under my breath. “What?” Dovestar gave me a strange look.

“Nothing.” I meowed quickly as I lay my head back in exhaustion. “W-where’s Spottedbelly and B-Bramblethorn?” “They’re outside of the den, waiting to be questioned.” Dovestar replied. “Will I be okay?” I asked worriedly. “You’ll be fine. Drynose said that you just need some fresh-kill and a while of resting.” Mewed Robinpaw as he nudged a plump Mouse toward me.

“Thank you, Robinpaw. I knew you would make a good Medicine Cat Apprentice.” I chuckled as I strained my neck to close my teeth around the Mouse’s warm body and pull it close. “While you recover, you’ll stay in the den with me, while Spottedbelly and Bramblethorn are questioned outside.” My belly churned at the thought of what Spottedbelly would say. After all, he had possibly witnessed the event. And what would Dovestar ask me if we were in the den, and all alone with her?

“Well, you should rest a bit. I’ll come back soon. First things first: Spottedbelly and Bramblethorn.” Then, Dovestar turned and trotted out of her den. “We’ll let you eat in peace. If there’s any pain, let us know.” Meowed Drynose. Within seconds, both Mentor and Apprentice were gone. I sighed and bit into the Mouse, hunger starting to gnaw at my belly.

As I chewed and then swallowed, my paw on the Mouse, I perked up my ears at the sound of voices outside of the den. “Bramblethorn, go to the Warriors’ Den. I wish to speak with Spottedbelly.” The padding of paws followed, soon fading away as Bramblethorn supposedly left for the Warriors’ Den on Dovestar’s command. “Now, Spottedbelly. What exactly happened?” asked Dovestar. “Well, I-“

A bright light flashed in front of me, only to fade and reveal the dripping-wet shape of Bramblethorn! I gasped in fright as he grinned evilly, showing wet teeth as if he had swallowed water or been dunked in water with his mouth open. But I nearly screamed with horror as I noticed what exactly was dripping off of him. It was sticky and red. It smelled indescribably and looked horrifying, even though I had seen it many times in my life.

It was blood! The red liquid dripped down Bramblethorn’s slick, brown-striped fur. The wet liquid on his teeth was blood, and they glistened frighteningly. A calm but serious voice was heard, and the shape of a starry and silvery-grey she-cat with faint grey stripes appeared beside the bloody Bramblethorn. “Blood Will Spill Blood, One Life Will Each Be Lost, Strangers Will Come, And Brambles Will Tangle and Mix Up Your Life.”

It was the Prophecy that had been repeated to me many times before in the past, possibly moons or even a few seasons ago. Why would the she-cat repeat it to me again? Suddenly, another bright light flashed, and Bramblethorn was gone, along with the mysterious she-cat. Panting with fright, claws extended and digging into the bitten Mouse’s still-warm body, I looked around wildly. It was a vision.

A vision had just flashed before my eyes, and I wasn’t asleep. It felt as though life had frozen in place for a moment, but it hadn’t, for outside, the voice of Spottedbelly was heard, finishing his unheard story. “And that’s what I saw. I’m perfectly sure that it happened. I swear to Starclan and on my life that I am truthful.” “Very well. I will speak to Rainbelly now and tell her of your story.” I shut my eyes, pushing the Mouse a Kittenstep away, and pretended to be sound asleep, so it seemed as though I didn’t hear a thing, even if I didn’t after all.

I heard the sound of pawsteps, and light swept over my eyes for a second, the lichen and moss being removed from the Clan Leader’s Den entrance for only a moment. The sound of pawsteps grew louder, and I quickly felt someone nudge my cheek. “Rainbelly. Rainbelly, wake up, please. I wish to speak with you.” I obediently opened my eyes and looked up, raising my head, to see Dovestar…and a flash of bright light. I suddenly screamed in fright at the sight of her.

She was limping on a bloodied leg, and the fur around her neck was matted with dripping blood. It streamed down her pure white fur and dripped onto the ground in front of me. My claws extended, my fur bristled, but I couldn’t take my light-green gaze off of the blood-covered Thunderclan Leader. “Rainbelly! Rainbelly! What’s wrong?” Another bright light flashed, along with someone echoing a part of the Prophecy.

“And Brambles Will Tangle And Mix Up Your Life.” My claws digging into the ground, I shut my eyes tight as the bright light faded into the faint darkness of Dovestar’s den. “Rainbelly! Rainbelly! What is wrong, Rainbelly?” Dovestar demanded. I slowly opened my eyes, my fur bristling, to see Dovestar, her body and fur blood-free, standing over me, pure worry in her blue-eyed gaze. Trembling with fright at the two horrific images I had just witnessed, I looked down at the ground under my paws.

“Rainbelly?” Dovestar meowed worriedly. I sighed heavily, ready to tell her about the two visions and the repeating of the Prophecy I had received.

Chapter 7Edit

“D-Dovestar…Starclan sent me two visions. The first one repeated the Prophecy, Blood Will Spill Blood, One Life Will Each Be Lost, Strangers Will Come, And Brambles Will Tangle and Mix Up Your Life. The second one repeated only part of the Prophecy, And Brambles Will Tangle And Mix Up Your Life.” I meowed, still looking down. “And what exactly were the visions?” Dovestar asked. “And look at me while you’re at it.” She growled. I sighed. “I don’t think that you’ll want to believe the second one.” I murmured.

“Just go on.” Dovestar urged softly. I looked up at her as I spoke. “I was in the den, and just as Spottedbelly was about to tell you what had happened at Snakerocks, I saw a bright light. A-and then I saw Bramblethorn in front of me. But he was absolutely covered in…..b-blood. The silvery-grey she cat that had told me the Prophecy in the past appeared next to him and repeated the Prophecy. Then, the light flashed again, and that was when Spottedbelly had finished telling you about what happened at Snakerocks.” I said. Dovestar’s eyes were wide with concern as I spoke again. “The second vision occurred when you came in. I saw again, a bright light flash, and when I opened my eyes, you were standing in front of me with a bloody limp and the fur around your neck matted with blood. Then, the last part of the Prophecy was repeated. The bright light flashed yet again, and you were back to normal. That’s why I screamed when you came in.” I explained, nervous as I waited to her reaction to both visions.

“A-and I hate to even think or say about it, but I think that the last part of the Prophecy connects to B-Bramblethorn, as much as I hate to say it, Dovestar.” Dovestar seemed lost for words as she looked at me with her deep blue eyes, which were clouded with unrelenting worry. After what seemed like moons, Dovestar spoke, her voice cracked with half-sadness and half-fear. “W-well, then. I-I think you’ve had enough rest. I’ll t-tell you what Spottedbelly said l-later. I’m a bit tired, you see. Why don’t you go and hunt or something? Your leg seems better now. Oh, and take the Mouse with you, if you don’t m-mind. Don’t want my den to be stinking of Crowfood, now do we?” Dovestar seemed to let out a forced chuckle as she turned away from me and padded into the very corner of her den.

“A-as you w-wish, D-Dovestar.” I meowed softly as I heaved myself up, my Adder-Bitten leg with only a dull ache, picked up the partly-eaten mouse by the back of it’s neck, and turned and left Dovestar’s den, the lichen and moss draped over the entrance brushing my back as I exited the dark den. Silently, I padded over to the stump where the Warriors ate, quickly finished the Mouse, and then looked up to glance at the darkening sky. How quickly did time fly in this world? I sighed as I padded over to the Warriors’ Den and flopped down onto an empty bed near Spottedbelly. I curled up next to him, my tail curled around my side, shut my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep, knowing that the Gathering was to happen when I awoke.

There I was, sitting on the Great Rock with Dovestar and the other Clan Leaders and their Deputies, Bluepool glaring at me and then looking down at the crowd of cats at Scartail, my true mate, who looked away in nervousness. Suddenly, the scenery changed and I saw an injured and bleeding orange-furred cat, a tom, cowering behind a thick bush as I passed him, not knowing of his presence until I saw a flash of his orange and red pelt thru the bush. All of a sudden, I saw myself rushing toward the Thunderpath and after Scartail, screeching for him in fright as a Monster hurtled toward him as he ran onto the stinking Thunderpath. Again, the scenery changed, and I saw myself, looking half-delusional and half-panicked, standing in front of Bramblethorn, who grinned evilly as I blurted out silent words in a panicked frenzy. Suddenly, I was battling a cat near the Highrock.

I triumphantly sent it scampering away, only to turn and see Bramblethorn slinking into Dovestar’s den, his tail lashing back and forth. I heard a panicked screech from inside, and within seconds, I was rushing inside my Leader’s den, only to see her lying in a blood-wet bed of moss and lichen, saying silent words in a pleading motion to Bramblethorn, whose teeth glinted and dripped horrifyingly with dark, red, and sticky blood. Dovestar’s blood-drowned fur was pierced by teeth and claws to reveal a horrible slice in her side. I gasped and flung myself at Bramblethorn, yowling silent threats and words. As I barreled into him, a bright light flashed, making the picture fade for a few measly seconds before becoming a picture of me pinning Bramblethorn down with my teeth bared and my claws extended and digging into his fur.

The fear in his eyes told me all I needed to know as I lunged forward and bit into his neck.

I jerked awake, only to find my claws extended and digging into my moss bed as if I really was digging them into Bramblethorn’s fur. My fur bristled slightly, but when I sat up and tried to lick it down, it flattened and I relaxed. The images from my dream seeped into my mind once more, making me dangerously curious and start to wonder and ponder. Who was that strange orange tom? Why was Bluepool glaring at Scartail?

And why did I look so frightened and half-delusional? I would have to wait to find out. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here, beneath the Highrock, for a Clan meeting!” I perked up my ears at the sound of Dovestar’s voice, and then prodded Spottedbelly, who slept soundly next to me, with a paw. “Wh-what?” he mumbled, jerking his head up, his eyes full of sleep.

“Come on. Dovestar is calling a meeting, you big, furry, brown furball.” I meowed, smiling as I stood up and made my way out of the Warriors’ Den to see Dovestar sitting atop the Highrock. Spottedbelly quickly followed me out, his pelt brushing mine as he rushed past me. I slowly and calmly made my way toward the other cats sitting below the Highrock and murmuring to themselves. When all of the cats had snapped to attention as Dovestar looked down upon them, she spoke. “I shall now announce the cats who have the privilege of going to tonight’s Gathering.” She meowed.

“Spottedbelly, Bramblethorn, Orangemane, Elderflower, Mousepaw, Foxleap, Falconflight, Shrewpaw, Cinderpelt, Silverstream, Rabbitear, Brindleface, Raccoonring, Rainbelly, and I shall attend the Gathering tonight. Now, we should go now.” With that, Dovestar leaped off of the Highrock and stalked toward the camp entrance. “Rainbelly? I would like to speak to you on the way in you don’t mind.” She meowed, beckoning me with her tail. “Spottedbelly, lead my cats to Fortress, please.” Spottedbelly eagerly nodded and rushed out of the Thunderclan camp, the others quickly following him.

Dovestar exited the camp, and I hurried over to her, soon padding by her side. We lagged behind the group of cats as they made their way toward Fortress, soon to disappear among the thick undergrowth. “You wanted to speak to me, Dovestar?” I meowed. “Yes. Rainbelly, I have decided to tell you what Spottedbelly told me.” Dovestar said, looking down at the ground as she walked. “Go on.” I urged.

“Well, Spottedbelly told me that he claimed seeing Bramblethorn catch a live Adder, show it to you, and then jump away as he let it go when it striked at you. I find it very hard to believe that Bramblethorn would purposely try to kill you, Rainbelly. He is a trusted Warrior, and I’m sure that he wouldn’t do such a thing. Do you object?” Dovestar asked, looking up at me with seriousness in her eyes. I was alarmed at her question, yet very tempted to say yes. “Well?” I sighed, and again, lied to my own Leader. “No. I do not object. B-Bramblethorn is a t-trusted Warrior as you said and w-wouldn’t hurt or k-kill anyone unless he truly needed t-to.” I said, forcing several words out that I didn’t really want to say. Well, if he wants to kill me, then that means that he really needs to. Even though he truly doesn’t. Mouse-brain. How could that furball kill me? Humph. I’d like to see him try!

“Well, I’m glad you see it from my point of view, Rainbelly.” Meowed Dovestar. “I will talk to Bramblethorn later or whenever I get the chance. Now, let’s catch up with the others, shall we?” With that, Dovestar hurriedly trotted away and out of sight, her white pelt blending strongly with the dark undergrowth. Sighing, I followed, knowing that Bramblethorn was out to kill me. And he would kill me.

He just needed to find out when and where the right time was. If he could.

Bluepool’s icy, lillypad-green glare told me everything I needed to know as Scartail cowered, his ears flattened as she glared at him from several tail-lengths next to me atop the Great Rock. I sat beside Dovestar, looking at him in worry as he looked away from the Windclan Deputy glare. I flinched as Bluepool broke the gaze between herself and my mate and quickly turned on me, her glare seeming to burn my fur. The Tortoiseshell narrowed her eyes at me in strange suspicion, and I knew what she was thinking: Where were my kits, and did I get rid of them? I flattened my ears and the brightness in my eyes faded as I tried to look sad and helpless, trying to make her think that my kits were gone, even though my best friend Duststorm was actually caring for them, Spottedbelly pretending to be her beloved mate, even though he never hung around her that much or even acted like a father to them.

I struggled to avoid her glare as much as I could, and before I could break, I was saved by Owlstar, the Leader of Shadowclan’s, small yowl. I snapped my head up and scanned the crowd of cats below me as they quieted down and looked up at their Leaders and their trusted Deputies. “Clan Cats, the G-Gathering has begun.” Owlstar meowed shyly and softly. “Wolfstar, you may speak first.” Owlstar dipped his head to Wolfstar, the Riverclan Leader.

“Thank you, Owlstar. Now, Riverclan has a report to make. The fish in the river runs strong, and the river is full with water as usual. And sadly, despite our many attempts, Sunningrocks now belongs to….Thunderclan.” Wolfstar growled, flexing his claws. I noticed that he had spat out the word, “Thunderclan”. He seemed to truly hate losing Sunningrocks ever since we won the famous No-Mercy Sunningrocks Battle, which had first been caused by a fight at the recent Gathering a season ago. “That is all.” The silvery-grey and dark grey-striped tom meowed. “Hawkstar, you may speak.”

Wolfstar then dipped his head to Hawkstar, the peaceful Leader of Windclan. “Thank you, Wolfstar. Well, then. The Rabbits are plentiful in our territory so it is not a problem to find good food to sustain us. We are strong and as long as the prey runs, we always will be.” Meowed Hawkstar, dipping his head toward Dovestar. “Dovestar, you may now speak.” “Thank you, dear Hawkstar. Thunderclan is very strong, and we now own, after a won no-mercy battle, Sunningrocks. Despite that, our prey is running strongly and should sustain us for a long time. Is there anything else to add from the others?” Dovestar asked. The other Clan Leaders shook their heads no.

“Well then. In that case, the Gathering has quickly come to an end. May Starclan light our paths until the next time we meet, when the moon is full.” With that, Dovestar leaped off of the Great Rock. I did the same, landing on all fours beside her. “Come, we shall head back to camp. Let us go, now.” Without another word, Dovestar trotted off.

“Rainbelly! I must speak with you, now!” I gasped and spun around, only to relax as I spotted Scartail, my secret Windclan Warrior Mate, the real father of my four kits that I gave birth to, trotting briskly toward me. Suddenly realizing the note of urgency in his voice, I turned nervous and worried. “What is it?” I asked, cocking my head to one side. “Bluepool is suspious. You saw how she was glaring at me, right? Because I sure saw how she was glaring at you.” meowed Scartail.

“Suspicious? How?” I asked in worry. How could she be even the slightest bit suspsious? I didn’t look as if I held some type of secret deep inside me, even though I honestly did. “I’m not sure….” Scartail’s voice trailed off in worried thought, nervousness clouding his eyes. “It’s okay. By the way, the kits are fine in Thunderclan. Bluepool can’t harm them there.” I assured, my tail tip resting on Scartail’s furry shoulder.

“Well, if you think so, Rainbelly.” “I know so. Duststorm is caring for them well, and I’m sure that pretty soon, they’ll be chattering like a family of mice!” I meowed. “Scartail! Come on! Let’s go! No last minute conversations!” Scartail looked over his shoulder to see a Windclan tom beckoning him with his tail. “Oh, I’ve got to go, Rainbelly. Take care of the kits. And remember: I love you.” Scartail whispered before turning and dashing away and out of sight. I sighed and smiled before tuning around and bounding away into the undergrowth toward my long-gone Clan.

Chapter 8Edit

“So, when hunting a Mouse you must crouch into the usual Hunters’ Crouch and make sure that your paws make no sound when touching the ground.” I meowed, going into the famous Hunters’ Crouch and moving stealthily along the ground, my paws barely making a sound or even touching the ground. Mousepaw stared at me intently, excitement in her deep and big dark blue eyes. I perked up my ears at the sound of scuffling among a pile of leaves a tail-length away from me. I noticed the large ears of a Mouse as I studied the small creature burrowing under the leaves. “Now, watch me.” I whispered urgently as I flattened my ears.

Then, in one swift pounce, I had the Mouse trapped under my paws. I made a quick bite to the neck of the delectable creature and then lifted it up to show Mousepaw. “Wow! Can I try, Rainbelly? Please?” she begged. “Sure. All you have to do is scent it or see it.” I said as I placed the Mouse on the ground. Using one front paw I dug a small hole in the ground and quickly nudged the Mouse in.

Then, I used my back legs to covered it up and mix up it’s scent. We would pick it up later. I had to go see a relative of mine soon. Suddenly, I heard a crash and I immediately perked up my ears, totally alert. “Rainbelly! Rainbelly! I caught one!”

I looked over my shoulder to see a plump Mouse as Mousepaw’s feet. “Excellent!” I meowed, padding over and sniffing her catch. “Orangemane would like that. I think you’re ready, Mousepaw. How would you like to go on your first Hunting Mission?” I asked. Mousepaw’s eyes brightened in excitement. “Really? You really mean it, Rainbelly? I can hunt all by myself?” gasped my Apprentice. “Sure. I want to see how much you’ve learned. When you think you’ve gotten enough prey, come here and make sure you hide it beside the place where I put my prey.” I explained.

“Then wait while I come back. We don’t want the Elders to starve, now do we? You hunt by The Great Sycamore, and I’ll hunt near Tallpines.” “Okay! Bye, Rainbelly!” mewed Mousepaw as she turned and bounded away toward where The Great Sycamore rested. I smiled at my Apprentice’s eagerness to learn before turning and padding toward Tallpines and the Twolegplace. Several minutes passed before I was at the edge of Tallpines, almost at the Twolegplace. But then, I heard a scuffling noise from up ahead.

Ears up and alert, I crouched down and stalked toward the noise, which was not too far from a Twoleg Garden fence in Twolegplace. I lifted my head slightly at the sound of a sudden crash, only to see my very brother, Oak, staggering to his feet, leaves and other debris on his oak-colored fur. A dead Mouse lay a few feet away, and as I took a deep sniff, I noticed Oak’s scent all over it, mingled with the faint scent of blood. I smiled in amusement. He must’ve caught that, because otherwise, that Mouse wouldn’t be there. Suddenly, a sly idea sprang into my head: Why not have a little fun with him while he was technically still in Thunderclan territory?

I narrowed my eyes to “angry” slits and puffed up my fur so that it seemed to bristle angrily. Then, with an angry yowl, I sprang into the air and landed on my feet directly in front of a startled Oak, my claws extended to their full length and my teeth bared. “No hunting in Thunderclan territory, Kittypet!” I hissed. Oak gasped and started to back away in fright as I stepped toward him, my grey tail lashing back and forth in impersonating anger. Then, as quick as I had frightened Oak, I let my fur lie flat and let my claws slide back into their place until they were truly, truly needed, which little did I know, was too soon to come.

When Oak still seemed frightened, his fur standing up on end, I spoke in a calm voice. “It’s okay, Oak. It’s me, Rain. Or, as I prefer to be called, Rainbelly.” I assured, sitting down with my tail curled around my delicate paws. Oak’s fear turned into relief as his fur went flat like mine and he relaxed. “O-oh. But, Rainbelly, am I really in Thunderclan territory right now?” asked Oak worriedly. “I’m afraid you are. But here’s a quick question. Did you catch that?” I asked, motioning to the dead Mouse with my head.

“Oh, that. Well, y-yes. I did indeed catch it. Although it doesn’t seem so appetizing to me. I just thought it might be fun to catch it. You know, it caught my attention.” Meowed Oak. “Well, even though I heard you but didn’t see you, you seem to have a natural hunting ability, Oak.” I praised, pretty impressed that my Kittypet Brother actually caught a speedy and sharp-eared Mouse. “Well, uh, thanks.” Oak meowed, looking away shyly as he smiled in gratitude for my sudden praise. “Don’t mention it, Oak. So, how’s Misty and Claire?” I asked, cocking my head. “They’re doing great, now that they know you exist.” Oak chuckled.

“By the way, Claire and Misty aren’t here right now. Misty is in with her owner, while Claire is…well, I don’t know where our mother is. She’s probably going around the Twolegplace or talking with the neighborhood cats, I’m pretty sure.” “So, I guess it’s just you and me, right now, isn’t it?” I meowed. “Yeah.” Oak chuckled softly, shuffling his paws and looking at the ground in front of him. “Well, I don’t know about you, but…why don’t you tell me about….our f-father?” I meowed, the sudden thought of my unknown father squeezing into my mind. “O-our dad? Well, uh….um....I-“

“Ah, Rain, you’ve returned.” Oak stopped midsentance as he glanced up. I did the same to see my mother, Claire, leaping off of the Twoleg fence and onto Oak and mine’s side. “Hello, mother.” I purred, standing up and stalking toward the blue-grey she-cat. I rubbed my head against her chest when I reached her, happy to be with my mother once again. “So, what were you and Oak talking about?” Claire asked, licking my forehead as I drew away from the she-cat to look at her.

“W-well, Rainbelly was asking about….our…..f-father.” Oak meowed softly. Claire seemed to freeze for a moment, her fur sticking straight up in nervousness. “Mother, will you please tell me about Father?” I pleaded, sensing that she was hiding something from me. “Well, uh…I don’t want to talk about it right now….you may not believe me anyway….” Claire murmured, turning away from me. “Maybe I won’t and maybe I will, but I must know.” I meowed.

Claire let out a slightly amused grunt. “You are indeed persistent...just like your father. Well, if you certainly must know...come on, let’s talk on the other side of the fence.” Claire said quickly, casting a nervous glance at the forest beyond. “Oak, you may join us if you’d like.” Oak nodded, and I eagerly did the same. Then, after a few scrapes and struggles, Claire, Oak, and I were hiding behind a flower bed on the Twoleg side of the fence and away from possibly unseen Clan Cat Eyes.

“Now, you wanted to know about…your Father?” asked Claire. I nodded. “Well, alright. If you must know…”

“…..and then, I never saw him again. Then, later on, you disappeared as well. I don’t know what to make of it.” Finished Claire. I simply sat there, gaping as the words Claire had just spoken to me swirled in my mind. My Father was not a Kittypet. He was a Clan Cat, but from which Clan? Claire couldn’t remember.

I was born with her, Oak, Misty, and some other mysterious sister who my Father took away when he went back to the forest and to his Clan. Apparently, my Father, whose name had slipped Claire’s mind, had fallen in love with her when he had hunted close to Twolegplace. Claire had done the same and soon, my Father had mated with Claire, and she had me, my two sisters, Misty and one other sister who was missing, and my brother, Oak. Then, he had quickly left Claire and me, but soon after, I went missing, Claire had said. “So, what do you think?”

I glanced up at my mother, who was staring at me intently, with Oak at her side. “Yeah, what do you think?” meowed Oak. Bile rose in my throat as I tried to think of what to say. I really didn’t have much to say about my Father. Sure, I had just heard his story and all that, but it’s not like questions burned in my mind.

Except one. If Oak looked like more a brown-colored tom, Misty looked like me with green eyes and silvery-grey fur, and Claire looked blue-grey, close to Misty and I but not truly exact…..what did my Father look like? I decided to ask, for it might give me a clue to who my Father was by looking at the other Clan Cats at the Gathering for a color match. “Well, I have one more question. What did my Father look like?” I asked. “Well…as far as I remember, Rain, your Father had a bright and beautiful orange coat and everyone inherited his green eyes except for Oak, who has blue eyes.” Meowed Claire.

I gasped….maybe three cats were orange-colored and green-eyed that I knew of. Coldmoon, and Firestare, once from Thunderclan, and…and….someone else. I just couldn’t point out his name. It was possible for each of them…including the one I could barely remember. “I…I don’t know what to say.” I meowed softly.

I raised my head to look at Claire. “Except that I know cats who…who look just like him. Some Clanmates of mine are possible.” “Oh, Rain. Your father ran off seasons ago. Maybe even years ago. I doubt that he’s still alive or even remembers you.” Claire meowed. “Yeah, but…it’s still worth it to try to find him.” Oak pitched in. "True, but...oh, just do what you'd like, Rain, dear. And if you ever find him, tell us." Claire meowed, smiling warmly at me with a small flick of her tail.

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