Surprises In Every Clan

Author: Riverpelt
Preceded By: None
Succeed By: The Untold Secrets
This is the first book in the Revenge of the Clans Series. Riverkit is born to Stoneheart and Bluegaze, along with her brother, Ripplekit. Who knew that this young kit has a bigger destiny than the Clans had ever imagined. She is given a prophecy, Beware of the darkest shadows, and the star with thistles. Throughout her life, Riverpelt must help her clan stop this madness from destroying her Clan, before it destroys her.


It was a full moon, and cats from four clans were padding into the clearing, near the Tallrock. Four leaders padded into the clearing as well, Swiftstar, the former leader of CloudClan; Featherstar, the former leader of MistClan; Darkstar, the former leader of LightningClan; and Bramblestar, the former leader of StormClan. Swiftstar yowled to the cats below, and they all turned their heads, fixing their gaze on the leaders. Darkstar stepped forward, in front of the other clan leaders. "There will be great trouble coming to the cats of the forest." he said, and nervous whispering spread through the clan cats. Once it died down, Featherstar took Darkstar's place.

"We have chosen a worthy cat who will help save the clans from this danger," she meowed, "She will be sent a prophecy of the danger, and if she succeeds, she will have a bright future in her clan." She beckoned to Bramblestar, and he took her spot.

"Yes, this cat is in StormClan, and her name is Riverkit," the cats and the leaders looked down into a puddle to see the reflection of a blue-gray tabby she-kit with lighter blue-gray stripes, "I know she may be a kit," Bramblestar meowed, "But she has a great prophecy ahead of her, she is StarClan's chosen one," he looked at the clan cats, "Do we all agree?" Every cat nodded their head, and Swiftstar spoke, "Good," she meowed, "Bramblestar will be sending this prophecy to Riverkit, once she is an apprentice," Swiftstar spoke to the cats again, "This meeting is over." she meowed, and she jumped down from the Tallrock and gathered her clanmates, ans so did the other clan leaders, until the clearing was empty, with only the light from the moon.

Chapter 1Edit

It was a bright newleaf morning, and Riverkit was waking up. She opened her eyes to the rays of the sun, peeking through the nursery walls. She got up and stretched, making sure she didn't wake her brother, Ripplekit, or her mother, Bluegaze, she padded out of the nursery. As soon as she got out there, the sun was so bright, she had to squint her eyes to see the camp more clearly. Next to her was a cave that smelt of herbs and flowers, and a creamy-white she-cat padded out. Berrycloud! Riverkit thought, Berrycloud was StormClan's Medicine Cat, and she knew every treatment and herb there was.

Looking to the left of the nursery was the apprentices' den. The apprentices den was a hole beneath an old oak tree, she saw many apprentices pad out into the clearing. She saw Foxpaw, one of her friends, and she was a reddish brown she-cat with a long white stripe down her back to tail tip. Another apprentice that appeared was Shadowpaw, a very dark gray, almost black, she-cat, and she was the oldest apprentice. The next apprentice was Pinepaw, Foxpaw's brother, he was a darker reddish brown tom. The second to last apprentice that came out was Wavepaw, a blue-gray tom, who Riverkit always had a crush on ever since she was a kit. Wavepaw's brother is a nuisance though, his name is Wolfpaw, and he is a gray tom with a white chest and amber eyes. He was such a bossy furball and he was so annoying!

The day Wolfpaw got his apprentice name, he had to brag to everyone about it. Wavepaw always just rolled his eyes at his brother whenever he was such a show-off. Suddenly, Riverkit heard a mew from behind her and realized that it was her best friend, Amberkit. Riverkit was one moon older than her, and she got pretty jealous because Riverkit was now 6 moons old. "Hey Amberkit!" Riverkit mewed, and padded towards her, Amberkit stiffled a yawn.

"Hello!" she said after yawning,"Whatcha up to?" she mewed.

"Just checking the camp," Riverkit mewed, and Amberkit gave her a sly look.

"Are you sure your not just mooning over Wavepaw?"

"No!" Riverkit cuffed Amberkit over the head and they both started playing. After a while of play-fighting, they both started laughing at each other, they were covered in dust! Then Ripplekit came out along with Amberkit's brother, Runningkit, and sister, Sunkit.

"What are you two laughing at?" Ripplekit mewed questioningly as he padded over to us.

"Nothing." Amberkit mewed between giggles, and Ripplekit looked slightly annoyed. Once Amberkit and Riverkit finished getting the dust off, they heard Brightstar's yowl from the TallPine.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the TallPine for a clan meeting!" Bluegaze pushed her way out of the nursery went into the clearing.

"Already?" she meowed, and Riverkit and Ripplekit's father, Stoneheart, was there too.

"Yep," he meowed, his eyes gleaming, he looked down at Riverkit and Ripplekit, "Are you two ready to become apprentices?" Riverkit and Ripplekit nodded their heads and exchanged excited glances. "Come on then!" Ripplekit followed after his father, and Riverkit looked behind her to see Amberkit with her head bent, and it looked like she was going to cry. Riverkit ran towards her.

"Don't worry," Riverkit mewed, pressing against Amberkit, trying to comfort her, "I'll come and see you everyday." Amberkit looked up, her eyes brightening.

"Really?" she mewed.

"Really." Riverkit mewed, and she bounded off towards the TallPine, and sat next to her brother. I'm really going to be an apprentice! Riverkit thought excitedly I wonder who my mentor will be? All the cats of StormClan sat around the TallPine, and Brightstar started to speak.

Chapter 2Edit

"We are gathered here today to give two kits their apprentice names." she beckoned Ripplekit to the TallPine, he sat on one of the lower branches. "Ripplekit, from this moment, you shall be known as Ripplepaw." she looked at the cats in the clearing. "Thorntail," Brightstar meowed, and a golden brown tabby tom's ears pricked, "You shall be mentor to Ripplepaw, I expect that you will pass on all you know to this young apprentice." Thorntail bowed his head, and touched noses with Ripplepaw, then they both sat down at the bottom of the TallPine.

"Riverkit," Brightstar beckoned her, and she sat on the branch where Ripplepaw was, "From this moment, you shall be known as Riverpaw." she turned her head to a black-and-white she-cat. "Swiftstep," she meowed, "You shall be mentor to Riverpaw, I expect that you will teach her everything you know." Swiftstep nodded her head, and she touched noses with Riverpaw, then sat down with Riverpaw, next to Thorntail and Ripplepaw. Then the clan chanted the new apprentices' names.

"Riverpaw! Ripplepaw! Riverpaw! Ripplepaw!" Once the cats started returning back to their old duties, Riverpaw looked at Swiftstep.

"So what are we going to do today?" she meowed exitedly. Swiftstep looked at her.

"How about I give you a tour of the camp?" she meowed.

"Sure!" Riverpaw exclaimed. Then Thorntail and Ripplepaw came up to us.

"Can we come?" Thorntail meowed. Swiftstep turned to him.

"Sure." And together the four cats went out of the camp, Riverpaw and Ripplepaw were so excited. This was their first time out of camp! As soon as Riverpaw stepped out into the woods, new smells came to her, and one in particular made her mouth water. Mouse! she thought excitedly. Without Swiftstep, Thorntail, and Ripplepaw looking, she used her insticts and went after the mouse.

When she spotted it, she crept up close to it, her fur lying flat, as her father always taught her, and made sure she was down-wind of it. The mouse never knew she was coming and she pounced on it, and swiftly bit it's neck. She could here Swiftstep calling her, and she filled with pride as she padded to them with the prey in her jaws. Swiftstep found Riverpaw, and looked at her scornly.

"Why were you out there! You could've-" she was cut off as soon as she saw the mouse lying in Riverpaw's mouth. "Oh my StarClan! No one's ever caught a mouse the day they got apprenticed!" she called Thorntail and Ripplepaw and their mouths hung open.

"Wow!" Ripplepaw meowed, and they both padded up to her.

"We got to tell Brightstar about this as soon as we get back!" Swiftstep looked at the sky.

"Well, it's already getting late now," she meowed, "So maybe tomorrow at dawn we can come out again to show them around." Thorntail nodded his head in agreement. They all headed back to camp together. As soon as Riverpaw got in there, Stoneheart noticed that she had caught a mouse of her own and padded up to her excitedly.

"My daughter caught a mouse!?" he meowed and many cats started to gather around me, my mother and father were so proud.

"How'd you do it?" Bluegaze asked.

"I just followed my instincts and what Stoneheart taught me." Stoneheart's eyes lit up, then Brightstar padded down from the TallPine.

"What is all this?" she meowed and she saw Riverpaw with the mouse in front of her.

"You caught a mouse?!" she meowed impressed, Riverpaw felt hot with embarrassment, especially since the clan leader told her this. "I'm impressed, Riverpaw," she meowed, "You can eat it if you want," Riverpaw shook her head.

"I'm gonna take it to the nursery." she meowed, and as she padded off she heard Brightstar talk to her parents.

"You know a cat like that, could be leader one day." Riverpaw glowed with pride and happiness as she padded to join her best friend in the nursery.

Chapter 3Edit

"Oh my StarClan, Riverpaw!" Amberkit mewed excitedly, "I can't believe you caught that mouse all by youself!" Runningkit and Sunkit were surrounding her as they admired her catch. Then Goldenheart, Amberkit's mother came in.

"Wow, Riverpaw," she meowed, "Is that for my kits?" I nodded and she purred. "Thank you!" And she headed off.

"I told you I'd be here." Riverpaw told Amberkit. Amberkit looked at Riverpaw.

"I knew you would come," she told Riverpaw, "We're best friends!" Riverpaw purred.

"And we always will be." For the rest of the day, Riverpaw and Amberkit played until Riverpaw had to go to the apprentices' den. At same time as she went in, Wavepaw was going in too. Wavepaw turned to Riverpaw.

"Hey, I heard about the mouse you caught today," he meowed, "Congrats, I don't think anyone's ever caught their first prey the first day they are apprenticed." Riverpaw blushed.

"Thanks, Wavepaw, but I think it was just luck." Wavepaw looked at her.

"I don't think it was luck, your just a good hunter." Riverpaw could fell herself getting hot beneath his gaze.

"Thanks." she meowed and they headed into the apprentices' den. Ripplepaw was waiting towards the back of the tree, and beckoned me towards him. "Thanks for saving me a spot, Ripplepaw." Ripplepaw looked at her.

"Your welcome." and he put his head down to sleep, Riverpaw curled up next to him and slowly drifted off to sleep. When she opened her eyes, she saw a brown tabby tom with green eyes on a hill in front of her. Curious of who it was, she padded up to him.

"Riverpaw," the strange cat meowed, "I am Bramblestar, the former leader of StormClan," Riverpaw suddenly went into a flashback, and remembered when she was a tiny kit, seeing Bramblestar. "And I have come to give you a message," Riverpaw looked a him, and he looked at her, "There will be great trouble coming to the clans," he told her, "Beware of the darkest of the shadows, and the star that has thistles." Riverpaw looked at him confused, and she noticed he was fading away.

"No, Bramblestar, come back!" But it was too late and he disappeared.

Chapter 4Edit

When Riverpaw woke up, she had no clue if that was just a dream, or if a real StarClan cat had visited her, and there was going to be trouble. Outside of the den she heard Swiftstep calling her, so she pushed the dream out of her mind. She made her way to her mentor, who was waiting patiently near the entrance of the camp, with Thorntail and Ripplepaw."Are you ready?" she meowed, Riverpaw nodded her head and they made their way out of the camp once again.

"This is Fangcave," Thorntail said pointing to a large cave, that was really dark inside, "Many snakes live here and since it's so dark inside, many hunting patrols do not enter the cave." Ripplepaw and Riverpaw's eyes got wide.

"Many cats are scared of entering the cave," Swiftstep told them, "Legend has it, that once an ancient StormClan cat went in there to hunt, and never came back out." Riverpaw gulped loudly, but Swiftstep reassurred her, "Don't worry, you'll be fine as long as you don't go in there." Riverpaw relaxed a little more, as they all padded off again, this time to a place where their was a huge rock in th middle of the clearing.

"This is Sunset-rock." Swiftstep meowed and jumped up on it. "Standing on top of this rock gives you the perfect view over the river, of the sunrise and sunset." Riverpaw and Ripplepaw jumped on the rock, as well, and Riverpaw noticed that the view was beautiful. There were no trees, so all you could see was the grasslands where CloudClan hunts.

"It's so beautiful!" Riverpaw said, and Ripplepaw nodded his head in agreement. Swiftstep bounded off the rock.

"Come on, we still have a few more things to show you." And Riverpaw and Ripplepaw bounded towards Thorntail and Swiftstep. They all ended up coming to a halt where there were many berry bushes, and Riverpaw could smell herbs.

"This is where Medicine Cats get their herbs and berries for treatments," Thorntail said, "Sometimes, during leafbare, hunting patrols come down to collect berries to eat if food is very scarce." Riverpaw and Ripplepaw started to run down the line of berry bushes, there were so many. Ripplepaw came up to a purple berry bush.

"Can we eat these?" Ripplepaw meowed to Thorntail. Thorntail and Swiftstep bounded over to them.

"Sure." Riverpaw and Ripplepaw grabbed some, and started to eat them.

"They're good!" Riverpaw meowed, her mouth full with berries, and Swiftstep purred.

"They are good, but just watch out for these berries here," she meowed pointing to a bush where there were bright red berries, "These are called deathberries." she meowed, her face filled with fear, "One of these could kill an apprentice." Ripplepaw and Riverpaw stopped chewing their berries.

"Really?" Ripplepaw meowed wide-eyed, Swiftstep nodded her head, and Ripplepaw and Riverpaw exchanged worried glances.

"Just make sure no one eats them." Thorntail meowed, and the apprentices nodded their heads. Then they were off again, this time to a really tall pine tree that sat outside the StormClan border. "This is TallPine," Thorntail said, "This is where all of the Gatherings are held every full moon." Riverpaw looked at the huge tree, it was so tall that Riverpaw had to bend her neck to see the top of it.

"It's really tall!" Riverpaw meowed, amazed.

"Of course it is," Swiftstep purred, "How else would the clan cats be able to see the leaders, with all those cats at a Gathering?" There must be alot of cats at a Gathering! Riverpaw thought. "Time to go back to camp." Swiftstep meowed and Riverpaw, Thorntail, and Ripplepaw padded after her.

"I'll teach you hunting techniques tomorrow, Ripplepaw." Thorntail meowed, and Ripplepaw's eyes brightened.

"Is Riverpaw coming?" Swiftstep turned to him.

"I think Riverpaw has the hunting technique down." Thorntail nodded his head and Ripplepaw's head bent down.

"Don't worry," Thorntail meowed, "Sometimes you and your sister will have to be separated sometimes." Riverpaw turned to look at Swiftstep.

"What are we doing tomorrow?" she asked.

"I was thinking on giving you battle-training to do tommorrow." Swiftstep meowed, and Riverpaw's eyes gleamed. Yes! Battle-training! Before she knew it, they were back in the camp. "Go get something to eat, both of you," Swiftstep pointed to the fresh-kill pile, "You're gonna have a long day tomorrow." Riverpaw and Ripplepaw each grabbed a mouse, and padded over to Foxpaw and Wavepaw sharing fresh-kill near the apprentices' den. Riverpaw's eyes gleamed, and Ripplepaw rolled his eyes.

"Hey guys," Foxpaw meowed.

"Hi!" Riverpaw meowed, and sat down next to Foxpaw, Ripplepaw sat next to Wavepaw. When Riverpaw finished her mouse, Foxpaw's ears went bak and hissed.

"Here comes Wolfpaw." she meowed. Soon enough, a gray tom with a white chest and amber eyes started padding in their direction.

Chapter 5Edit

Strangely, Wolfpaw turned and sat near Wavepaw, but far enough away and ate by himself. Riverpaw felt bad for him.

"I feel bad Foxpaw," Riverpaw told her, "Maybe we should at least go and talk to him." Foxpaw back away.

"You can," she meowed, "I'm not going near that bragging furball." Riverpaw gave Foxpaw a look, and padded towards Wolfpaw.

"Hi, Wolfpaw," he looked up at me, his eyes glittered with annoyance.

"What do you want?" Riverpaw was taken aback by his tone.

"Nothing," she meowed calmly, "I just figured I'd come over and talk to you, that's all." Wolfpaw snorted, and Riverpaw felt anger rising in her, "Well, if you don't want me to talk with you, then i'll leave!" she hissed, "I was only trying to be friends with you, but I guess you never will have friends, the way your going!" Riverpaw got up and started to stalk away, when Wolfpaw called her back.

"Wait, Riverpaw!" Riverpaw fixed her cold gaze on him.

"What?" she snapped. Wolfpaw's gaze dropped down.

"I'm sorry," he said, "It's just no one has ever really talked to me before, and I just got out of hand." Riverpaw looked at him, and he continued, "I really would like some company." Riverpaw looked at Foxpaw, her mouth wide open, she must have obviously heard what had happened, then turned back to Wolfpaw.

"Very well then." and she padded towards him and sat down. For the rest of the day, Riverpaw talked to Wolfpaw, and she started realise a different side of him, a nicer side, that no one ever knew. Every now and again, Wolfpaw would make her laugh, and Wavepaw would look over at us, like he was jealous, but Riverpaw didn't care. At moonrise, Riverpaw was headed to the apprentices' den, when Foxpaw comes up to her.

"So how was your little chit-chat with Wolfpaw?" she meowed, Riverpaw turned to her.

"Good, I never knew he could be so nice." Foxpaw gave Riverpaw a sly look.

"What?" she meowed.

"Are you starting to moon over Wolfpaw now?" Riverpaw's eyes got big.

"No!" Riverpaw meowed, "Why would you say that?" She rolled her eyes at Riverpaw.

"It was obvious to tell you like him," she said, "Your eyes were practicely glued to him!"

"Were not!" Riverpaw meowed.

"Were too!" Foxpaw teased, then they both started laughing and went into the apprentices' den together, this time, Ripplepaw didn't save her a seat, but Wolfpaw. He was already curled up asleep, and Riverpaw curled up next to him. Do I really like both Wolfpaw and Wavepaw? she thought questionly, but soon drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 6Edit

"Come on, Riverpaw, try it one more time." Swiftstep urged. Riverpaw had been an apprentice for a moon now, and tonight is the first Gathering since she became an apprentice. Riverpaw tried to copy the same move that Swiftstep tried earlier, it was called the StormClan Sweep. She first ran at Swiftstep and ducked under her, when she turned around to see her, Riverpaw kicked out her back legs and tripped her, and she fell to the ground. Riverpaw pinned her down and Swiftstep purred.

"Perfect!" she meowed, and she rolled Riverpaw off her. "Your shaping to be a really good warrior!" Riverpaw's eyes glowed.

"Thanks!" Swiftstep looked at Riverpaw.

"Well, we better head back to camp," she meowed, "I'll ask Brightstar if you can come to the Gathering tonight." Riverpaw was so excited. I'm going to the Gathering tonight! she thought happily. Swiftstep and Riverpaw headed off back to camp, and Riverpaw caught a thrush on the way back.

As soon as they broke through the entrance, Brightstar yowled.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the TallPine for a clan meeting." Riverpaw dropped her fresh-kill in the pile, and made her way to the TallPine. Riverpaw noticed that Amberkit, Sunkit, and Runningkit were lined up at the front. Amberkit's eyes gleamed with pride, Sunkit shifted nervously, and Runningkit was gazing at all of his clanmates in awe.

"StormClan has been blessed with many kits and apprentices this season," she purred, "So we are gathered her to give three kits their apprentice names." For some reason, Riverpaw noticed that Brightstar's eyes glowed, but then faded. The first kit she beckoned was Sunkit, Sunkit jumped onto the lower branch, and pulled herself up.

"Sunkit, from this moment, you shall be known as Sunpaw," Brightstar meowed, her voice ringing through the clearing, "Frozengaze," she meowed, a pale gray tabby tom with icy-blue eyes stepped forward, "You will be mentor to Sunpaw, I hope that you will pass on all you know to her." Frozengaze bowed his head to Brightstar, and touched noses with Sunpaw, and they sat down together in front of the TallPine. Brightstar beckoned Runningkit this time, and trying to show-off, he jumped onto the branch quickly, but slipped a bit. Riverpaw stiffled a purr, and Runningkit managed to pull himself back onto the branch, and looked embarrassed afterwards.

"Runningkit, from this moment, you shall be known as Runningpaw," Brightstar beckoned a ginger tom with a red muzzle, paws, and tail-tip, "Flameflicker, you shall be mentor to Runningkit," the tom bowed his head, "I hope that you will pass on all you know to him." He joined Flameflicker at the front of the TallPine. Finally, Amberkit's turn.

"Amberkit," Brightstar meowed, once Amberkit took Runningkit's place on the branch, "From this moment, you shall be known as Amberpaw," she beckoned a black she-cat, "Nightfall, you shall be mentor to Amberpaw, you have mentored Swiftstep in the past, and I hope you pass on all you know to her." Nightfall bowed her head, touched noses with Amberpaw, and sat down next to Flameflicker and Runningpaw. Brightstar continued, "We have a Gathering tonight, and who knows what Thistlestar will accuse us of this time," she meowed, Thistlestar was the leader of LightningClan and StornClan and LightningClan have always been at war. "These are the warriors and apprentices that will attend the Gathering tonight," she meowed. Riverpaw's eyes filled with hope and she glanced at her brother next to her.

"Nightfall, Flameflicker, Thorntail, Stoneheart, Hawktalon, Whitefoot, Eagleswoop, Frozengaze, Redclaw, Swiftstep, Shadowpaw, Wavepaw, Foxpaw, Pinepaw, Wolfpaw, Riverpaw," Riverpaw's eyes gleamed at the sound of her name, "and Ripplepaw." Ripplepaw and Riverpaw exchanged excited glances. We're going to the Gathering! she thought and wanted to bounce up and down with joy. Brightstar continued.

"I am leaving many of you here to make sure that Thistlestar won't plan a raid during the Gathering." she meowed and jumped off the TallPine. Once the crowd broke up, Riverpaw went over to congratulate Amberpaw.

"You're finally an apprentice!" Riverpaw purred, and Amberpaw purred.

"Will you tell me what happens at the Gathering?" Amberpaw meowed questioningly.

"Of course!" Riverpaw told her. Amberpaw looked happier.

"Thanks!" she meowed, and bounded off with her new mentor. She turned to leave when Wavepaw came up to her.

"Darkshadow asked me if the apprentices were ready to go to the Gathering," he meowed, pointing to Darkshadow, "Are you?"

"Yes." he nodded his head and bounded back over to Darkshadow. Darkshadow yowled to the other cats, and they all formed a line and Riverpaw went in between Wolfpaw and Wavepaw. Then all of them ran out of the camp and into the woods. I'm really going to my first Gathering! she meowed excitedly, her paws itching to run ahead of her clanmates, but she controlled herself. As soon as StormClan stopped, right before the clearing, Riverpaw couldn't believe her eyes. There are so many cats! she meowed to herself, and Wolfpaw overheard her.

"Yeah," he meowed, "That's how I felt when I went to my first Gathering," he chuckled, and Riverpaw giggled with him. Wavepaw gave his brother a evil look, and Wolfpaw smiled and stared ahead.

Brightstar flicked her tail and they all ran down into the clearing filled with cats.

Chapter 7Edit

Once they all ran down into the clearing, Riverpaw saw a young apprentice about her age, the apprentice walks up to her. Riverpaw looked at her.

"Hi," she meowed, "I haven't seen you at a Gathering before," Riverpaw noticed that she was a very light blue-gray she-cat with white patches on her fur, "I'm Skypaw, an apprentice of LightningClan" she meowed, "What's your name?" Riverpaw looked at her, she seemed to be very nice, for a LightningClan cat.

"I'm Riverpaw, an apprentice of StormClan." Riverpaw told her, "Do you know all of the leaders?" Riverpaw asked, and Skypaw nodded.

"Yeah, the gray tom with black paws and a black tipped tail is my leader, Thistlestar," Riverpaw nodded her head, "The ginger she-cat with half of her tail brown, is Heartstar, the leader of MistClan," she meowed, finally pointing to a golden yellow tabby she-cat, "That's Sunstar, the leader of CloudClan." Just then Heartstar yowled from the Tallrock, and all the cats in the clearing were quiet. Brightstar padded forward, "StormClan is thriving, there is plenty of prey and we have new apprentices," she meowed, overlooking the other cats, "Riverpaw and Ripplepaw." Riverpaw puffed out her chest looking proud, feeling the gaze of every cat. Brightstar padded back to her original position and Heartstar took her place.

"MistClan is thriving as well," she meowed, "We have new kits that have arrived in our clan and we have three new warriors," she meowed, "Ashbreeze, Beechpelt, and Smoothstep." Riverpaw looked over to see Ashbreeze, a gray she cat with spots of darker gray, Beechpelt, a light brown tabby tom with a white chest and paws, and then Smoothstep a golden brown she-cat. Heartstar stepped back and Thistlestar eagerly, took her place.

"LightningClan is thriving and we have many kits," he looked at all of the clan cats, "Since we have so many kits, our territory is too small to feed much of us," he turned to the leaders, "Could any of the clans spare some territory?" The cats from StormClan, MistClan, and CloudClan, protested in outrage.

"We will never give any of our land to you!" yowled a MistClan cat.

"Yeah, we all have alot of mouths to feed!" a CloudClan cat yowled.

Sunstar padded up once the noise died down, "Cats of the Clans, I have given Thistlestar the authority to have some of our territory." The CloudClan cats protested.

"Sunstar," hissed the CloudClan deputy, "How dare you give them some of our land!" Sunstar looked at her deputy, but said nothing. Thistlestar started to speak again.

"So what does MistClan and StormClan think?" he meowed, before they could answer he snarled, "If you don't give us territory, we'll drive you out of your homes," he told the leaders, "Think wisely."

Heartstar spoke first, "I'll never give you our land, Thistlestar," Thistlestar snarled at her, then turned to Brightstar. Oh, please Brightstar, say no. Riverpaw hoped, and finally Brightstar started to speak.

"Never!" Brightstar yowled and the StormClan cats cheered. Thistlestar snarled at Heartstar and Brightstar.

"You both will regret your decisions." he snarled, his ears back. Then he jumped down from the Tallrock and gathered his clanmates. Heartstar, Sunstar, and Brightstar did the same as well. Riverpaw noticed that the CloudClan cats looked really disappointed and angry. Brightstar led them out of the clearing, and said nothing on the way back.

Chapter 8Edit

As soon as the patrol entered the camp, the other cats crowded around the TallPine as Brightstar jumped onto it. "Cats of StormClan," she meowed, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Thistlestar asked us at the Gathering if each clan could spare some territory for LightningClan to hunt on," Everybody was so shocked, that they stayed silent, and Brightstar continued, "Only Sunstar spared territory for them, but Thistlestar says if we and CloudClan don't spare any territory, they will drive us out of our homes." At this the whole clan yowled in outrage.

"That's despicable!" Hawktalon yelled.

"I'd like to see them furballs try to take some of our territory!" snarled Redclaw, his claws digging into the dirt. Brightstar waved her tail to silence them.

"Heartstar and I have said no to Thistlestar's offer, so we must be ready for an attack," she meowed, "We must quicken the apprentices training," she meowed, and all the apprentices stared at one another, eyes gleaming, "Patrols must keep an eyes out for LightningClan cats coming over the borders," she meowed, and Darkshadow nodded his head. Then she spoke louder that her voice rang in the clearing.

"We will not allow Thistlestar to push us around!" she meowed, "We are StormClan!!" Every cat yowled in agreement. Brightstar looked at Fernheart. Afterwards, everyone went to their dens, and Riverpaw curled up next to Amberpaw.

"So what happened at the Gathering, besides that?" Amberpaw asked, Riverpaw looked at her.

"Nothing, I made a new friend, named Skypaw, but she's from LightningClan."

"Oh." Amberpaw meowed, Riverpaw didn't know if there was a hint of jealousy in her voice, but didn't bother thinking and drifted to sleep. the next night, Brightstar yowled again to the clan.

"I have an announcement to make," she said, "I would like to make an apprentice a warrior," Shadowpaw's eyes gleamed from the front of the TallPine. Riverpaw almost forgot, Shadowpaw told her that she was assessed today and passed! Riverpaw was so happy for her.

"Whitefoot," she meowed, and a black tom with white paws looked at her, "Is Shadowpaw ready to become a warrior?"

"Yes, she is." Brightstar looked at Shadowpaw, and beckoned her. Shadowpaw jumped up to Brightstar's branch.

"I, Brightstar, the leader of StormClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice," she meowed, tilting her head towards the rising moon, "She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn," Brightstar turned to Shadowpaw, "Shadowpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and use it to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life." Shadowpaw's eyes gleamed, Riverpaw noticed that her parents, Nightfall and Darkshadow were gleaming at their daughter as well.

"I do." Shadowpaw meowed, and her voice was filled with excitement.

"Shadowpaw, from this moment, you shall be known as Shadowbreeze," she meowed, "StarClan honors your strength and loyalty and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan." Shadowbreeze's eyes lit up with joy. The clan yowled from below.

"Shadowbreeze! Shadowbreeze!" Once it died down Brightstar continued.

"As the warrior code says, Shadowbreeze must sit in silent vigil and watch us while we sleep tonight." Brightstar jumped down from the TallPine and made her way into her den underneath the tree. Riverpaw bounded over to Shadowbreeze.

"Congratulations!" she meowed, and Shadowbreeze bowed her head respectfully at Riverpaw, and many other cats surrounded her. Riverpaw headed towards the apprentices' den when she ran into Wavepaw.

"I'm happy that Shadowbreeze gets to be a warrior," he meowed, and Riverpaw nodded her head, "It almost makes me wonder if she deserved to be a warrior, or if Brightstar just made her a warrior because of LightningClan." Riverpaw stopped, Wavepaw could be right, maybe all Brightstar wanted was more warriors. That's horrible! Riverpaw thought angrily, Brightstar wouldn't do that! she padded into the den, wondering why she'd ever think of a silly thing, and curled up next to Amberpaw and Wolfpaw. But before she fell asleep, she thought about what Wavepaw said, Would she do that? she thought to herself.

Chapter 9Edit

"Riverpaw!" Riverpaw stretched and made her way out of the den, as Swiftstep called her name. She had been an apprentice now for two moons, and there has yet to be any trouble form LightningClan. But every night, Riverpaw would dream of the prophecy that Bramblestar sent her, Beware of the darkest shadow, and the star that has Thistles. What does that mean? Riverpaw would think to herself every night. Everyday though, she'd push it out of her head, and meet Swiftstep for more training. Just as her and Swiftstep were going to go out for more battle-training, a tom broke through the camp, his eyes wide with fear. Brightstar bounded to him, and cats started to form around.

"What's wrong Birchfeather?" Birchfeather looked at Brightstar panting.

"My clan is being under attack, by LightningClan and CloudClan," he meowed and the StormClan cats gasped, "We need help!" Brightstar nodded her head, and yowled from the TallPine.

"MistClan is in need of our help!" Brightstar yowled, "Stoneheart and Darkshadow make two patrols, one to enter the camp first, with Birchfeather, and another to attack when signaled. Stoneheart and Darkshadow bowed their head and ran off to talk with the warriors. Ripplepaw bounded over to Riverpaw and Swiftstep.

"Hi," he meowed, "Stoneheart told me that we are going to be on his patrol, and he was going to attack once Darkshadow yowls." Riverpaw nodded her head and Stoneheart came over to them.

"I'm sure Ripplepaw gave you the message," Riverpaw nodded her head, "Good," he meowed, then he turned to Swiftstep, "You will be joining Darkshadow's patrol." She nodded her head and made her way over.

"Is Bluegaze coming?" Riverpaw couldn't help but ask, Stoneheart nodded his head.

"Yes, she's going to be on our patrol." Riverpaw and Ripplepaw nodded and Stoneheart and Darkshadow padded up to the front with Birchfeather.

"For StormClan!" Darkshadow yowled, and the cats on the patrol yowled. Once they arrived, Stoneheart took his patrol and led it up a bit farther from where the entrance of the MistClan camp was. No one spoke a word, and Darkshadow's yowl rose through the camp. Stoneheart's patrol broke through the camp, and Riverpaw unsheathed her claws, as soon as she got in there, a tabby tom jumped on her back and dug his claws into her. Riverpaw, thinking fast, grabbed the apprentice by the scruff and pulled him off her. Once he landed on the ground, she tackled him. He accidently exposed his belly to her, and she raked her claws down it. The tom yowled in pain and ran off.

Riverpaw noticed that Wolfpaw was having issues fighting off a she-cat who was almost twice the size of him. Riverpaw jumped onto the she-cat's back, and she hissed at Riverpaw as she tried getting her off, but Riverpaw dug her claws in harder. Now the she-cat yowled and Wolfpaw managed to get up and rake her stomach with his claws. Riverpaw jumped off of her and they let her go as she ran into the woods. Wolfpaw looked at her, his pelt bloody from the fight.

"Thanks." he meowed and heade off into the thick of the battle. Riverpaw heard a hiss from behind her and saw Skypaw.

"Hey Skyp-" And she tackled Riverpaw pushing all the air from Riverpaw's lungs. Riverpaw fought to get air, but she couldn't, Skypaw clawed her fiercely and she yowled in pain. Just then I heard a familiar meow.

"Don't touch her!" It was Amberpaw saving her, Skypaw turned around, and jumped onto Amberpaw, Riverpaw joined her, getting the air back into her lungs, and fought her off.

"Thanks a bunch, Amberpaw," Amberpaw shugged.

"No problem," she shrugged, "You'd do the same for me." Riverpaw heard a yowl from behind her, and turned to see Bluegaze fighting a she-cat, but Bluegaze was losing, her pelt was covered in blood. Riverpaw ran over to her and scratched the she-cat's back fiercely, the she-cat yowled and tackled Riverpaw. She clawed the she-cat so much that her pelt was covered in her blood, and Riverpaw kicked her off and the she-cat ran. Riverpaw ran up to her mother.

"Bluegaze?" she meowed, and her mother's eyes fluttered open.

"You fought so bravely, my little warrior," she tried to purr but coughed instead.

"I'll get you help, Bluegaze." But she stopped her.

"No, Riverpaw, I'm already close to StarClan," she meowed, her eyes barely open, "Tell Brightstar when you recieve your warrior names, that I want you to be called Riverpelt, and your brother, Ripplestripe," Riverpaw's eyes filled up with tears, her throat felt choked with sadness.

"I promise I will." Bluegaze smiled at her daughter.

"I'll always watch over you, your brother, and Stoneheart." she meowed and Riverpaw noticed her eyes glazed, and she went limp. Riverpaw was so sad, tears started streaking down her face. Ripplepaw bounded over to Riverpaw.

"We won!" he meowed happily, but noticed that Riverpaw was upset, "What's wrong?" Ripplepaw looked down and gasped, "Bluegaze is dead!"

Chapter 10Edit

"Pinepaw is dead too!" Foxpaw yowled sadly, she brought Pinepaw's body next to Bluegaze's and the StormClan and MistClan cats sat around the dead cats and bowed their heads. Stoneheart sat next to Ripplepaw and Riverpaw and mourned with them. Brightstar spoke up/

"Come on, StormClan," she meowed, "We must go home now, Stoneheart, Ripplepaw, and Riverpaw can carry Bluegaze's body back. Foxpaw and Swiftstep, bring Pinepaw's body back to camp." The cats nodded their heads, Riverpaw helped carry part of her mother and so did Stoneheart and Ripplepaw. Why did you have to take her StarClan? she thought sadly to herself, feeling tears going down her cheek, Why? She felt a pelt brush against hers, it was Wolfpaw. His eyes were filled with sorrow and he understood her pain. Then it clicked in her head. I've talked with Wolfpaw more than I've spoke with Wavepaw. As she stood there with Wolfpaw's pelt brushing against hers, Riverpaw wondered Am I falling for Wolfpaw more?

She was pushed from her thoughts when she realized she was back in camp. All of the cats that carried Bluegaze and Pinepaw's bodies, put them down next to each other in the cats that stayed behind crowded around the bodies until everyone, from the oldest elder to the smallest kit, came out to see their dead clanmates. Brightstar jumped up to address the clan from the TallPine.

"Cats of StormClan, we may have won the battle against LightningClan and CloudClan, but we have lost two clanmates in the process," she meowed, pointing to Bluegaze and Pinepaw, "They were both good cats and I hope that they are happily welcome by StarClan," she meowed, "Everybody did a great job at the battle today, and I would like to give another apprentice, her warrior name, though her brother should have been up here with her." Foxpaw's eyes glowed but sadness still lingered in there. Riverpaw knew that she would never forget Pinepaw, and Riverpaw would never forget Bluegaze. Foxpaw jumped onto the branch with Brightstar.

"I, Brightstar, leader of StormClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice," she meowed, "She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn," she turned to Foxpaw, "Foxpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and use it to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of you life?" Foxpaw's eyes brightened.

"I do." Brightstar turned back to the cats.

"Foxpaw, from this moment, you shall be known as Foxtail," she meowed, and Foxtail's eyes gleamed, "StarClan honors your courage and bravery and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan." The clan yowled her name.

"Foxtail! Foxtail!" Once Brightstar jumped off the TallPine, Riverpaw ran up to Foxtail and congratulated her. Once everyone congratulated her, they headed into their dens, but Riverpaw and Ripplepaw stayed outside with Bluegaze.

"I can't believe she's gone," Riverpaw meowed as Stoneheart came up next to her, "I could have saved her, but I was too late." Stoneheart looked at Riverpaw sadly.

"I saw you try to pry the she-cat off of Bluegaze," he meowed, "You were so brave, and you did every little thing you could to save her," his eyes shined with pride as his gaze never left her, "I'm sure your mother is proud of you for trying." he told Riverpaw, and she looked up at him.

"You're right." she meowed, and she leaned on her father as they all stayed silent for the rest of the night.

A moon later, Riverpaw went to the next Gathering, and she noticed something peculiar going on between Sunstar and Thistlestar so she listened in on their conversation.

"I have a great plan, Sunstar," Thistlestar meowed, "If we both team up, LightningClan and CloudClan, we could attack the other clans no problem." he meowed, and Sunstar looked nervous.

"I'm not sure Thistlestar..." Thistlestar looked at her calmly and smiled.

"Come on," he meowed, "You can trust me," he looked at Sunstar, "After all, I am your brother."

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